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28.04.2009 Health

Edmark International

Edmark International is now in Ghana!Edmark International is now in Ghana!
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EDMARK is an inventor, manufacturer and direct marketer of unique, useful and health benefiting products for the direct marketing industry.

At present, EDMARK Industries in Malaysia has its own factory with a built-up area of more than 20,000 sq. feet. Its operations conform to world standards such as the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

What is Healthy Living?
Chronic diseases have increasingly plagued modern society. This can be attributed to the stress brought about by hectic and unhealthy lifestyles, as well as living in a polluted environment. Now, more than ever, managing our health is essential to sustain ourselves, for us to function at our peak while doing our daily activities.

However, maintaining good health is no longer just about eating well, exercising and seeking cure when the need arises. Our health depends on the well-being of a 75 trillion cells contained within it. Cytology, the study of cells, reveals these seemingly infinite miniature factories that process the nourishment we need and void the waste.

It only makes sense that maximizing our overall health requires that our body receive the optimum ingredients for ensuring health on a cellular level. Knowing, therefore, what our cells need to survive and more importantly, to thrive, is a prerequisite in every endeavor towards health maintenance.

Edmark International's outstanding products are geared towards health. As they say, health is wealth and wealth is health. Basically, health is about energy and vitality. And to achieve this end, we return to the basic building blocks of our well-being… OUR CELLS. This is why CRT or Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy is a vital part of our lifestyle.

CRT is a self management system of living through naturopathy. It works through the synergy of four major factors: first, balanced nutrition; second, increased oxygen intake; third, cleansing; and a finally, holistic approach. This will lead us to a healthy mind, a healthy body, and happiness in life.

Edmark International offers an array of healthy living products and food supplements intended to fulfill the needs of our body cells for optimum health, so as to attain the quality of life that we all should be enjoying.

The Products

Edmark MRT Complex or Meal Replacement Therapy is a program to replace your normal meal with a delicious, low calorie and highly soluble nutritional drink. It has the complete vitamins, proteins, and energy-releasing amino acids than can help reduce weight safely, fast and effectively, while avoiding the hunger pangs often associated with dieting. This is a program that is designed for people who wish to embark on a safe and long-term weight loss and maintenance program

How Does Edmark MRT Complex Work?
As a result of the controlled level of carbohydrates taken over a few days, the body will experience a shortage of glucose, the most desirable fuel in the body. Our body will begin to turn to glycogen store for energy. Once these stores deplete, it will start to seek alternative fuel. Edmark MRT Complex contains moderate carbohydrates and protein; it helps protect lean muscle from being metabolized into energy. Our body will then turn to fat store for emergency supplies and convert these fats to free fatty acids (which are smaller fat molecules). Our liver will then convert them to ketones. This is effectively known as the mild ketosis stage. Ketones are a normal and efficient source of fuel and energy for the human body. Ketosis tends to accelerate fat loss -- once the liver converts fat to ketones, it cannot be converted back to fat, and so it is excreted.

Characteristics of MRT Complex:
Organic Formulation
Natural ingredients, good taste
Low Calorie
Each sachet of MRT Complex contains only 83 Kcal
Balanced Nutrition
Each sachet of MRT Complex contains nutrients needed by our body everyday. Hence it promotes normal metabolism to build a healthy body and regulates our physiological functions

Superior quality legume protein
MRT Complex contains superior quality legume protein that is easily digested and absorbed by our body, helps to lose excessive fat but not muscle.

Contains Fructose
A natural sweetener extracted from fruit and honey that is safe for people with diabetes mellitus or those who have hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).

Contains Hoodia Gordonii
A cactus plant which sends signals to the hypothalamus of the brain that the stomach is full. Even small amounts of food can make the body feel completely nourished and energized.

Contain fat elimination factors
Lechitin, L-Carnitine, Inositol, help to enhance fat metabolism

Contains edible fiber
Fiber is used to enhance the elimination of waste substances in our body, gives bulk satisfaction and reduces the hunger pangs. It can prevent constipation, painful piles, colon cancer, kidney stone as well as to lower cholesterol level.

Shake Off Phyto Fiber is a superior colon cleansing health drink made from all natural ingredients that sweeps and flushes out all the toxins from our colons, leaving it clean and healthy.

Shake Off Phyto Fiber is made from Plant Fiber, Roselle, Oats, Garcinia Cambogia and Inulin.

