COVID-19: 3months Free Water For All Ghanaians Begins

General News COVID-19: 3months Free Water For All Ghanaians Begins

The Management of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has started the implementation of the free water distribution for all Ghanaians as declared by the President Akufo-Addo recently in the wake of the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The intervention seeks to absorb the water bills for all Ghanaians for the next 3 months beginning April, May and June this year.

Read full statement below:

IMMEDIATE RELEASE : 9th April, 2020

CONTACT : Stanley Martey, Head, PR / Communications

TELEPHONE NOs : 0244 336 180

The President, on the 5th of April 2020, announced to Ghanaians, that Government was absorbing water bills of citizens from April, May and June as part of measures to help curb the COVID-19 pandemic. Management wishes to inform the general public that it has started the implementation of the President’s vision and the Government’s policy. It is therefore essential that all Ghanaians are educated on the policy to enable citizens appreciate the vision for smooth implementation

Thus, with effect from April and ending in June 2020:

  • All customers of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) on category 611 (domestic users) shall have their bills from April, May and June absorbed and paid by Government.
  • All stand-pipes shall be used to serve citizens for free and Government shall absorb the bill and pay commission/compensation to the vendors. Hence, vendors are expected to still control the services to the public, but for free. This is to ensure the prudent use of water.
  • Landlords and landladies who sell water to tenants must allow tenants to use the water for free from April, May and June. Landlords and Landladies who sell water to other members of the community must register with the district offices of the GWCL to be eligible for commission/compensation.
  • All customers disconnected prior to the President’s announcement, are still liable and must pay their arrears to enable them enjoy the free water. If a customer is not in a position to pay arrears in full, such customer can negotiate with the District Offices and or Regional Offices, so as to be reconnected. These cases will be treated on individual bases.
  • Tanker services have been arranged to serve deprived communities. Consumers in such communities must liaise with the Assembly members, who will request for the services of these tankers from our district offices. The numbers for all district offices of the GWCL will be published in the media.

Management of GWCL is very much appreciative of the support from the general public in these trying times and wish to assure the general public that, the company is working assiduously to enable citizens have adequate supply especially for domestic use and to help us observe the necessary protocols outlined by the President.

To help the company through this critical period, consumers are advised to strictly observe the following water conservation measures:

● Cease indiscriminate watering of lawns with treated water,

● Moderate the use of treated water for car washing through the use of buckets

Instead of hosing,

● shut all taps when not in use,

● Repair all leakages in your homes, like overflowing reservoirs and dripping taps, valves, etc

● Report all burst pipes and leakages immediately to the nearest GWCL district offices, Customer Service centres, Fault Offices.

● Report all persons engaged in illegal connections, by-passes, and all malpractices against GWCL to the nearest Police station or to the district offices.

The general public can also call or GWCL whatsapp GWCL on these numbers; 0555123393, 0555155524, 0207385088, 0207385089, 0207385090. You can include google locations, pictures and videos of the burst. The toll free line for the customer call center is 0800 40 000 for Vodafone cell and land lines only and 0302 218240 for all other networks.

Management of GWCL, wishes to advice the general public that it is doing its utmost best in this current situation but as patriotic citizens, we need to desist from Antisocial and unacceptable behaviors like the misuse of water as we see on social media, illegal connections, and by passes. Help GWCL to serve you better.

The cooperation of the general public is greatly appreciated.

Eric Nabila
Eric Nabila

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