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5 Fiber food rich food that keep constipation and Hemorrhoids / Piles away

Hemorrhoids / Piles
By Sam T
5 Fiber food rich food that keep constipation and Hemorrhoids  Piles away
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Hemorrhoids tend to occur in individuals who suffer from constipation and therefore have difficulty in passing stool. This causes pain, itching and even bleeding.

Constipation occurs when the stool is hard and / or small and the bowel movements are infrequent. A major reason for hard and infrequent bowel movement is lack of fibers in our daily diet.

Constipation may be considerably reduced by gradually increasing the fiber content in our diet. Adding natural fibers to our diet is critical . Adults need about 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day.

There are two types of fibers – soluble and insoluble. We do not need to get into that – as they both are healthy for us in their own ways.

The following foods are rich in fibers and can be magical in fixing constipation and eventually help prevent and reduce the symptoms of Hemorrhoids.


Mighty Beans ( and Lentils )

One cup of cooked beans and lentils contains about 15 grams of Fiber ! Some beans may have a little less than 15 , but most of them have higher amounts. One bowl a day equals almost half of our daily requirement !

Beans and Lentils are seeds from plants of Fabaceae family. They are also referred as Legumes .

Did you know that Peanuts are not Nuts ? They are Legumes- in a nutshell ! And Almonds and Walnuts are neither Nuts or Legumes – they are Drupes . Lets ponder on that some other day.

Fiber content in some Beans and Lentils :

  • Pinto Beans, 1 cup, cooked : 15g
  • Navy Beans, 1 cup, cooked : 19g
  • White Beans, 1 cup. Cooked : 19g
  • Red Kidney Beans, 1 cup, cooked : 16g
  • Lentils , 1 cup, cooked : 15g
  • Black Beans, 1 cup, cooked : 15g


Let it Grain
And the secret lies not in just eating Grains but in eating Whole Grains.

There are two types of grain products that we see in the market.- whole grain and refined grain.

Natural grain or whole grain comprises of the entire grain – the bran, germ and endosperm.

Bran contains the most fiber. For us this should be a no Braner !

Fiber content in some Grain foods

  • Corn Bran, 1 ounce : 22g
  • Wheat Bran, 1 ounce : 12g
  • Oat Bran, 1 ounce : 12g
  • Whole Wheat Bread, 1 slice : 2-3g
  • Quinoa, cooked, 1 cup : 5g
  • Brown Rice : cooked, 1 cup : 4g
  • Wheat Tortilla, 8” : 3g


Merry Berry – Eat Fruits

An apple a day may keep Hemorrhoids away !
Fruits offer so much to us ! Fruits contain a fairly high amounts of Fibers- some have more soluble fibers than others. They have beneficial vitamins and minerals too.

Raspberries, bananas, Apples, mangoes, oranges, strawberries are all excellent source of fibers and vitamins.

But Berries take the cake ! They are packed with high fiber . High fiber because they have these tiny seeds that are packed with fiber !

Fiber content in some Berries ( raw , 1 cup ):

  • Raspberries : 8g
  • Strawberries : 5g
  • Currants : 5g
  • Blueberries : 4g


Mighty Vegetables !

Think Green and Eat Green !
One cannot afford to leave vegetables off the plate. Yes they have soluble fibers . And they can be beneficial in so many ways .

They may help reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes and risk of heart disease.

Vegetables that are rich in potassium may help keep blood pressure low. One medium sized banana has over 400 mg of potassium. Yes, I know , banana is not a vegetable , but that does not mean it has low potassium. One medium baked potato ( with skin ) on the other hand has over 900 mg potassium ! Now you get the idea !

List of some vegetables and their fiber content:

  • Potato ,medium size : 4-5g
  • Okra , 1 cup : 3g
  • Artichoke ,1, medium : 7g
  • Brocolli , 150 g : 4g
  • Green Peas ,1 cup : 7g


Go Nuts !
Do not wait till you go on a hike to eat those tasty nuts and seeds that come in that trail mix.

Nuts, and seeds, should be part of our daily diet. They are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Plus, they have some very useful fiber.

Have them with your salads, cereals and yogurt. Or just have them as a snack.

Here are some Nuts and seeds and their fiber content ( in 1 ounce) :

  • Flaxseed : 8g
  • Pistachio : 3g
  • Almonds : 4g
  • Walnuts : 2g

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