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28.04.2019 Feature Article

My God

My God
LISTEN APR 28, 2019

Do you know Him?

He is the only one of whom

There are no means of measure to define His majesty

He is the basic philosophy of history theology

Well, I wonder if you know Him

He is the principal idea in art

He exceeds others in outstanding excellence

That is why He remains the entrance to deliverance

Well, I have to tell you this,

That He never fail His promises

He is the fountainhead of holiness

And the doorway to greatness

No wonder He is indescribable

I wish I could describe Him to you

You can choose to resist Him but He is irresistible

He always has been good and will always be good

His throne is matchless

He makes every power powerless

His goodness is limitless

Pilate even saw He is flawless

The grave couldn’t contain Him

Satan couldn’t conquer Him

The then kings couldn’t understand Him

Let alone some man can explain Him

The Man I’m talking about is able to heal the sick

That’s why the broken hearted gets to Him and stick

I call Him the prince of princes and King of kings

And the headman of the overcomers.


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McDaniel Nana Kwame
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