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24.12.2019 Feature Article

Another Message at Christmas: Beware of Today’s Canaanites, My Dear Black People!!

Another Message at Christmas: Beware of Today’s Canaanites, My Dear Black People!!
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Part I
A long time ago, going by the records of the English Bible, produced for mankind by Canaanites, there were only eight people in the whole Earth! These were the remnant out of an entire world population who survived, through being sheltered in an ark, a deluge of world-wide proportions which caused the whole Earth to submerge by ALA’AYM (God??), the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth!!

These eight people constituted the family of a man called Nakh (Noah) and his wife, and their three sons and their three wives. They were the only ones YA’OH deemed righteous of all the inhabitants of the Earth at the time, and thus fit to constitute a holy remnant YA’OH could use to replenish the Earth with humans after the deluge. Note that YA’OH is the true name of ALA’AYM in Ghabaray aka Ancient or Paleo Hebrew!!

All the other inhabitants of the Earth were judged to be sinners whose hitherto holy seed abiding in them had become corrupted, as by a virus, and thus had forever become of no use to YA’OH, all of whom therefore had to perish, drowning in the flood waters.

Later on, but not long after the flood waters had somewhat receded from the face of the Earth and life had returned to some state of normalcy for these eight people, one of the sons of Nakh by name Cham (Ham) committed a most grievous sin and thus proved himself unworthy of being deemed a part of the eight who YA’OH considered righteous out of all the inhabitants of the Earth at the time, or by the effect of the many days of purification from any impurity through the washings of the flood waters, aimed at making them holy and set apart for the use of YA’OH.

As a result of this sin of Cham, his seed, and thus his entire offspring, led by his first born son by name Kanaan (Canaan), was eternally cursed by YA’OH and were thus much later on to have their skin complexion turned from the normal Black color that all mankind had at creation to snow-white, the skin complexion due any man who commits a sin that attracts the chronic skin disease of leprosy into his bloodstream and bloodline—cf. Shamat (Exodus) 4:4-7 of the English Bible.

Since, naturally, humans on Earth today have all descended from Nakh through his three sons, it means that at least the one third (or so) of all humans on Earth who have descended or descend from Cham through Kanaan are, and were from the onset of their births, eternally cursed together with Kanaan, and must all be eternally separated from the Creator just as leprosy forever separates the unholy from the holy according to laws of the Thorah (the Old Testament of English Bible).

The narratives of the English Bible have it that the sin committed by Cham for which reason he and his immediate offspring, Kanaan, and all others after them had to be cursed was one of viewing the nakedness of his father Nakh while he (Nakh) was asleep in a drunken state; and that, while Cham was amused and laughed at the sight of this spectacle of his father, he also made a jest of what he saw to his two brothers by the names Sham (Shem) and Yapath (Japhet), and thus had to be cursed together with his offspring! But then, that biblical narrative could hardly be taken literally for obvious reasons.

For, who in those days was ever clothed, at all, for anyone’s open nakedness to be deemed strange to all others or be deemed a source of amusement to anyone? Also, how could anyone in those days possibly be able to procure a cloth large enough as to be stretched between the shoulders of Sham and Yapath as they walked with their backs facing their supposed drunken father to cover up his nakedness with it, particularly in days when there were no textile prints, as the bible narratives would have us simply believe?

The real and actual sin that was committed by Cham for which he and all his offspring, led by Kanaan, were eternally cursed was later revealed and taught in the chapter eighteen (18) of the bible book of Bayakra (Leviticus) wherein we learn of how any man may uncover or see his father’s nakedness to mean having a sexual intercourse or a blood union with the one’s father’s spouse!!

And this sexual intercourse, in the case of Cham, meant that he slept with his own biological mother; and through this act of incest begat him the illegitimate and unholy child, Kanaan, who, together with and all his offspring, were never to be deemed useful to YA’OH, regarded as being His own or related to Him in any way, and thus unworthy for His use in the procreation of any holy seed throughout man’s existence on the Earth!!

And so, when later on the population of man began to increase exponentially on the Earth, YA’OH had to cause a mark, as of the mark of leprosy, to come upon all the descendants of Kanaan, so all other mankind would know them as being unworthy of Him in order for all others to forever keep away from associating with them!!

