I sell rice alongside my music business to survive - Rapper Trigmatic

Industry News I sell rice alongside my music business to survive - Rapper Trigmatic

Renowned Ghanaian rapper Trigmatic shared a surprising revelation: he sells rice alongside his music to make ends meet.

Speaking as a panel member at the recent West Africa Music and Arts Festival, on the topic "Where’s the Money and How to Survive in the Music Industry," Trigmatic addressed the financial struggles that many musicians face, especially in their later years.

During the panel discussion, Trigmatic emphasized the importance of having a side business. "For me, I have a side business," he stated, acknowledging that diversifying income streams is crucial for financial stability. He advised fellow musicians to "cut their coat according to their size," stressing the need for realistic lifestyle choices and prudent financial management.

Trigmatic highlighted the differences in lifestyle and public perception between himself and other top musicians, such as Sarkodie. "I can walk out and buy food for myself, but Sarkodie might not be able to do the same," he explained, noting that the pressures of maintaining a certain image can lead to financial difficulties for some artists.

He encouraged Ghanaian musicians not to shy away from exploring other investments and business ventures. "For me, I sell rice," Trigmatic said, urging artists to embrace alternative income sources despite potential criticism from fans.

"Some music lovers can discourage you and say your music career is not going well because you are now selling rice," he acknowledged but insisted that such ventures are essential for long-term financial sustainability.

Trigmatic's candid discussion at the festival sheds light on the often unseen financial realities of the music industry, offering valuable advice to fellow artists on navigating their careers sustainably.

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