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Muhammad Ali My beloved Friends I'm Sorry.

By Abdul Haye Amin
Muhammad Ali My beloved Friends I'm Sorry.By Abdul Haye Amin.Muhammad Ali My beloved Friends I'm Sorry.By Abdul Haye Amin.

Muhammad Ali My beloved Friends I'm Sorry.
“I'm sorry my dear friends those who regarded world famous of all,undefined

It better late than never, I will never see you ever again?

Worldwide well-known famous to introduce in any bilingual language

How famous I ever was in this world?
Today I have to depart from the nation that no one can hold me back any seconds?

Entire life myself wasted to frame my own bedroom and wall mirror

Gold award winner pieces of metal I was after instead of

“Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”-(786), to recognise in the states alone?

Unfortunately, I never thought this day today I will ever face in my life?

I therefore, believe my fans you will never face similar dilemma in life as myself alone?

How beautiful world this was in my visual eyes far as my eyes could reach in the skies!

Nothing I ever could drew beauty picture of any states in love?

How beautiful this world tomorrow I am going to leave?

Yes it true How beautiful this world tomorrow I am going to leave alone?

Without leaving any sign of lord as Empire of in India Taj Mahal? In the kingdom of god.

Leaving my worldwide beloved dear friends, fans, families, relatives in the nation?

May be my picture of glory in his or her bedrooms wall still remain

Tomorrow I do not know if it going to be last in your bedrooms walls my picture anymore!

Other than almighty Lord the scripture of Kalima in everyone else bedroom?

Today I am worth nothing in this world other than statues of doles in everyone eyes!

No states Prime Ministers can save my life from death symptoms myself suffering?

It is not regard as in Bangladesh International Tribunal Criminal Court

Often headline news about issued death certificates for

1971 Liberation of War criminal after almost forty two year later,

Found guilty of death in the eyes of the human Justice!

I wish my name was today recorded in Bangladesh national 1971

Liberation of War Criminal Wanted Or
Second World War Wanted Criminal Hitler List?
As fortunate bilinguals author Abdul haye Amin but unfortunate myself

Who becomes a three-time world heavyweight champion in the world?

But myself today unfortunate in the eyes of the Government of Bangladesh,

My reason of death probably going to be states recorded as

Suffering Parkinson's not under the list of criminal of the states

As Abdul Haye Amin proud of?
My Lord who is the owner of the 'Parkinson's' Symptoms?

If it not Allah?
I heard death of individual's is hand of almighty God not

Government of Bangladesh International Tribunal Court,

What answer is the Court of Bangladesh going to give time of Judgement?

It sound like Bangladesh International court of Justices never

Being to nursery School 'Alif-Lam-Mim' to guide the own states alone?

With love, peace and humanity toward own kind and cast?

International multicultural society never understand the language Bangla

After 300 hundred year old European community
Portugal Missionary language Bangla,
It seem no one understand the Justice of peace in Bangladesh!

Please my Lord Help Bangladesh wash away if any sins from the soil of soul.

I'm sorry my friend should I ever offend you beyond my graveyard knowledge,

For not doing the things you may want me to do in your life?

Converted religion In Islam I thought was wrong?
Glad my Lord that I made my own decision to prove no one else in life!

In this earth I was ever born but will I ever be under the list of

Islamic Religious Representatives instead of novel Prize winner list?

My fans, friends, and families don't Judge me I was wrong to accept Islam?

Jesus Christ-(R.A), another name in Arabic language,

Says after all to follow his appointed councillor
Have I made mistake my fans and your honour?
World heavyweight champion was I not?
Today I lost how to speak in my own language?
And no longer recognises this beautiful world?
Who was I in this cruel world your honour?
To be proud of once myself in this earth?
I never was prosecuted by any states for my disability in faith?

Under the symptom Schizophrenia condition Mental Health illness stated

Delusion which means 'Mistaken belief' billions of pound or dollars wastes on treatment

Prescription of tablet Zyprexa or Seroxat instead of Ritual worship?

To restore patients faith and trust,
Some are unfortunate, commit suicide or dies when there is no medication,

Nor for the World heavyweight champion other than my Lord name!

Today I cannot speak nor recognise the world?
What is my symptom none-believer Doctors?
Diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1984?
Don't you have medication for Parkinson's diseases?

109 year ago seven peoples died in the street of trustful society, to establish the truth,

Then became alive but entire community never believed 109 year ago they were died?

What medication did they prescribe your [Holy Quran Sura: Kaf] honour to became alive again?

No, No, I was here to tell the nation not only worldwide boxer

From Africa But I became Muslim after all?
In history in Islam Omor Faruk was number one enemy of the Islam

Who finally, became number one under the list of Islamic Revelation?

