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23.05.2019 Opinion

Prophets In Ghana And Africa As A Whole, Depict The Epitomy Of Ignorance!

By Rev. Yaw Obeng-Aduasare, M. Div. || Theologian, Mathematician
Prophets In Ghana And Africa As A Whole, Depict The Epitomy Of Ignorance!

There is a unique word in the Bible which is constantly haunting the psyche of conservative Christian Theologians, Pastors, Scholars and the larger conservative Christian community as it prevails in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

The proponents of Conservative Christian dogma have tried throughout the centuries of Christendom to conceal the authentic meaning of the African word which appears in the bible sixty-six (66) times, but the more they try their concealment the more they become naked. The Unique African Word is the most Potent in the Bible. The Jews leave the word alone as it is in the Tora, the Old Testament, thus they understand the meaning of the word, Amen.

Africans have used the Sacred Word from time immemorial and current generation are subconsciously using the word in their religious rituals and everyday activities throughout Africa without the slightest idea of the authentic meaning of the word. The African word, 'The Amen' written in the ancient Bantu ideograms, (hieroglyphics) and transliterated in Hebrew alphabets as אמן form and in Greek characters as, Αμήν is a personal noun form and it should never be translated as, 'let it be' or 'truly or verily' as Christian Translators have rendered the Gospel of Jesus Christ meaningless to suit the meaningless line segment theology.

One should bear in mind that the word is not Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic origin. In the New Testament, they have mischievously translated the Greek text into English as ' truly, verily or let be' to conceal the authentic message of Jesus Christ. (John 10:1)

It must be borne in mind that the authentic meaning of the word, Amen and pyramids in Sudan and Egypt were in existence over ten thousand years before Abraham of the Bible set his foot on the land of Egypt, Africa. Anyone can check the presence of Abraham in Africa in Genesis 12:10-20. However, the Bible is quiet on how many years he spent in Africa due to the prolonged famine in Cannan.

In Numbers Chapter 5, Moses the student of African Mystery School System (Acts 7:22) instructed his Priests on how to invoke a curse on anyone who goes astray from the ethics and norms of his tribe. The Priest was instructed to perform some rituals and after that, the suspect is ordered to say the word, Amen two times and if the suspect is found guilty by The Amen the individual becomes sick immediately.

The word, Amen also appears in the book of the Prophet Isaiah in the Hebrew text, Isaiah 65:16 and in Revised Standard Version and it should read: " So that he who blesses himself/herself in the land shall bless himself in the name of Amen, and he who takes an oath in the land shall swear by the name of Amen; because the former troubles are forgotten and are hidden from his eyes". Unfortunately, the word Amen is translated here into English as 'the God of truth' to render the text obscure to appease their dogmatic theology.

Conservative Christianity has mischievously misinterpreted the Bible to Africans to control our psyche and persona at our own spiritual and economic detriment. How can an African dare think that he needs to drive in a Bentley or a Range Rover to feel the notion of achievement in life while we are not able to grow our own food to feed ourselves? Yes, we are spiritually bankrupt and soul-extinct homo sapiens.

My fellow Africans, it is about time to study and interpret the original Biblical text ourselves. The blame game has come to the end. In Revelation Chapter 3: 14 the real meaning of the Potentate Amen is authenticated. He is the Faithful and the Truthful Eye Witness to the Creation of the Cosmos, the Universe who happens to be the God of Africa, hence from today wherever you mention the Amen you are invoking the Potentate Powers of the Cosmic Energy and miracles shall happen in your life whenever his name is mentioned. Jesus Christ himself was constantly invoking the Powers of AMEN throughout the Gospels. You have now been empowered by the Potentate Powers of the Universe, Amen, Amen, and Amen.

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