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18.12.2019 Feature Article

Dying Citizens Awaiting Even Distribution Of Ambulances

Dying Citizens Awaiting Even Distribution Of Ambulances
LISTEN DEC 18, 2019

What is happening to President Akufo-Addo? Is the President under a spell or what? Your citizens are dying out of avoidable deaths. I am talking about the ambulances packed awaiting the usual ceremony of commissioning for cheap political gains. Come on, we got to be serious as a country.

In this day and age, our politicians seem not to be in touch with the urgent needs of the citizenry. They think we are still in the early 1800's. While countries like Rwanda and co and thinking forward, we are here thinking backward. Ghanaians are now more enlightened and awake than these greedy and self-seeking politicians might think. No wonder some current appointees travel abroad to deliver. The poor woman is left to die going through a similar delivery process.

Is it that there is no data available that shows where ambulances are needed the most in order to send these packed ambulances for live-saving purpose.

Let’s put politics aside and put our thinking cap on. The casualties out of these avoidable deaths could be you and it could be me or even a relation.

Mr. President, I desire you forget about what people would say about favoritism in the distribution of these ambulances. Follow your conscience and have the current ambulances distributed to areas that need them the most whiles we await the next batch for another distribution in order to salvage some of these avoidable deaths.

I shall return.

Isaac Batowiise Bening
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