I trust America President Barack Hussein Obama never make

Second mistake by ignoring his adopted parent's culture!

But invites to look through the sky in Bombay, India,

To see which country President Name was discovered written in the sky?

I love you Barack Hussein Obama if I ever heard in my deathful soul

You declared Isla---m in your life?
To leave symbol of love mark no doctor can secure my or your health

Nation now is praying for my depart from this world peacefully

Those who are my fans with tears on their eyes!
World given me credit of trust with gold at the age of ignorance in 1960 Olympics,

I'm sorry my dear friends, for leaving you all so soon

But I will meet you once again as my Lord promised
Without Islamic vision of lights in your hearts there is no one today in my life?

But I am proud myself no matter what pain I may suffer here in this world

But it going to be worst than today in the day of Judgement

Cry for not me but for your own self prepare for the worst?

Worst punishment Lord reserved those who play game with Islam?

Ask Intensive Care Unit doctors if I was wrong?
I do not have any credit in my mobiles to dial 786
Nor mobile company going to give any credit?
Per second it cost states V.A.T.
More than mobile company can give any states credit?

My dear Lord I thought of you, the last minutes of my life

Looking though the sky daylights as orphan child
Having millions of fans and friends myself today alone!

My brother Rahman Ali says to the world.
Where is my beloved fans and families nothing in presences I see?

But tear on their eyes to see myself leaving in any second

Award winning gold today became for me
Worst than soil under my own feet?
No one else will count gold is worth in life for
In my lonely eyes gold award I only see dry street braches of leafs.

I thought about this cruel world therefore I converted religious Islam

As former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Sister Lauren Booth,

My fans don't make second mistake
No matter how famous you are in this infidel world?

Don't take medical advice you are suffering 'this and that?' but ask

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Sister Lauren Booth what is your symptom?

Today I pray for you my last wishes in this cruel world

Those who loved me more than their own self
I can give no presents or gifts but (786) Islam?
Is the only name I found in the E.E.C. Germany, forest?

Written without known seed and inks have you seen?
And translated English Holy Bible Quran (Verses) Sura Kafirun.

Remember me as your best friends the presents I gave

To you hold on to No matter what the nation regard or claim

In this world the only name “Allah” will remain in this world,

Don't blame 'Mohammad Ali' or Author Abdul Haye Amin,

In the day of Judgement I never given you any?
Nothing will be take in your graveyard only my empty soul the spoken word

Once I was ignored by but pride of 1974's 'Rumble in the Jungle'

My beloved dear friend don't make second mistake in your life.

And suspect no Muslim and Islam having two eyes
See E.E.C. forest Bonn, City, Germany, or
Inside the human being lung
And tell European German Government
To declare war against Allah If they ever can for written such verses?

In the European forest shame on those who claim European Ministers,

With three pieces suit and ties on?
The creator of this world shown me I was world record break

Today I cannot even speak nor recognise any one?
Yes it true today I cannot even speak nor recognise any one?

It is not symptom Dementia myself suffering?
My fans and friends I am not died but you!
Buried alive my friendship those who never believe in Islam by knowing the truth.

I cry for you all time since I fall ill but my brother Rahman Ali

Think myself suffering in misery and pains for none but myself?

Because I could not speak and explain the symptoms in words!

Medical spoken word 'Visual Hallucination'
Most mental Health patient suffers in hospital alone!

Actually myself cry for those who love me the most?

What medication do you have in this world?
Other than name of Allah five times a days?
U.S.A. Novel Prize Winner Doctors Carol says only name

At the most critical time anyone life to be adopted not by

Bangladeshi Novel Prize winner Doctor Yunus.
Who said 15 Thousand peoples in America made Rich and wealthy

Where in his own country in the village, in Bangladesh

Without bowl of rice and roof on public head?
Am I correct doctor Yunus are you sure not suffering Mental Health Illness?

Today by highly known fame and name
In this world other than almighty God
What is there for my generation to hope or to relay on?

Far as Mental Health Hospital under symptom of Schizophrenia

Mentioned to seek for immediate help of ritual at the time of critical

Ritual mean worship the Church of God most western graduates

Doctors never believe in the name of Church of almighty,

Nor by Doctor Yunus blink of human eyes could change this world!

As psychiatry doctor taken almost individual's identities of trust,

To leave your precious life worthless in the society,

Says bilingual's author Abdul Haye Amin,
Too many to mention died as suicide for example
Toran Henry in Canada where is there life belong?
Tomorrow I am going to meet my best friend his name is Allah?