Plant Fiber provides a feeling of fullness and helps relieve intestinal toxins like Coprostasis. It relieves diarrhea and absorbs excessive water in the instestines.

Roselle is rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron, riboflavin, niacin, fiber and has anti-oxidants that enhance the beauty of the skin.

Oats act like a sponge that absorbs the cholesterol. It is rich in bran and fiber which prevents colon cancer.

Garcinia Cambogia aids in slimming as it suppresses the appetite and increases the body's metabolism. It also regulates blood sugar levels and lowers the blood cholesterol.

Inulin acts as a “prebiotic” that stimulates the production of good bacteria such as bifidus in the intestines. It also relieves diabetes mellitus by reducing the body's need to produce insulin.

BENEFITS of Shake Off Phyto Fiber
• SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber is prepared from natural ingredients and therefore does not have any harmful side effects.

• SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber is a fast, effective and affordable way to eliminate congested waste matter. Thus, preventing Coprostasis and colon cancer.

• SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber helps prevent the accumulation of harmful by-products and fat, thereby reducing the possibility of obesity. It also helps lower bad cholesterol.

• SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber's cleansing function and anti-oxidant properties promotes better complexion and has an anti-aging effect. It brings out the truth in the saying: “Beauty comes from within”.

• The good bacteria in SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber stimulates peristaltic movements of the intestines needed to expel wastes thus reducing constipation problems.

• Taking SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber is as easy as making and drinking a cup of tea. It comes in convenient, light packages which can be popped into your handbag. Its natural pandan flavor is especially formulated to suit many fancies.

In the Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy concept, detoxification is just as important as balanced nutrient intake. While most people are aware of the importance of nutrition, few bother to detoxify the intestines and colon. When the body is not cleansed it loses its capacity to absorb nutrients.

Everyone has residual waste left in the intestines even with regular bowel movements. After taking SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber, you will be surprised to see how much waste have accumulated and how amazingly comfortable and relaxing you will feel after finally getting them out!

Healthwise, you could never go wrong with Edmark's Shake Off Phyto Fiber. Make it part of your regular health habit!

Shake Off Phyto Fiber is another outstanding product from Edmark. For maximum results, take with MRT Complex, Splina Liquid Chlorophyll Red Yeast Coffee and Ginseng Coffee.

Splina Liquid Chlorophyll?
Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants its green color. It is crucial for plant survival because it is the agent for photosynthesis. The molecular composition of chlorophyll is identical to the human blood cell, so it is often referred to as "green blood." In human blood, the nucleus of its molecule is iron, while in chlorophyll the nucleus is magnesium.

Cleansing: Cleanses the digestive system, assists in purifying blood, eliminates bacteria, disinfects and detoxifies.

Balancing: Balances body acid-alkali level, boosts the functions of the body system.

Nourishing: Assists in red blood cell regeneration, enhances oxidation process and stimulates cell regeneration.

• Chlorophyll is rich in:
• Zinc
• Selenium
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin A
• Protein
• Biotin
• Folic acid
• Pantothenic Acid
• Calcium
• Chromium
• Phosphorus
• Potassium
• Magnesium
• Iron

What are the Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll?

Discharges Toxin through the Feces - Liquid Chlorophyll improves the digestive system and bowel movement to discharge the toxic feces from the body. Liquid Chlorophyll deodorizes the bowel and entire body; a natural antiseptic to the intestinal tract. It also aids in rebuilding damaged bowel tissue and helps to eliminate mucus.

Reduces Pesticide Residue and Toxin - Liquid Chlorophyll effectively reduces toxin caused by pesticides and chemicals in the body. It traps and forms complexes with mutagens. Liquid chlorophyll also facilitates the degradation of toxic metabolites.

Balances Body Acid-Alkali Level - Balances body acid-alkali levels to maintain good health. Liquid chlorophyll provides an excellent source of health-promoting nutrients. Because liquid chlorophyll's composition contains calcium, it is highly useful for people as well as animals with arthritis, bone diseases, and hip dysphasia. It is very high in RNA and DNA and has been found to protect against the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Assists in Increasing Blood Counts - Liquid Chlorophyll assists red blood cells generation to ensure sufficient oxygen and nutrients for cell regeneration. Chlorophyll helps to rebuild the bloodstream. Chlorophyll increases the hemoglobin production, the function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus, and the lungs.

