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How to Apply Eye Makeup

By Allison Saunders
How to Apply Eye Makeup
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Many men have said that it was the eyes of a woman that attracted them, and women spend a great deal of time trying to apply makeup in a way that will enhance their eyes. Whether you have widely spaced eyes, eyes that are close together, smaller eyes, or even eyes that appear droopy, you can learn how to apply eye makeup in a way that will make your eyes look great. Many times having beautiful eyes is only a matter or learning the perfect eye makeup technique, and then you too can have those come hither eyes that will have your man lost in your eyes all night long.

Bigger is Better

Many women are looking for ways to make their eyes look bigger, and learning how to apply eye makeup correctly can help with this problem. The best tip on applying eye make up to make eyes look bigger is to make sure that you focus on light shades of eye makeup. Using dark shades is a mistake, since this can actually make your eyes appear even smaller. When you are applying eye make up, use a light shade over the entire eyelid, then shade with shades that are a bit darker. You can also use your eyeliner to define the eyes and make sure to taper on the outside edges to make eyes look longer as well. Last of all, use just a bit of white or very pale eye shadow in the middle of your brow bone to maximize the eye popping effect.

The Smokey Eye Effect

Smokey eyes always look beautiful and stylish, and if you know the right beauty tips applying eye make up for a smokey eye effect can be very simple. The best place to start in your smokey eye makeup application is with an eye shadow base that will prevent eye shadow from clumping up in the crease of your eye. After you prepare your eye with the base, then it is time to apply the eyeliner in either black, gray, or brown. One of the most important smokey eye makeup tips to remember is to apply a slightly lighter color of eyeliner along the bottom of your eyes, and then smudge for the desired smokey effect. Next you will want to apply a base color, then blend in a darker color beneath the eye lid, followed by an even darker color that is applied above the lid for the smokey look. When you know how to apply eye makeup correctly, the smokey eye effect is easy to achieve for a sultry and mysterious look.

Tips for Asians

Asians have very lovely eyes, but it is important that they know how to apply eye makeup to make the most of their eyes. Since Asians have the lovely almond shape, one of the best Asian eye makeup tips is to play up the shape by using black eyeliner and mascara. There are a variety of great eye shadow colors that can be used to play up the eyes as well. Some great colors that look amazing include raisin, plum, pink, gold, and rust. Another great eye makeup tip is to use lighter colors for smaller eyes in order to make them look larger.

Knowing how to apply eye makeup can help you make the most out of your natural features. Even the most beautiful eyes can use a bit of enhancement, so learn how to apply eye makeup to maximize the effects of your beautiful eyes, and enjoy looking beautiful.

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