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What? Nude beaches for oldsters

Old Gal in Yoga Pants
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Wrinkly women in bikinis and hairy geezers in Speedos is not a vacation paradise. Old folks, put some clothes. That’s why there is no such place as a nude beach for senior citizens. Or is there? Surf the internet and read about clothing-optional lifestyles. That’s fancy talk for aging bums in the buff and topless tanning on a towel.

Blind Creek Beach is a nudity beach in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Old geezers would certainly go blind if they get a gander at my saggy female parts. And Minerva and I do not want to see male body parts waving in the wind.

Minerva and I don’t have a desire to take our bodies back in a public place. We are nude prudes. We can celebrate ourselves by being fully clothed—and drinking Margaritas at an outdoor tiki bar.

Until we chat again, this old bag declares, “Aging is for cheese and wine—not women.”

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