Reduces Wrinkles and Aging - Liquid chlorophyll is an antioxidant - it has the ability to scavenge free radicals. It also improves the body's natural free-radical fighting ability by increasing the levels of certain enzymes that help in this process. It acts as a superb antioxidant to help support the body in maintaining healthy tissue and fighting the effect of aging. The results are smoother skin, clearer complexion and youthful looks.

Promotes Cell Regeneration and Boosts the Immune System - As chlorophyll helps to thicken and strengthen the walls of the cells, it is also a nutritional aid for the immune system. As a nutritional supplement it accelerates tissue cell activity and normal re-growth of cells which helps the body heal faster.

Following is a list of disease conditions that have either improved or cleared up entirely by using liquid chlorophyll in conjunction with a living foods diet:

• Hepatitis and other liver diseases
• All forms of anemia
• Asthma and hayfever
• Pyorrhea
• Varicose veins
• Hemorrhoids
• Ulcers - internal and external
• High and Low blood sugar
• Offensive body odors
• Sore throat

Actually chlorophyll will assist in correcting any imbalance in the body due in part to its high bio-available iron content. This allows the body to utilize more oxygen, aiding in the removal of accumulated toxins. We also know that the internal use of chlorophyll strengthens the cells and inhibits bacterial growth.

Who Should Drink Liquid Chlorophyll?

• People with liver problems
• People with respiratory problems
• People with rheumatism
• Anemic people
• Those with pale complexions
• People with weight problems
• Very skinny people
• Very fat people
• Smokers and those who consume alcohol frequently

• Those who dislike eating vegetables
• Those who suffer from constipation
• Those who experience menstrual pain
• Those who often catch cold
• Those who often have sore throats
• People with body odor and bad breath
• Busy and stressful people
• Easily fatigued people
• Those who often eat out

Ginseng Coffee
Ginseng has been used for thousands of years to improve the overall health of human being. Ancient Chinese herbal traditions prescribe that Ginseng is effective for enlightening the mind and increasing wisdom. Ginseng can likewise promote vitality and good health by overcoming general fatigue and increasing strength. Remarkably, it is also an aphrodisiac for the treatment of impotence.

Modern scientific research revealed that the active ingredient of Ginseng called Ginsenoside has the power to:

• Sharpen the Mind and Memory
• Accelerate visual and auditory responses
• Increase concentration
• Lower and remove bad cholesterol
• Lower blood pressure
• Maximize oxygen intake
• Increase aerobic activity
• Lower heart rate during exercise
• Increase Anti-oxidants in the body
• Prevent Cancer
Coffee, ginseng extract, sucrose, non-dairy creamer and tricalcium phosphate.

Red Yeast Coffee
Good news! Now, you can lower your blood cholesterol the natural way! Introducing ... Edmark's Red Yeast Coffee

Red Yeast Coffee is made from the organic blend of imported premium coffee beans and red yeast rice.

Red yeast rice is one of the most promising natural treatments for lowering blood cholesterol. It is produced by fermenting the red yeast "Monascus purpureus" on rice.

This careful fermentation process yields specific amount of statins, the compounds responsible for reducing cholesterol levels.

It contains a variety of ingredients, such as fiber, rice starch, sterols and fatty acids, which help reduce total cholesterol levels, lower levels of bad cholesterols, increase levels of good cholesterol, and lower levels of unhealthy fats called triglycerides.

It contains HMG-CoA reductase that inhibits the liver's production of cholesterol. By lowering cholesterol concentrations, red yeast rice can help prevent heart disease and some of its complications.

In additions, Mevinolin, an active ingredient in red yeast rice, has also been proven to offer antioxidant properties.

The best news is that all the health benefits of red yeast rice are in the Edmark's Red Yeast Coffee!

Edmark's Red Yeast Coffee is a sure, safe and natural way to optimal health!

Benefits of Red Yeast Coffee:
• Red Yeast Coffee can reduce levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, while raising the levels of good cholesterol.

• Red Yeast Coffee promotes health of the cardiovascular system, offers nutritional support to the circulatory system, and enhances digestion.

• Red Yeast Coffee soothes abdominal pain and invigorates the function of the spleen.

• Red Yeast Coffee revitalizes and aids in the body's over all rejuvenation as it offers antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Healthy coffee has never been tasted this better!
Deep, full-bodied with a complex flavor that is bold and unanticipated. This coffee's intensity has a crisp finish that lingers in your taste buds. You can't help but just get another cup of Red Yeast Coffee.

Red Yeast Coffee is another outstanding product from EDMARK!

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