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What At All Is The Position Of The Untruthful Akufo - Addo Gov’t On CSE?

What At All Is The Position Of The Untruthful Akufo - Addo Gov’t On CSE?
LISTEN OCT 15, 2019

As Ghanaians are expecting a demonstration of candour over the matter of Comprehensive Sexuality Education [CSE], President Nana Akufo Addo has thrown in two new explanations. In one breadth said: "I 'll never allow CSE to be introduced under my watch," in another breadth at the same program, said his advice was that CSE must be implemented within acceptable Ghanaian values and norms.

Education Minister, Mathew Opoku Prempeh on Saturday at the National Teachers’ Award repeated one of his usual lines that the Akufo Addo cabinet has not approved of the CSE as part of the curriculum to be taught in basic schools.

On hearing all of the contradictory talks, I asked myself, what at all is the position of the government on CSE?

When this matter broke, government’s first reaction was that it wasn’t true and that people were making up the CSE claim as being part of the curriculum.

When evidence of the CSE guidelines and documentation on training programs organized for teachers were produced, the government’s line of defence transmogrified into CSE not being approved by the National Council on Curriculum and Assessment [NaCCA] and that it is only a draft.

The most lame and comical explanation that I heard from the Minister was that NDC started the CSE, indirectly telling us that the CSE whose existence they themselves are denying is part of the curriculum. Seen the inept, clueless NPP’s confusion?

Meanwhile at the time the Education Minister and his acolytes were engaging in all manner of gymnastics to defend the matter, the Ghana Education Service had been arguing that the subject content of the CSE would be age-appropriate to enable say pre-schoolers to be empowered with values that would protect them from sexual harassment.

In the midst of the unimaginable confusion, I again ask what at all is the position of the untruthful Akufo Addo government on the CSE matter?

Here is a Ghana Education Service [GES] document that bears Ghana’s Coat of Arm as well as UNFPA and other partners insignia and with all intent and purposes ready to unleash on Ghana’s innocent children.

Now, the very CSE that Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh is denying today, he himself informed the public in February 2019, about it at the launch of “Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future (O3)” Programme which is to enhance CSE that had started last year and that government was going to roll it out as part of the curriculum, beginning this September.

“…the subject of Sexuality Education has become a very important matter, particularly for the youth in our societies. Indeed, the changing societal contest characterised by the free flow of information, media pluralism, the social media have necessitated the need for education systems to provide accurate information on Sexuality Education.”

“We in Ghana, have a guideline that I have shared with you, that we see it as imperative if this nation should develop that Sexuality Education should be part of the Curricular that we will launch this year in September all the way from Kindergarten to Senior High School. Let me congratulate UNESCO and partners for the timely nature of this high-level dialogue among Ministers of the four regions – Eastern Southern Africa, Western and Central Africa to shape the discourse on the implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Africa,” Mathew Opoku Prempeh stated at the launch of the O3 program.

After saying all these including the resolve to start CSE in September this year, the Education Minister met the Catholic Bishops Conference and told them something else.

According to the President of the Bishops Conference, Most Rev. Philip Naameh, the Minister of Education had met them and indicated that the CSE was an agenda of some West, assuring them that he [Minister) and the government were not prepared to entertain it.

“When the Minister of Education called heads of churches to a meeting, he himself said it was an agenda of some western NGOs who through this want to introduce all kinds of things to Ghana. But he and the government are not ready for that.” the Bishop stated.

That is the Education Minister, Mathew Opoku Prempeh who months ago launched the UNESCO and UNFPA O3 Program as part of CSE enhancement and thanked them [UNESCO, UNFPA etc] for its introduction, promising an introduction in our educational curriculum.

Should we not be worried that those we put our trust in as leaders are the ones betraying us this way? I have a funny feeling some of our leaders today, particularly the men are ‘wearing pampers’ and so appear to be part of those foisting this satanic stuff on us after taking the $22 million from Sweden for the implementation in Ghana and elsewhere.

“Ghana, yea ye morbor do do, ye ti sika so enso ekom di yen” so says Akufo Addo in 2016 but today he is the President and we have been sold for a paltry $20 million for a USA military base and another paltry $22million for LGBT stuff.

Because the Akufo Addo government is complicit in this CSE matter and cannot be trusted, I fully support Most Reverend Naameh on the point that the Catholic Bishop Conference will fight and that “we want to call on people in high positions and parents to reject it outright because this is not for us. It is a subtle way to introduce this gay and lesbian thing to our children.”

Crazy bald heads…
Writer: Koku Mawuli Nanegbe

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