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10 Habits that Damage Your Digestive Health

By Jeevanshree Hospital

10 Habits that Damage Your Digestive Health

Digestive system is the most important system of the human body. Human health is mainly depending on the function of digestive system. Every person should treat digestive system in a proper way. The main job of digestive system is to break down food into nutrients so that body can get sufficient amount of energy for work. Digestive system is responsible for the essential functioning of the body hence special care must be taken to stay fit and fine. Keeping this in mind the below is the list of 10 common habits than can actually damage digestive system.

1) Overuse of Medication:
In this world, almost every person has taken medicine at some point in her/his life. Medicines are necessary to cure the diseases. But the overdose of medicine is very harmful to human body. Overuse of medication includes aspirin and non-steroidal or non-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. Generally people tend to cure illness without consultation of doctors. This can be fatal. Many medicines develop stomach ulcers as well as affects functions of digestive system. Stomach ulcers are also known as gastric ulcers which are very painful sores in stomach lining. Although a bacterial infection caused by Helicobacter pylori is the most common cause of gastric ulcers but the overusing of medications is equally responsible for the cause of ulcers. Many medicines can cause side or adverse effect on human body. Hence it is advisable to take medicines as per the prescription of doctor only.

  1. The wrong time for meals:

This is the common habit of most of the people. Today due to hectic lifestyle, many people eat food late at night. The human digestive system works efficiently when we eat food at right time. Do not keep stomach empty for a long period of time except the hours of sleep. Eating at irregular time increases acidity and affects the functioning of digestive system. Eating junk food late at night is also harmful to body. The higher acidity level causes heart burn. The digestive system cannot work properly due to improper eating time. Every person should eat food or snack at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed so that digestive system can get sufficient time to process the food. The breakfast should not be skipped. If person is suffering from heartburn then he/she should sleep in an elevated position. Hence it is necessary to eat food at right time to avoid further complications of digestive system.

  1. Eating too much at one go:

Many people eat too much food at one go. It affects the function of digestive system. It can be harmful to human health. People should eat food in small quantities throughout the day so that it will be easier for the digestive system to break down the food for nutrients. If person eats food in large quantity at one time then there is a high possibility to rupture the stomach lining. Eating too much food at same time increases acidity level and bloating. Hence every person should eat small meals regularly after a certain time period to stay healthy.

  1. Too little fiber content in daily food:

The fibrous foods always help digestive system to break down the foods into nutrients easily. A little fiber content in food is harmful to digestive system. The human body needs about 25 gm of fiber per day to keep digestive system functioning with full efficiency. Fibrous food helps to regulate bowel movements and prevent constipation as well as acidity. Hence every person should increase the intake of fibrous foods such as orange, lemon, apple, sweet potato, nuts, carrots, spinach, green beans, beetroot, soya beans, broccoli, bananas, cauliflower and legumes. The fibrous food increases the efficiency of digestive system. Hence every person should include fiber foods in diet. Regular consumption of fibrous food is essential for the proper functioning of digestive system.

  1. Eating too quickly:

Today Due to hectic lifestyle many people are eating food quickly. They do not get sufficient time for eat food. Eating food too quickly can causes trouble to digestive system. When person eats quickly, he/she does not chew food properly. In this way un-chewed food starts collecting in stomach and swallows air. The unnecessary air causes acidity and heartburn. After eating food very quickly, stomach does not get sufficient time to expand and it can cause pain and discomfort. Regularly eating food too quickly can bloat person and finally damages digestive health. Hence every person should eat food at right pace to stay fit and fine.

  1. Drinking too much alcohol:

Alcohol is very harmful to human body whether drink in small or large quantity. It damages the digestive system. Alcohol delays the speed of absorbing nutrients of the body and kills the helpful bacteria which are present in digestive system. Alcohol also develops ulcers in stomach and prevents them from healing. Continuous drinking of alcohol damages the liver permanently. It can also cause stomach cancer. Hence every person should avoid drinking alcohol.

  1. Habit of chewing gums:

Gum chewing gives freshness to person but it can damage the function of digestive system. This habit leads to swallowing too much air which can increase bloating in person. The artificial sweeteners found in chewing gums make person uneasy. People should avoid chewing gums to keep digestive system efficient.

  1. Not going when you need to go:

Human digestive system’s health is totally depends upon cleanliness. Whenever person feels the nature’s call he/she must visit the toilet. Keeping the dump in store seriously affects body system. Make a habit of passing stools early in the morning. If people do not have a regular pattern, do not postpone going to the toilet whenever the need arises. In case anyone suffering from constipation, necessary measures should be arranged without wasting time. Urination should not be stopped as it affects kidneys.

  1. Cleansing bowels regularly:

The intestines are an important of your digestive system and people should keep them healthy for a healthy life. To cleanse your bowels regularly is a part of the normal process of digestion but overdoing it causes more damage than provide nay benefit. Laxatives that contain herbal extracts like senna or chemical preparations containing phenolphthalein are used by people but these compositions will make your bowels work overtime and may cause diarrhea. A bout of diarrhea results in a dehydrated human body and losing many of the good microorganisms that perform important functions in your digestive system. Also, instead of helping, laxatives can actually cause constipation by interfering with peristalsis.

  1. Postponing a Colonoscopy:

Colonoscopy means endoscopic examination of large bowel and distal part of small bowel with the help of camera. Colonoscopy is a protection for digestive system. It should be done when doctor prescribes to a patient. People should not postpone a colonoscopy in any case. Neglecting colonoscopy can harmful to the digestive system. A timely colonoscopy can save person’s life from deadly diseases.


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