It is important to reveal here and now that the first father of all mankind, Adam, had a black skin complexion and a wooly hair texture in semblance and likeness to his Creator!! First note that the name Adam is derived from the Ghabaray (ancient or paleo Hebrew) word Adamah which means soil and from this soil did Adam come!!

And since the productive or most fertile and useful part of every soil profile is the life-bearing top soil, which is typically of a dark or blackish color and thus was what Adam was composed of during Creation, it must be that the first father of all mankind must have had a black skin complexion in the image and likeness of his Maker!!

This fact of the Black skin complexion of Adam being in similitude to that of the Creator is further borne by the records of even the English Bible that was translated from Ghabaray by non-black people, who are Canaanite Caucasians, for all mankind. Note that English is the most popular surviving Canaanite language on Earth today.

It is also important to note that, in Shamat (Exodus) 4:4-7 of the English Bible, we learn that the skin complexion of Mashah (Moses) was made to change from its normal complexion to become white and leprous (and then back again to normal) in a miracle performed by YA’OH.

And since miracles normally happen between two extremes, such as deaf and hearing, blind and seeing, lame and walking, etc., this miracle involving the skin complexion of Mashah [a complexion that was also the same for all other members of the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL (Israel) as from time immemorial to date and from which house Mashah too descended] must have swung from dark or black (Mashah’s normal skin complexion) to become as white as snow, just like the color of any leprosy-infested skin, and back to normal again!!

Now, in the English Bible books of Danay-AL (Daniel) 10:5-7 and Revelation 1:13-15 we learn that the skin complexion of one same man of heavenly descent is dark or burned brass, as was revealed of his bare hands and feet beyond the long robe he was seen wearing at the two instances cited here which are known to have been separated by centuries!!

And so, therefore, the skin complexion of He who begot all mankind in His own image and likeness, and typically the same as of His first born son who is YA’OH-Shar-AL, must also be dark or black too!! See??

A deeper revelation, pointing to why not all humans on Earth today are of dark or black skin complexion, as was the case at Creation, will soon be made herein for your edification, my dear Black reader, so you may walk with a rare peace of mind on Earth!!

Furthermore in this regard, we read from the book of Danay-AL 7:9 that the hair texture of Atak Yamaym (aka Ancient of Days), and whose name is YA’OH, is wooly (and not silky)!!

And since the only race on Earth today that has a wooly hair texture is the Black race (with all other races having a silky hair texture), the Black race must be the originator of humanity as he was first made in the image and likeness of the Creator at the onset of Creation!!

Part II
When the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL first entered the land of Canaan, to take possession of it as [our] inheritance, all the Canaanites living there and even all other Canaanites living elsewhere on Earth were still of the same Black complexion as the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL since they all descended from Nakh (and Adam) and the effect of the sin of incest in the blood of all descendants of Kanaan was yet to exact its fullest toll on them so as to give them a white skin complexion. This was shown in manifestation of the incurable skin disease of leprosy which had found its way into their blood due to the sin of incest committed by Cham and which (the disease of leprosy) was to forever remain incurable and visible in their skin complexion and bloodline throughout all Ages according the wish of YA’OH.

When the Gibeonites, a unique family of the house of Kanaan, first came into contact with the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL as the latter waged [our] battles of conquest for the lands of Kanaan, the two looked identical physically since both of them were still people of color.

The Gibeonites had to tell lies to hide their identity in order to deceive the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL into signing a treaty with them, erroneously thinking they were not a part of the house of Kanaan all of whose deaths YA’OH had sanctioned and whose execution was now imminent through war!!

Centuries later, the descendants of these same Gibeonites and all others of the house of Kanaan were to evolve to become the Greeks, Romans and other Caucasians, all of whom are now of a non-Black complexion [today], and who were to constantly torment the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL and were to eventually cause our eviction out of the lands we had won through bloody wars against the house of Kanaan in earlier days of our wars of conquest for the lands of Canaan!!

