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Jun 14, 2018 | Football News

ANAS EXPOSÉ: Kofi Manu Blue Blue Vows Not To Let Things Lie

ANAS EXPOSÉ: Kofi Manu Blue Blue Vows Not To Let Things Lie

Kofi Manu, popularly referred to as Blue Blue has vowed not to let things lie after he was caught up in the Number 12 documentary receiving money as bribe to fast track the signing of a player as a free agent.

Kofi Manu, who was the Chairman of the Player Status Committee told Adom FM on Wednesday that he was set up with the help of people close to him. As such he is not going to let things lie just like that.

According to him, he does not go to church and reiterated that he is going to allow the deity in his house to deal with everyone involved in the plot against him.

“I have told you I don’t go to church. There is a deity in my house. If you wrong me I leave it to my protectors”, Kofi Manu stated with emphasis.

He also explained that because he was born into a deity home, he has always made sure he will not bring any disgrace to his family and had always made sure he did the right thing.

He let out that it is painful just because he speaks for formal President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwasi Nyantakyi, that will plot something like that against himself and the president to destroy them.

Kofi Manu cautioned that all those people sitting on the radio making noise on the fact that he has been caught on tape taking money will all be punished. But it will be unfortunate the day they will want to come and look for him and apologize they won’t find him.

He further highlighted he knows somebody very close to him who was part of the plot against him in particular but he will not mention the persons’ name.

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