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11.10.2019 Feature Article

Sex for Grade: Leave Professor Gyampo Alone

Sex for Grade: Leave Professor Gyampo Alone
LISTEN OCT 11, 2019

A couple of days ago, Ransford Gyampoh, an associate professor of political science at Ghana's premier university and his colleague willy-nilly, had to grapple with emotional and psychological dysregulation ostensibly emanating from malevolent BBC undercover investigative work. Every perspicacious social pundit knows with perfect certainty that a disturbing, sinister issue includes media practitioners and religious leaders condescendingly dictating to the masses. Media houses are not the court, and thus making it premature for the University of Ghana authorities to hurriedly interdict professor Gyampo and his colleague without recourse to what constitutes sexual harassment and consensual sexual advances. One will absolutely look at the University of Ghana (UG) authorities and ponder over the poetic justice of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ebenezer Oduro-Owusu interdicting himself because the CEO of Africa Integras, Andrea Pizziconi is putting him on the same boat with Professor Ransford Gyampoh and Co! It is excessively unethical for the UG top echelon to suspend the beleaguered lecturers on a mere media allegation.

Adebowale Babatunde Ojowuro is a prolific Nigerian writer who opines that "The terrible error in the course of human civilization is undoubtedly the defective judgment that allowed religious authorities usurp the foundation of societal morality, in which all collective ethics of humankind must take a cause. This appalling blunder is comparable only to assigning the exclusive leper franchise to run beauty clinics in the society; this can only lead to cycles upon cycles of common infection syndrome." Elementary school and the high school teachers are regarded as "inlocoperantis" connoting parent substitutes. University lecturers are dealing with adults, and the UG authorities must be careful not to restrict the sexual choices of their female students. There is nothing wrong with a 24-year-old university student dating a 35-year-old lecturer. It is crazy feminism! The UG authorities have the herculean task of establishing the correlation between the lecturer's sexual advances and the intent to fail or pass female students. It is maximally essential to look at the thoroughgoing issue of media dictatorship critically. University ladies are adults and have choices to date or marry any man of their favorites, including their lecturers, provided it does not put them in the conflict of interest situations. Stop hiding behind feminism to indict people's reputation. The needless code of ethics will not reform characters; they only repress them. Undergraduate assessment is never devoid of human influence; highly subjective. This partly explains why some countries consider Graduate Record Examination or Graduate Management Test scores for Graduate school admission. "Love goes by haps; Some Cupid [Cupid is a messenger of god of love; Aphrodite, in ancient Greece] kills with arrows, some with traps (William Shakespeare)." Leave Professor Ransford Gyampo alone!

By Nana Yaw Osei, Minnesota, USA. [email protected]

Nana Yaw Osei
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