Now, let us consider the product-quality of Creation. It is important to note that every product of creation is perfect and unchangeable because it bears the indelible signature of the Creator and thus displays all the absolute wisdom, power and will of YA’OH, all of which can thus never be countered by any other being or force.

Thus, all creation must forever remain in the perfect state that the Creator made for them to be, unchanging and existing in the same product quality from eternity to eternity!!

And indeed, so have all items of creation remained to be—perfect and unchanging, and for all living things, always reproducing after their own kind in their due seasons—except for human beings today who, interestingly, were created in the image and likeness of the Creator Himself, simply because they have attracted into themselves the strange inclination to commit sin or behave contrary to the will and ways of YA’OH!!

You see, there is no other power or wisdom greater than that used by YA’OH in creating the things of creation, which could possibly be able to alter or affect creation either positively or negatively!! And this is why all theories on evolution are simply bunkum!

As a result of this, all of creation has remained the same as they were on the first day of their creation, with all living things having the ability to always reproduce after their own kind. And this is so except for human beings, some of whose skin complexions have changed from the typical Black shade at creation to become as leprous as snow as a result of a particular sin that entered the bloodstream of some specific family of humans!!

You see, all the kinds of trees of the fields, birds of the air, fishes of the waters and beasts of the fields on Earth have remained the same today as on the first day of their creation simply because none of these can sin; except for those items of creation that are changed or altered because they are affected by sinful human activity in one way or the other.

Fact is, when human beings sin against the will and laws of their Creator, they attract His displeasure and draw His wrath upon themselves! The Creator then withdraws all His holy, perfect and unchanging attributes which were abiding in the sinner by taking His hand off from him. As a result, the sinner is left with no sustaining power of the Creator in him which then causes him to slide downhill in deterioration of the product quality he first had at Creation!

Mankind’s change from the original holy, pure and perfect state he was made in (in the image and likeness of his Maker) now has become obvious, what with the many people living on Earth today who have a light skin complexion which is in strong contrast from the normal dark or Black skin complexion that all mankind was made to have at Creation!!

This mystery of change in skin complexion and the reason behind it, some humans would do all in their power to keep others from ever knowing! So then, many people are propounding some weird theories like evolution in attempt to cover up this truth about changes in human skin complexion!

And this inordinate desire by some people to forever keep this secret about racial skin complexions, from others, has led to unending wars of racial discrimination and the many lies being told to cover up the truth as to which race ought to be deemed superior (in terms of holiness and likeness to the image of the Creator and who came to Earth first) to any other in our world today!!

The house of Kanaan or the Caucasian race of today is the largest Gay (Ghabaray) or Goy (Modern Hebrew) aka Gentile race that best knows the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL because of their long contact with each other since the days the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL first entered the land of Canaan to take possession of it as our inheritance.

This race of Gaym (pl. of Gay or Goiim the pl. for Goy or Gentiles) are the only people on Earth who, since the day YA’OH-Shar-AL first came into contact with them in Canaan, had always been able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the holy house of YA’OH-Shar-AL in all aspects of their spiritual, social, economic and military activities.

What the house of Kanaan has known in these regards was that, anytime the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL lived according to the dictates or holy lifestyle based on the Thorah of our ALA’AYM, the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL was always successful and prosperous in all of our socio-economic activities and also victorious in all our military campaigns against our enemies.

And so, these Gay people of the house of Kanaan learned from their long association with the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL that anytime our ancestors slipped out of the Thorah to dabble in their kind of idolatry with them, or engage with them in their sensual feasts that often involved lewd sexual behaviors, feasted with them over unclean foods whose consumption are forbidden by the Thorah, etc., our ancestors became very vulnerable and were often easily defeated in battle!

Therefore, these Gay people of the house of Kanaan have from time immemorial always strategized and planned to entice the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL by luring us to participate in their feasts and idol worship just in order to weaken us for slaughter in wars or military campaigns, with the aim of wiping us from the face of the Earth in opposition to the commands of YA’OH to, instead, wipe them (Canaanite Gaym) from the Earth.

The victories the house of Kanaan won over the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL during the days of our occupation of our inheritance of Kanaan, were because the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL failed to heed to the command of YA’OH that we must never have any associations or treaties with the house of Kanaan; but that we were to kill them all.

