The Kwahu Film Accord: A Strategic Session To Fix The Film Market

Movie News The Kwahu Film Accord: A Strategic Session To Fix The Film Market

The Ghana film industry is evolving and it is faced with a range of challenges, opportunities and threats that Government upon Government have not had the antidote to these plagues.

To fully appreciate these challenges and how to overcome them unlock the huge potentials of the industry, it is appropriate to convene the top tier players in the market to unravel the challenges surrounding the industry and recommend pragmatic steps for its implementation.

In light of this, a strategy session was organized by the Ghana Tourism Authority to gather selected industry top shots who under the challenges and the reasons behind the collapse of the film industry, to enable them put together solutions to revive the market and sale of Ghanaian movies, which once was a model for countries like Nigeria.


On Thursday 26th September, 2019 members of the Creative Arts Council (Frank Owusu & Socrate Safo) joined the Minister and Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture and the CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority to meet with the newly elected executives of Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) upon a successful election, and use the opportunity to engage the Chiefs who have donated parcels of land to the Ministry, for the construction of a film village.

The newly elected executives of FIPAG, expressed profound gratitude to the Minister and her Deputy for the honor accorded them as an association by meeting with them to congratulate them and listen to their plights. The President, Mr. James Aboagye enumerate a number of challenges affecting the film industry with regards to production, patronage and marketing. The Minister then hinted that members should attend the strategy session to ensure a thorough discourse is made on this subject matter and report sent back to the Ministry for action to be taken.

The Minister also opined that if possible, it would be appropriate to site a model of a cultural village in the eastern region where everything arts and culture would be displayed at a one-stop-shop. She further expressed excitement over our wide range of artifacts and cultural differences across the various regions of Ghana and wished that there would be a one-stop-shop where film producers, tourists and patrons of arts could visit for production, leisure and tourism purposes. This would generate additional revenue for our arts people as well as providing an alternative avenue for film production.

The Minister also hinted that the government is poised to site the Creative Arts Village in Kumasi due to its major contribution to film production and the proximity to the northern parts of Ghana. Here, film makers burden of scouting for natural and appropriate locations would be lessened and also employment would be created for the arts people who would be working there.

The Minister, her Deputy and the CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority, were in Kumasi to celebrate the Word Tourism Day in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Asantehene.


On Friday 27th September, 2019 a 20-member team made of selected industry players, media, camera men and the officials of the Creative Arts Council from Accra and Kumasi, embarked on a trip to Kwahu, to hold a strategy session on the ailing film industry. The team arrive in the evening around 7pm and held a 2-hour briefing session on the purpose of the strategy session happening the next day.

The team commenced the strategy session on the morning of Saturday 28th September, 2019 at 9am. A comprehensive report on the current state of the film industry with recommendation solutions, have been prepared and submitted to the Creative Arts Council for onward submission to the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture. Details of the report will be made public after engaging with the Ministry on the recommendations.

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