18.03.2020 Book Review

Book Review: Uncover Your Potential

By Esther Mawufemor Agbai
Book Review: Uncover Your Potential
LISTEN MAR 18, 2020

Do you remember when you once had to dress like a doctor, teacher or a nurse on that career day programme organized in your school at stage 6? Then, you were full of energy and knew so well what you would be in the future. Now, 15 years after stage 6 and here you are wondering what’s going to happen next.

Today, life’s challenges causes us to mislay our dreams. Eventually, we slip into living a low life when we could actually do better than that. For this reason, Myles Munroe, a pastor, a bestselling author and a motivational speaker seeks to help us live the life we yearn for through his book, “You are more than you realize; Uncover Your Potential.”

For him, one of the disastrous things that could happen to an individual is for him to die without realizing his potentials. It is then for the purpose to teach people to realize their potentials and to tap into the resources clogged in them that he wrote this book.

To achieve his purpose, he puts the reader before him and expounds what he has to do to achieve expected results. With his simple illustrations, questions and ideas, he sets one thinking and sparks a new mindset that makes one want to do more than wait for fate. In essence, this is a good read for everyone. And to those who think they are lost and would never find themselves, you think there’s nothing in you? Read this book before you take your next step. In addition, he shows us how to live from the “inside out.” This way, you are not limited by what you see (your environment) or what others say because what you are is what is unseen.

You have read so many motivational books but this isn’t just one of those; this sets your life on course as you uncap the well in you. Get a read.

By Esther Mawufemor Agbai

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