Those of the house of Kanaan who survived in their wars with YA’OH-Shar-AL fled but were later to regroup and multiply to become the Greeks, Romans and others of old who were much later on to be a thorn in the flesh of YA’OH-Shar-AL.

As is known in history, these were to eventually cause the expulsion of the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL out of the holy land in the year 70CE, of whatever remained of the returnees of the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL who had come home from the Babylonian captivities and were then living principally in the lands of YA’OH-Dah (Judah) of YA’OH-Shar-AL!

You see, the usual escape route for the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL out of the holy land as they fled from their enemies had from time immemorial always been toward the Nile valley.

And so, the 70CE expulsion of the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL out of the promised land by the Romans saw them trekking to the Nile valley, where they lived until much later when they started to disperse from there into the heart of Africa and into West Africa, where they unconsciously prepared themselves to be rightly positioned for their transportation as slaves to the sugar cane plantations of then New World of today’s USA, all of which was in fulfillment of the prophecy of Mashah (Moses) in Dabarym (Deuteronomy) 28:1-68.

Part III
As might have been already learned from the details of this article, the claims by Ashkenazi, Sephardim and other Jews living in Europe and elsewhere that they are members of the house of Ab-Ram (Abraham) must be a laughable joke for very obvious reasons!

For, no members of the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL who had to flee the Holy Land from persecution by Romans in 70CE would have foolishly chosen to run into the jaws of their enemy by heading North West or North into enemy territory for any escapees from among them to ever be found living there in enemy territory, who would later be known as Ashkenazi (a transformed kind of the Nazis of Germany?) and Sephardim Jews of Spain speaking languages completely unrelated to Ghabaray.

It must thus be clear also that the reported holocaust involving over six million Jews during WWII in Germany under Hitler rule did not involve any true Ghabaraym or Hebrews of the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL for the obvious reasons that can be deduced from the proceedings of this article.

And again, can anyone imagine that as many as over six million members of the holy house of YA’OH-Shar-AL would be murdered in a so-called holocaust by Gay people, as many wrongly claim to have happened, without this incident ever being foretold even one single time in the Tanakh to form as a warning from YA’OH to these people, in much the same way that they were warned about the coming of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade centuries before it happened in as a punishment to them?

Furthermore in these regards, the ship and plane loads of Caucasian Jews who were delivered to present day Israel in 1948 under a UN mandate did not include a single descendant of Ab-Ram, here again, for obvious reasons from details of this article, since Caucasian Jews are not people of color as is the entire house of YA’OH-Shar-AL.

The transportation and settlement of Caucasian Jews in present day Israel by their fellow Caucasians, was simply dust being thrown into the eyes of mankind in trying to trick the world into believing that the Caucasian Jew was, after all, not of the house of Kanaan, but of the holy and blessed house of Ab-Ram or YA’OH-Shar-AL. Like seriously?

It must be stated emphatically that no Jew who has ever lived on Earth was ever a descendant of Ab-Ram.

You see, all known Jews are without doubt Caucasians and their religion is known as Judaism. Now, Judaism is a man-made religion—an imitation of HaDarakh (The Way) which is the holy lifestyle of true Ghabaraym (Hebrews), all of whom (Ghabaraym) like Mashah are evidently of Black complexion.

In fact, every Caucasian Jew knows in his heart of hearts that he is not a true and genuine descendant of the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL despite his ancestors faking it for him that he is!! Every Jew also knows that the true descendants of Ab-Ram are today sheltered and living mainly in Africa as the remnant of their kinsmen who were taken as slaves in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade to the Americas.

This remnant is foretold to someday journey in similitude to the biblical Exodus that was once undertaken by our ancestors, under the leadership of Mashah centuries ago, to retake the same lands being now occupied by a new breed of Canaanites (European Jews), whose ancestors once occupied these same lands but had to be driven out under the leadership of YA’OH-Shai (Joshua) of the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL.

