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10.12.2019 Feature Article

Buhari Why?

Buhari Why?
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Sowore is not a terrorist, did not call for the breakup of the Country or threatened its existence as a religious or coup planner. He is not a money launderer, looters of Nigeria resources, 419 or ritualist. Sowore only demanded Change like Buhari. Unlike Buhari, Sowore did not plan a coup d’état against the only civilian government of Shehu Shagari. The reason the Country voted for Buhari was his instinctual distaste for corruption not for his history abuse of the rule of law.

This revolution is against status quo, against politicians looting their Country outrageously with entitlement, revolution against individuals laundering trillion out of the country in disguise for attracting foreign investments and providing jobs while in fact they have left the country in abject poverty never seen in Nigeria making us the Poverty Capital of the world. If that does not deserve Change or Revolution Buhari campaigned against, nothing does. No change after 4 yrs.

When DSS or Department of State Security invaded the National Assembly, intrusion around 7am and within 12 hours, Lawal Daura had been subsequently fired. The credit must go to Buhari. Regardless of whoever was acting).

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Instead of executing the same action for invading the precinct of the Court this time, the Presidency is hiding behind Ms. Onochie and Shehu Garba. Buhari Why?

What a shame and a message of encouragement against the rule of law that can be repeated with impunity. Who is against the revolution against abject Poverty in the land? Department of State Services, behaved like thugs of law enforcement officers when they invaded the Court of Law with so much fear that the Judge had to run for cover with the help of Court security. The Court later called their Counsel and the head of DSS into the Chamber to explain their barbaric act in Court in a so-called Democratic Government. Buhari the changed Democrat, Why?

As the video exposed us to the rest of the world. Buhari and Nigeria became a banana republic. We are not only the capital of abject poverty; we are now a fourth world country where lives and property are not safe. If this is not debilitating enough, we have no sanctuary in the Court of Law where even the Judge had to take cover. Only some subhuman that belong in the caves would be glorified what the whole world has seen. Buhari Why?

Sowore status has been raised beyond that of prisoner of conscience. It is how they bestowed Nnamdi Kanu international status. Even in Nigeria, certain groups are the conscience of the majority. They have and will always be the conscience of most citizens. They have risen up as average Nigerians are scared to speak out. Unfortunately, there are instances they have paid dearly: in detention and sometimes with their lives.

Recently, Police in Effurun on “trump up charges”, forced the arrest of Mr. Ademi-Akpeto Chairman of Sapele branch of NBA , they invaded precinct of the High Court. As far as we know, Sowore has not been charged for looting, laundering or religious riot. He has been declared a prisoner of conscience for protest against poverty. If Buhari could not have or did not condemn the recent derision of legally constituted judicial authority, what behavior would he condemn?

No matter how you feel about Sowore, your political opinion, religion or the ethnic group you belong, certain behavior and characters are repulsive to the civilized communities. We still remember how Nuhu Ribadu almost lost his life under Yar'Adua, how El- Rufai became a refugee without his passport and how the oligarchy almost impose a dead President on us. These are atrocious crimes against the People that spur millions of Nigerians to demand Change that brought Buhari to power. After four years, outrageous politicians’ salary has not changed.

Sowore is not calling for a revolution different from Buhari Change. As much as the final responsibility lies on the head of the President. Some of us would like to put the irrational and crude behavior below the level of the President. Therefore, Buhari must not only come out and condemn this monstrous exuberance; he must publicly punish those involved, especially the one giving the order to shoot if that was true.

What the lawyers, the accused defendants, and their relatives witnessed in the Court of Law where the people are innocent until proven guilty is nothing short of desecrations of Life and Liberty. The worst Dictator Nigeria ever had, Abacha did not send anyone out to desecrate the Court this way, his barbaric act only assassinated people cold. Indeed, it was during the time of Abacha that the elder Statesman, Chief Adekunle Ajasin was harassed to death in his old age.

Buhari and Idiagbon never desecrate the Court of Law this way. If Abacha never went this low, and Buhari/Idiagbon never did, who in the Government of Buhari the Democrat would have sent these thugs? After all, Buhari was the head of the only military junta that sacked a civilian Government of Shehu Shagari (1979-1983). He locked up Chief Adekunle Ajasin, Alex Ekwueme and other civilians. While Shagari was under house arrest, others were in prison.

However, the only one cleared by the Military Tribunal twice, once in Lagos and then in Ibadan: was Chief Adekule Ajasin in his old age. Though pronounced clean twice as a whistle, Buhari refused to release him. Buhari’s reason later, was that he remembered only two clean Nigerians; Biliyamu Usman from Jigawa State and Adamu Ciroma but forgot Chief Ajasin! The same Adamu Ciroma, champion of a gang that proclaimed if Jonathan won, Nigeria would be ungovernable!

Nobody locked up Adamu Ciroma, the facilitator of Boko Haram. However, the irony of jailing Fela Anikulapo Kuti for flimsy foreign exchange violation, forex allowed for members of his whole crew in the band that was piled on him, is not lost on us. This is in view of the fact that the Buhari family today enjoy what his regime had jailed others for.

This reckless disregard for orders from the Court of Law keep on repeating itself from Dansuki, Sheikh Ibrahim el-Zakzaky, head of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria to Sowore. If you disagree with the order of a court, there are a legal processes of appeals unless you are afraid of losing at the highest Court based on frivolous, arbitrary and capricious detentions.

Buhari, at your age you should be thinking about the legacy to leave your children, grandkids and importantly Nigeria. While the Department of State Security has gone rogue many times in the name of fighting for you, they risk putting you and your family in jeopardy. Senator Menendez of the United States and European diplomats may deny you visas needed for treatment, your kids need for foreign school and your wife needs to escape since she knows life is not safe in Nigeria.

But for the protest and agitation of Nigerian activists, the dead body of Yar'Adua could have been reelected as President. Before Shehu Garba defended DSS action in Court, Onochie came out to paint an inverted picture of macabre dance. She once told us that Sowore set himself on fire and she now gave a satirical side of the forceful arrest in court. Claiming it was a drama by Sowore supporters like those of Dino Malaye.

One thing that Nigeria can rival the most Democratic country in the world and stand shoulder to shoulder with, is a vigorous Press. IBB and Buhari as Military Presidents knew it and it cannot be lost on Buhari the Democrat. Those old enough knew when the printing Press was chased from one house to another. They still printed news. There are more than a million activists that have not shown up. For every Sowore that is incarcerated or killed, millions will rise up!

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