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05.07.2019 Article

JymWrites: If The Chamber Is Small, Run Double Track

By Joseph Yaw Mawunyo
JymWrites: If The Chamber Is Small, Run Double Track

As I have said before, politics is not about who decides or even about making decisions. It is more about the impact of the decisions we make, it is also not about knowing what the policies are but what they intend to achieve. The policies are also concern about making things happen or not to happen, they are actions designed to maintain and promote the affairs of a state.

Our politician ones again have insulted us, treating us as if we wash our faces upwards. We pay them more than they ever deserve and in return they sit in the comforts we provide for them to seek more comfort for themselves. They run public offices as if they inherited them from their fathers; a generational inheritance.

Recently, as we all know already, our government went to bed, woke up and decided to build a ₵72 million chamber for themselves in the reality that our roads, schools and hospitals are in bad shape. The double track system they introduced due to lack of facilities, they lack of investment in science, technology, innovation and agriculture.

There are a lot of uncompleted government projects around and they comfortably looked above all the money wasting away and decided to build more comfort for themselves. Since last year, the Citi Breakfast Show team has been following on abandoned hospital infrastructures in the country and over $1 billion dollars of the tax payers’ money pumped into these various facilities by the government is facing politicians who seek first, their own interest.

So in the face of all the problems our country is facing they think wasting money on building a new edifice for our underperformed members of parliament is a step in the right direction. This is just the result of the fact that our government has no vision or plan; they are just living by the day hoping things work out.

How can they even justify holding their own self-interest as the standard for decision making, having no regards for the ordeal the citizens who elected them into the comforts they are abusing are going through. Can we even call them leaders when their actions do not inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more?

When government decided to make high school education free with proper prior planning, known to me as a politically inclined move, they introduced the track system to accommodate they increase in number. So I say, if they think the current chamber cannot accommodate them, if they are not comfortable with the space they have, then they can also introduce the double track system. I believe they are patriotic enough to bear with the country and endure the track system until we vote them all out of parliament and vote in those who can use the facilities and make the life of Ghanaians better.

We can’t take this anymore, they can’t be using the little that we have to buy comfort and watch the country waste away. They are not better than us, the citizens in any way. Their families whom we the tax payer sponsors to live the extravagant life are not better than any Ghanaian, we can’t be doing the sacrifices alone.

So our dear members of parliament, we are waiting for the double track timetable. Do this for the country you sworn to serve, do it for mother Ghana.

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