No lover on earth tells anyone but secretly meet his or her lover

Days or nights with fresh rose's smiles on their face.

But my price of gifts to my friends is in my heart
The only gifts my lord I can ever give
British Secretary of States Rt. Hon, Lord,
Never allow me to take my Gold
Which was received at the 1960 Olympics in my graveyard

The permanent home I thought never going to be mine

Other than author Abdul Haye Amin.
Did you know my fans millions and millions of my fans?

In the seven floor of sky known as “Aro-Sa-Ajim”
Waiting with fresh rose to meet?
With greeting word in Arabic
Direct from Prime Minister Allah.
There is no mistake search through the Holy Bible Quran,

Unfortunately, in this world I never was invited by any States Ministers

With fresh rose as told in Holy Bible Quran?
How famous today to leave you to meet my dear Lord my lover Allah?

Please don't spread News as E. coli symptom in Europe

My death in this world but keeps it secret from all?

In case my lover Allah change his mind and leave me alone in this world

For few second with infidel world to share
The sinful vision I never want in my life no more but to die alone!

My dear's fans all over the world the last wishes in my life!

Cry today for me not?
But I shall beg you if you ever remember me in your life,

Pray in praying Mat Jaynamaj,
Supplementary worship two rakat for me with Durud o Shariff

God almighty will record your name that you remembered me?

And therefore light his candle on behalf of you until we meet you again!

Please don't take rose or candle in my graveyard or greeting cards

By Leaving you're nearest Churches or Mosques empty!

My Lord don't make any one suffer in this world
Nor in Intensive Care Unit or Nero-Disability Unit Hospital

The false invocation of knowledge in education and medications

But to teach them to go to local Churches!
Instead of tablet Seroxat or Zyprexa!
Don't let any authors, editor or writers to writes
How I ever was died instead of in Intensive Care Unit patients,

Nor author like Abdul Haye Amin to writes poems or articles about!

One day you going to leave your belonging
Author Abdul Haye Amin today thinks not once but twice!

Where are you going by ignoring your Lord scripture in life!

Your name may be recorded in the nation public library

If society regarded you was worth nothing but good for as a state's reference!

If not Tsunami Disaster destroys the public library, as Tsunami 2004.

Today I Mohammad Ali leaves my secret private address,

Instead of Church, Mosque or Temple
Those who never heard in your life in revelation
And my Mobile number 786.
Should you face in your life difficult times please?

Visit my permanent home address when there is no friend around

I will be always there to answer your call?
May almighty God bless you all?
My tears of sorrow of pain remain under your own feet

To be washed away your[s] sins by God spiritual light of weather the cloud

Far as skies take no other offer of glory of this infidel world but Lord,

My friends last word from me “Assa-La-Mu-Ali-Kum”
Love and peace be on you rest of your entire Journey of life on earth?

Today I feel guilty and offended by those who regarded I was famous in this world

I could take nothing with me but empty handed as criminal of the nation nor

I can give something to treasure in your life after I disappear blink of your eyes!

I do not know how my Lord will treat me after seven feet away from my home

Of last destiny of graveyard in this universe?
Allahu, Allahu, only name I can today ever say,
In whispers with hot tears on my eyes
As any orphan child for his or her parents to love passionately,

The only friends I could never see on earth
My advocates none other than day of Judgement.
Almighty He was waiting since I was ever born
I never had any shopping list of thing to presents to my God,

What have I done in this world since I was born?
But I leave British National Newspaper SUN page 3 Editor to take care of,

And Former British Home Secretary, Rt. Hon, Jacqui Smith, M.P.

To present my life profiles to 'He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He'—(R.A).

Other than “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”
Nothing will be granted in the eyes of the almighty

Today I realised three times winner of the world gold will never secure

My identities in the day of Judgement O' my Lord forgive me!

I' M sorry, per second mobile charge seventy five pence

Where will I go if you don't forgive me my Lord?
'Asraful-Ambia' another name in Arabic am I not under the list of

Members of your religion “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”—(R.A),

Representatives in this world my Lord?
My beloved friends don't try to be famous you will never last long,

You will never identify who you are nor can you speak in words,

By glorify in the name of none but Allah,
Leave your name in the states as Government of Bangladesh to go after your life,

To take your life away not under the symptoms of Parkinson's.

Then you may have an excuse in the day of Judgement to complaint

In the face of your Lord Allah as in history,
Prophet Ibrahim and Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A),
If you believe and trust in the name of God
This world I ever through was everything today my imagination was

Known total wrong to fall in love with the world Instead of Allah”

…By Bilingual's Abdul Haye Amin.

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