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31.05.2005 Feature Article

Ms Yazji Tell Ghanaians The Truth Or Shut The Hell Up

Ms Yazji Tell Ghanaians The Truth Or Shut The Hell Up
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MR PRESIDENT, TELL GHANAIANS WHAT YOU KNOW TO AVOID EMBARRASSMENT In an era where Ghanaians in the Diaspora are scared to death about the armed robbery situations in Ghana, Ghanaians around the globe also have been bombarded with numerous stories. It originated from The National Democrat reporting of John Addo Kufour aka Chief who has a 40% stake at GIA and Chief Kufour in a hasty rebuttal published on Ghanaweb stated the contrary but admitted rather that a consortium of banks came together to grant him a loan to enable him acquire the gigantic hotel structure situated next to the President's private residence at West Airport in Accra.

The National Democrat goes on that; “The Kufuors then, using chief negotiator, Gizelle Yazji (mother of the twins, Phillip and John), approached poor Saoud and succeeded in forcing him to sell at almost half the price he had wanted to sell his dream hotel. Chief Kufuor in his press release of May 12, 2005(engineered by Charles Sam, a PR consultant), attempts to throw dust in Ghanaians' eyes by suggesting that the property was offered for sale to a number of Ghanaians and international investors without success.”

As Ghanaians worldwide were confused with numerous stories coming from left and right, the ' he say ' , ' she say ' shenanigans continues and more stories were unraveling. In the course of this public outcry, the office of the President denied various allegations and also some changes were made in the high ranks of the Ghana Armed Forces at the same time.

All of a sudden the bombshell by the said Chief negotiator, Gizelle Yazji who now says the President owns the hotel and not Chief. The allegation goes from the President owning the hotel to the unearthing of an affair with the President which lasted for about a year.

The shocking thing to note as she puts it; “let me ask you, if any person will go to Ghana and stay in the hotel in La Palm, you think the government will put in nine bodyguards if she is not an important person to the president? Every time I went there (Ghana), the bodyguards were surrounding my twins and I couldn't even walk because of their attention.”

The tax payers' money spent on a civilian surrounded by nine bodyguards is mind-boggling and absurd if it did happen.

Ms Yazji is coming out now with the scandal because she says she cannot protect the president anymore. She feels now is the time to bring out the dirty laundry.

For a non Ghanaian civilian who gets unlimited access to as many as nine bodyguards when she arrives in town with her 'twins,' twins rumoured to be the president's children is of serious concern. She probably has vital information/secrets that can be shared with other countries and that is scary. She can do Ghana the damage if she chooses to.

Ms Yazji should go all out and tell Ghanaians what she knows about the affair now that she is ready to unearth the scandal that has gone on and has been kept a secret. Mr. Kwabena Agyapong, the President's Spokesperson's name is mentioned when she said she told him “that this hotel issue, my name came out and they are looking for me for interview, and this time I am not going to protect the president anymore”. If she does not have any story to tell then she should not confuse Ghanaians with lies because we have had enough of the ' he said', 'she said ' shenanigans already.

The President should not deny the story but tell Ghanaians the truth in the name of the seat of the President he sits, oath of allegiance he swore and the God he serves. He should tell the truth and not try to discredit Mr. Yazji because in the end the truth will come out even after his presidency and that can ruin his legacy forever hence the Kufourgate. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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