Personal Branding in Ghana - It's your turn!

Feature Article Personal Branding in Ghana - It's your turn!
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Personal Branding in Ghana
It's quite easier now talk about personal branding than it used to be about 7 years ago. Today, several individuals known and unknown have risen to the iconic stage of personal branding. Putting their name and influence into profitable and impactful ventures. Graduates, CEOs, and celebrities alike are paying more critical attention to their personalities, lifestyles, and brands.

Many have embraced the importance of building their brands as an asset to leverage. Guarding their reputations not to be marred by media and unscrupulous folks. This is the catch, about 8 years ago, I began teaching and speaking on the subjects of personal branding in Ghana, it was not a popular theme to discuss and only a few bought into the idea.

Well, the following year, I wrote my first book on branding titled "The Art of Personal Branding" - that walks readers practically through the process of building their brands with an emphasis on the digital landscape (social media, blogging).

Then, there were less than 200 books on Amazon globally on personal branding. With a community and help of online networks, the book became a best seller. Here's the lesson, people didn't care about who wrote the book, they were searching for content, answers to questions on their minds and solutions. Boom! My book had the answers to their needs. The timing was right!

In the same year, we organized the very first Personal Branding Summit in Ghana, now called 'Rebrand Summit'. That was the beginning of the personal branding movement Several brands, businesses, and personal brands have been birthed through the annual summit and Masterclasses.

Now it's your turn, whatever dreams and desires you have today, begin now! You have no idea the many goods it will generate and the number of people whose dreams and destinies hinges on yours. Don't let those dreams die! Take the courage of the moment and beat the path through the dark to hit your goldmine. You have what it takes.

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