4 practical ways to market your business online locally

By Moora Salam
Art 4 practical ways to market your business online locally
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If you are looking for ways to effectively market or advertise your business locally then this article is for you. These are not new ways though but I explain how important it is to use them and why you should use them. The solutions provided in this article works very well and I can guarantee you 100% with the result you will get when you take it seriously. So go ahead and try them.

Join Facebook group
Facebook group is somehow underestimated for the great result it can provide.It can be used to generate new leads and increase brand awareness. It can even generate good website traffic. If you have a local store that sells shoes, Joining a Buy and Sell or eCommerce group is a great way to start. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says for the first time 1 billion people used its Groups feature in a single month to explore shared interests.

I call it Social selling because you sell and connect with new friends. Facebook group is just awesome to me and it works for all kind of business.

6 months ago we at Moosocialplus generated 120,000 high-quality leads and US$40,000 in revenue in just 4 months for our client through Facebook groups. Awesome right?

In September Facebook made it easier for its more than 1.5 billion users to buy, sell and trade items through a Facebook group.

Using Facebook group is easy but if you don’t know how. I will me help you. I believe you should have a Facebook account by now..:-) if you don’t have one

click here to join.
Now there are two ways to find groups in your niche.

1 On the left top corner of your Facebook page, you will see a search bar.

Enter the name of your niche or type of group you think you will find your customers.

For this example, I sell shoes so I will enter “BUY AND SELL” and “SHOES FOR SALE IN GHANA”

You will find many groups you can join. Some group will approve you immediately,some will take time if possible days. When you are finally IN you can start posting. Be careful not to be spamming the group members by posting unnecessary things on the group.You might lose the trust of the members.

Also, make sure you put more details about the product or service when creating a post.

Information like price, type,color,size and benefit if services are what you provide should be included if possible

2 The second way of finding a group is, click on that small button near the key lock icon on the top right corner of your Facebook page, for a drop down menu. Scroll down a little and you will find “Manage Group” click on it and it will take you to a page where you find many groups to join. Follow the same instructions above.

Submit your Business to Local directories.
DMOZ is a multilingual open content directory of World Wide Web links and googles search engine use it to find new links for indexing. Googles does not only uses DMOZ but many other local directories and classified websites. Submitting your business to directories or classified will let your potential buyers find you in two ways, directly on that website or through search engines.

Let say for an example I head to google search engine and enter “Beauty salon in Ghana or Accra”, The first one to three links google will show me will be directories or classified. Do you know why? Because the search engine trusts them, Yes if you are not trusted by google, you wouldn’t be part of first result page or SERP.


To learn more about how a search engine works check out this post 3 reasons why Ghanaian website fails to convert, under back-links.

When you submit your business to many local directories, you give your business the advantage to be found by real people who are looking for the solution you provide.

Here are 8 free websites to promote your business in Ghana. If you want to submit your business to many directories or classified faster don't hesitate to contact me.

Go Google My Business.
Above I was talking about searching for a beauty salon in Ghana and I added an image to show you the result. When you look at the image, you will see a map and under the map, there are other links with directions and website. That is how Google my business works.


When you submit your business to Google My Business, google will send you a verification

code through your street address or business address, email or phone. After your business is verified, google will list your business on google maps for people who are looking for the service you provide or the products you sell can easily find you and get direction to your business center or store.

This really works well for local businesses. Here is a full guide to Google My Business.

Join Tripadvisor


If you run a restaurant,hotel,guest house,motel, traveling agency, tourist agency the best site to join is TripAdvisor. It is another powerful website to market your business for free. With over 300 million users and 340 million unique visitors,TripAdvisor has become an important resource for any traveler because of its very extensive global coverage and a large number of reviews.

To join Tripadvisor is simple, click here to sign up

This is not something new but I'm sure by now you’ve seen the importance of it. If you’ve used any of the solutions above I will love to hear you through the comment box below. Share with us your experience.

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