Maheeda Is Bad Egg To Our Society- Sandra Ifudu

By Joy Akosa
Readers Choice Maheeda Is Bad Egg To Our Society- Sandra Ifudu
SEP 22, 2014 LISTEN

Since the rising of Maheeda into the entertainment industry, there has been a lot wagging about her, lifestyle, brand and others .Fast rising Gospel singer, Sandra Ifudu has said she will never wear anything revealing just because she wants to sell her songs or engage in sexual acts just for the purpose of selling.

She says she believes one must always act what he/she preaches and that is what someone like Maheeda lacks and she has been nothing but a bad egg in the gospel industry. In her words;

“Well, I am of the opinion that whatever you preach or talk about, you should at least be able to put it into practice to make it believable and doable. Even though I am not in any position to judge, I'll say people like Maheeda are bad news to inspirational or gospel music because you can't be preaching one thing and doing another thing”. She said.