Sadly, many of this remnant of the house of Y’OH-Shar-AL who survived being captured and sold as slaves to white people in the infamous Trans-Atlantic slave trade are today so steeped in idol worship, which they learned from the heathen Canaanite people and others they came into contact with during their many centuries of trekking over heathen territories, to the extent that nobody without wisdom and revelation knowledge from He who Alone is holy and truly owns them can recognize and point them out to anyone as being indeed of the holy house of YA’OH-Shar-AL that was in the beginning chosen by YA’OH to be His own!!

You see, Christianity is a polished form of idolatry crafted by Canaanites to deceive mankind, as their last strategized establishment, as their calculated onslaught against the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL, towards its complete collapse and destruction.

In fact, the main agenda of Canaanite Christianity is to suck and assimilate the entire house of YA’OH-Shar-AL into the house of Kanaan so that both of them may become one and of the same cursed destiny that YA’OH eternally made the house of Kanaan to forever be under!

This plan of the eternally cursed house of Kanaan is evident from my immediate past article of this column, and many others of the same column too, where Christianity has been proven to be a man-made religion fabricated by idol worshipping Canaanites to be used as both a tool and weapon of oppression against their enemies; typically the non-Caucasian Black peoples!!

So then, Christianity is pure Canaanite idolatry which, if imbibed by anyone, even if a non-Canaanite Caucasian, draws the one into the same spiritual mold of Canaanite idolatry and nature, causing the one to then be forever cursed together with Canaanites, in equal and same measure or way!

You see, since the name JESUS CHRIST of Christianity is of the English language and not of Ghabaray or the Lashawan Qadash (Tongue Holy), this JESUS CHRIST thus becomes a man-made spiritual being and thus an idol (and this is the reason why all statutes and pictures of JESUS CHRIST are often presented as a Caucasian Jew) who they place at the center of this English-made religion called Christianity!!

As is obviously known, all the Canaanites of today are the descendants of the Sidonians, Hethites, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgasites, Hivites, Arkites, Sinites, Arvadites, etc. of the past; cf.— Barashayth (Genesis) 10:15-18—all of whom from time immemorial only knew how to worship idols!!

These same Canaanites were the people who YA’OH instructed the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL to completely annihilate anytime the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL entered the Promised Land. Sadly, some of these were allowed to flee to safety while others too tricked the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL into allowing them to live just as the Gibeonites succeeded to do!

All of these Canaanites who survived the wars waged against them by the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL were later on to regroup together and grow in numbers and strength to become a monster that was able to overpower the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL and chase us out of our own inheritance, the Promised Land.

The house of YA’OH-Shar-AL therefore had to flee our oppressors and, over centuries, was to be found living as far away as the West African country of Ghana and others, where these Canaanites were to later on pursue us to and buy millions of us from our own fellow kinsmen of the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL to become slaves whom these Caucasian Canaanites took across the Atlantic Ocean to work in the sugar cane plantations of the so-called New World.

It is worthy of mention that the first ship that was owned and captained by Caucasian Canaanites sailed to Ghana from Europe under the flag MV JESUS to take slaves to the sugar cane plantations of then New World!

You see, Christianity is a man-made religion fabricated by British Canaanites which is aimed at giving a semblance of comfort of salvation to the fabricators themselves and all the other inhabitants of the Earth, to include even those who, like themselves (Canaanites), also belong to the forever cursed house of Kanaan, who according to the wish and plans of YA’OH were meant to be totally annihilated by the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL when we first entered the lands of Canaan and never to be allowed to grow in numbers as to be seen swarming the Earth today or ever worthy of His salvation.

Part IV
As has already been said in this article, Christianity was fabricated by deceivers in order to give a kind of false hope, consolation and a delusion of salvation to both the simple-minded people of the house of Kanaan, all of whom are even forever cursed in the first place and thus are eternally separated from the blessings of the Creator, and also to trick the houses of Yapath and even YA’OH-Shar-AL, who YA’OH permits can live together under the laws of the Thorah, into expressing faith in this fabrication (Christianity) in order to get them out of the right way, which is HaDarakh in Ghabaray, which only these two houses were eligible to thread on to salvation, to now move onto the false one known as Christianity!!

