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17.06.2013 Travel

Explore the Attractions of North India

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India is an exceptional country which is known for being an abode of innumerable tourist attractions. One can say that India itself is an attraction which beautifies the world. Housing a large number of alluring tourist attractions, India affirms to be the most visited holiday destination of Asia. Every nook and cranny of this wondrous land is replete with allurements that tourists love to explore. India has been elegantly divided into two parts: the South India and the North India both of which are equally decorated with alluring attractions. Here I would like to draw your focus on the attractions that North India inhabits.

North India elegantly represents a collection of different aspects of India. The most prominent one is the rich culture which is exclusive to this incredible land of India. From hills to desert, from cultural beauty to natural beauty, you'll find almost all allurements within this exceptional region of India. Some of the striking attractions of north India are mentioned below to give you an insight of its mesmerizing beauty. It will just give you some glimpses of North India therefore come and explore the attractions of north India in person.

Taj Mahal affirms to be the most precious diamond on the diadem of India because of its bursting white glory. This enigmatic marble mausoleum, constructed by the eminent mughal emperor Shahjahan, stands as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Words aren't enough to describe the mesmerizing beauty of this enchanting monument of India as Taj Mahal is beyond verbal or visual description. This white mausoleum has been intricately designed with amazing architecture and exhibits awe inspiring artwork. Book Taj Mahal Tour Online

The great Himalayan range is another destination of north India which bestows amazingly beautiful. Apart from the natural splendor and snow capped hills, Himalayan valleys inhabit mesmerizing hill stations. These hill stations affirm to be a perfect gateway for a tranquil vacation and provide you a break from the bustling as well as monotonous city life. These destinations are most ideal for romantic holiday and for honeymoons. The sheer natural beauty here will surely charm you and endow amazing memories to cherish for life.

The Thar Desert is another attraction of North India. The Thar Desert is known for bestowing amazing sand dunes as well as housing striking cultural heritage of India. Rajasthan is the place where the Indian heritage decorates the desert terrain and provides a unique and picturesque landscape. The heritage is also one of the most prominent attractions of north India that elegantly represents the rich culture of this incredible country. There are a lot of heritage sites and architectural marvels that exquisitely adorns the place showcasing intricate work of art. Book Taj Mahal Tour Packages Online

Wildlife is another major aspect of India. India houses a large number of exotic species of wild life. It even takes a lot of initiatives and introduces different measures to protect its wild species. The rare wildlife of India is preserved in its various national parks and wildlife reserves. Ranthambore National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Kanha National Park are some of the dominating national parks of North India.

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