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13.01.2020 Feature Article

The Bragging Rights

The Bragging Rights
LISTEN JAN 13, 2020

People look at me, laugh and put me at risk,
the kind of laugh that suggests they have questions to ask.
They go like; why do you keep vouching for this man?
We've realized you raise His banner everywhere you stand.
And you're someone who likes to brag.
Now, this is what I have to say;

I hate to brag but this man is my best friend,
He's someone who was, who is and who will be there to the very end.
I'm not ashamed of Him because he has seen my worst,
He was present when I went through my past.
And now, I walk with pride even under the rain,
because He's the the only man who can relieve me of my pain.

I, I hate to brag but that's my best friend,
My love for Him is distinct I just can't pretend.
People will leave you stranded and slap you with betrayals.
But His eyes are always on me when I'm on trials.
He was my savior as I drowned in misery,
So I can boastfully tell all that it's now my history.
See, the name I propagate restores my hope in life,
Before my evil ideas get rife.
He died in love and rose till date
His death is a case study that teaches us not to hate.

Again, I hate to brag but that's my best friend,
A friendship that I am confident and always willing to defend.
Many people think He is far beyond their reach,
The Omnipresent, He's everywhere, even at the beach.
The tears in my eyes do not symbolize pain,
It's the blessed assurance that my work will not be in vain.
Sometimes for His unconditional love I wonder,
That who would be by my side as I blunder?
Who would be the shoulder to cry on?
So many questions about who to trust and so on....
But He tells me to lean on Him as I walk through this life
Because He's the way, the truth and the life.

My people I guess I rather digressed, maybe I do like to brag,
In fact let me tell you more, when it comes to healing, He's my drug.
Pilate even saw He is flawless
That is why I'm confident to call Him the greatest.

See, His accolades cannot be contained in a poem, book or even a bag.
Beloved you are right, I really do like to brag.
About Jesus.

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