But then, Canaanite Christianity was purposely calculated and targeted at the entire Black race but with the house of Ab-Ram, which is a part of the Black race, being the main target, toward assimilating it into the totality of what defines Canaanite lifestyle and culture! Christianity is aimed at neutralizing the natural uniqueness and culture quality of the entire Black race but particularly the house of Ab-Ram.

This was done because of Canaanite jealousy for the Black house of Ab-Ram for being the chosen house of YA’OH whilst the entire house of Kanaan are a people who have been cursed by YA’OH, forever; much to the perpetual annoyance and hatred by the house of Kanaan who boil with anger and rage against the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL, from generation to generation, simply because the house of Kanaan is eternally separated from the blessings of YA’OH.

Christianity is a powerful tool for cultural indoctrination of Black people; a tool which can turn even the Black people of the house of Ab-Ram into English-speaking, suit-wearing, skin-toning, lipstick-wearing and hair-perming people, of funny looks and appearances, unlike our (their) Maker has made us (them) to be, to now look more like these same Caucasian Canaanites who have descended from eternally cursed house of Kanaan!

Not to talk about Christian marriages between Caucasians and Black people of even the house of Ab-Ram which are always contracted contrary to the laws of the Thorah and thus always lead to children born in such marriages who are never of the Black complexion that YA’OH had determined at the time of Creation for all mankind to be!!

In a few days from now, the most popular Canaanite feast will be on! The whole world is invited to the biggest sensual Canaanite feasts that is to be celebrated world-wide! It is called Christmas and is said to be the birthday celebration of the JESUS CHRIST of Christianity who Christians have been deceived to believe is the son of the Creator, YA’OH, and one who saves them from the power, dominion and consequences of sin!

However, because it is proven in this article that this JESUS CHRIST of Christianity is an idol, it is now obvious that all the songs or Christmas Carols that are sung world-wide to herald Christmas, and the funny acts of comedy and charity by a Scandinavian-looking bearded old man of the English name Father Christmas, are all aimed at enticing people into celebrating a feast which is in honor of idol JESUS CHRIST!!

During the celebration of Christmas, the sensuality and base nature of the Canaanites as they relate to the sin of incest committed by their ancestor Kanaan is an open display in base sexual activity, sodomy, drunkenness, gluttony over unclean foods such as pork, a galore bof contracting illegitimate inter racial marriages, etc., become the norm, contrary to what the Thorah teaches as HaDarakh (The Way) to YA’OH and His acceptable way of life.

And so, when next time you enter the vanity fair of the world purposely to buy its inviting foods or drinks to celebrate this Canaanite feast of Christmas with your family and friends in your home, accept that you do so to support the business of Canaanite idol worshipers and in honor of their chief idol, JESUS CHRIST!!

Whenever you buy and install a so-called Christmas Tree in your home, know that you make an open invitation to the most popular and strongest of all Canaanite idols to stay with you and that you declare your loyalty to idol JESUS CHRIST.

And so, since everything associated with Christmas, Christianity and JESUS CHRIST are all about a type of idol worship of the house of Kanaan who are forever cursed by YA’OH, please don’t get yourself cursed with them by joining in this feast.

It would be more pleasing to the One who created you in His image and likeness, my dear Black people, if you spent the day fixed for the pagan feast of Christmas as any ordinary day than as a feast, unwittingly, in the company of devils in honor of a Canaanite idol JESUS CHRIST.

In all of this, it seems to me that the cursed house of Kanaan is forever determined to disrupt the course of the Earth that the Creator has made to be by their lies and deception about who they say they are and even by their false records of historical events; and so, the house of YA’OH-Shar-AL who are at any time have a holy remnant who are the custodians of the holy truths of YA’OH must rise up to disrupt the mad rush of the house of Kanaan toward establishing their distorted so-called New World Order on the beautiful Earth YA’OH has made to be and remain so from eternity to eternity.

I pray that all readers of this article may be blessed throughout the coming year 2020! So then, until I come your way with another article in this column I wish you the peace of YA’OH: Shalawam.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Tabal-YA'OH Ban Ab-YA'OH, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBaYTh YA'OH-Shar-AL (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is: [email protected]