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Top Places to Eat in Accra

Rashad McCrorey shares some of his favorite places to eat when in Accra
Top Places to Eat in Accra
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As someone who brings many individuals to Ghana for events and site seeing, it is always important to find high quality places to eat. These places must be tourist-friendly, respected by locals and most importantly, the food must be good. The following are some on my favorite places to eat in the city of Accra.

Princes One Love Restaurant
Labadi Beach right side of parking lot, blue section


In my opinion, Princess One Love is the most developed restaurant at Labadi beach. The owner Princess has invested well with site renovations that makes this location ideal to have a delicious meal along the beach lines. While your food is being prepared you can take a dip in the water, get a mani/pedicure, a massage, go horseback riding and more. The staff is top notch, hardworking and hospitable. An inside tip, Wednesday night is reggae night, and Sundays at Labadi beach is epic no matter where you choose to dine.

Mango Bar & Grill -East Lagon
Mango lounge is a hip, semi outdoor Ghana restaurant in East lagon! Great music, outdoor vibe with a nice overhead canopy. The host Lucky who also owns the attached (Luckie’s Restaurant) is a gracious host who runs a wonderful establishment. Their traditional Ghana meals are the food selections they are known for. On the weekends, the parties there are the talk of East Lagon.

Abajo - Art Center, High Street, Accra

Located by the Art Center, Abajo is another one of my favorite dining locations. Friday night live drums and dance highlights a wonderful evening. The great environment, food, and beautiful scenery is enhanced by a hard working, and pleasant staff.

Afrikiko - Liberation Rd. Accra
The buffet is always a good choice when dining at Afrikiko. You can be a foodie and partake in all different types of traditional Ghanaian meals. My favorite night is Thursday’s Zumba night. Being able to dress up and get on the dance floor is an amazing experience for both locals and tourist alike.


Charly’s Snack Bar - Ashaley Botwe, Accra, Ghana


Try one of their signature milk shakes or ice cream platters. These delicious deserts come with many toppings! Cherries, fudge brownies, caramel syrup, Oreos bits, nuts, whatever you can imagine. I mean the toppings are plenty. They also serve delicious meals but for the purposes of this article, I want to highlight the deserts!

That is a short list of my top places to eat in Accra. If you want to add some restaurants or good places to eat, not only in Accra, but other regions in Ghana, find me on Instagram at and let me know top places I should take my future guest.

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