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23.04.2019 Letter

A letter to the president; let's subtitute our shrines for justice.

By Haruna Sumaila Abugri
A letter to the president; let's subtitute our shrines for justice.

Your Excellency, Mr President, I hope this opinion and request penetrates the hard block walls of the Jubilee house on to your table.

Dear sir, I write with trembling hands. I have held my pen up for far too long but as the saying goes: no matter how long the journey is, there must be a first step.

Your Excellency; Ghana is undoubtedly and unquestionably, crystally clear to the innocent zygote of gaining international bad image and if not checked well, an indelible "gold trade" mark in corruption.

Think of any state institution or organization, and one thing will come to mind, corruption.

It's gradually becoming a norm to engage in corruption. The nation's "watchmen" are now "thief-men".

It's replacing the hard and worth worded national anthem. Gaining an undefeatable solid ground in the country. Infact, an individual ego in this country is measured by how fast he or she is when it comes to corruption.

Ghana is moving from self contribution to self corruption.

Our so-called anti- craft institutions have failed us. They now drink, bath, wash, promote and polish corruption.

The Economic and Organize Crime Office (EOCO) , the long soiled Notorious Criminal Investigations Department in particular of the infested Ghana Police Service is rotten beyond repair. Not even the world most celebrated beautician can help make a change. I prefer calling them GHANA POLUTE SERVICE instead of GHANA POLICE SERVICE.

Corruption has taken over the DNA of the profession. Am told that the black colour is associated with evil, I think it's time the state change the uniform of police officers just as it has been done with the basic school uniform. Hmmmm. Hahahaa at a point, it was proposed that the uniform should be poket free. Shame!

The least talk about them, the better. They are use to taking bribes just us the dark is use to swimming.

It becomes a period of bumper harvest for police officers when a case is reported to the Ghana police service.

Enter in to their offices and you see them sharing money in envelopes as if they are selling tomatoes there.

It is only in Ghana that a Criminal can pay his way out to become a victim where as victims who can't pay their way out become suspects. Wonders shall never end. George owel, I salute you.

Mr President, I am too convince beyond reasonable doubt that as a lawyer, you might have come across one of the numerous judges of Anas Aremeyaw Anas during your active days as a counsel. Have any of them demanded for a Goat or Rabbit before a case is judged? Hmmmm I can see some lawyers nodding.

Offer to the most pious Muslim a Holy Qur'an, I bet you he will be tempted to lie. Do same to the most pious Christian with the Holy Bible, I bet you equally, he or she will flatly lie. But invoke the curses of any powerful shrine and all Dom dick and Harry will be forced to speak the truth.

In as much as I know that everyone will account for his or her stay on this Earth, it is equally unfair that we allow the rich and the so-called connected in society to pay for justice while the poor wallop in unbearable and unfair injustice.

The truth is; Mr President, Ghanaians have lost hope in the Police, EOCO and worst of all the judiciary. You either prepare to give out money or you don't report a case to any of them.

Hmmmm, does the job description of the MTTU men and women includes inspection of cedi notes? It is very nauseating, watching these men and women manhandling poor commercial drivers on our "man-holes" roads over two cedi notes. God is watching over us all. A driver's expired license is considered valid, if he agrees to embed two Ghana cedi note in the middle pages of his license. Only in Ghana.

You will end up being a suspect instead of a victim.

Mr President, with the highest respect sir, I have a remedy to all these nonsense coming from the nation monsters. LET'S AMEND OUR WEAK CONSTITUTION, TO ALLOW PEOPLE TO STORM OUR POLICE STATIONS AND COURT ROOMS AND INVOKE THE POWERS OF OUR SHRINES AND DEITIES FOR JUSTICE. I bet every Ghanaian will speak the truth and Ghana will be restored to it golden days.

Mr President, do you still want to know the whole truth concerning the cocaine turned 'soda' shameful saga? If yes, let's adopt my humble approach and I bet you, the real actors will own up.

Ghanaians are forced to bow before bribe taking, shameless nation wreckers, glorified with an un inherited title " My Lord". Very disgusting to an endless pace.

The real LORD is not a bribe taker.
Shame to our corrupt police, EOCO officials and judges. Shame on to you, corrupt officials.

Happily, not all Officers in the above professions are corrupt. There are very honest and God fearing individuals amongst them. I salute them.

Mr President, I will soon be forwarding to your honorable office, a case in one of the regions for an action to be taken. I would not disclose the content here. I will equally copy the AG and the Chief Justice. People are forced and made suspects when they are the hard hit victims.

The deities and shrines will be the best judges in this very case. Anyway this is not the topic for today.

Sadly, a case can travel for decades and centuries in this poor country. The vunerable can't seek justice when the need arises. It's very expensive. " Do you know the judge"? This is a common question that runs through the lips of every one. Hmmmm. A judge once told someone that he is visiting his hometown and thus demanded for a gift. Hmmmm.

let there be sanity in the court rooms, please. When people starts to storm the court rooms with shrines and Oracles, we will see where corrupt judges will be.

Mr President, AG and Chief Justice, please consider my humble opinion and request. LET'S MAKE GOOD USE OF THE SHRINES FOR PROPER JUSTICE, GOD HAVE A RESON FOR CREATING EVERYTHING.

I am not asking us to worship shrines, please. Oral history confirms how instant justice delivered when the powers of some shrines were invoked in the past.

Mr President, for total, unbought, undiluted and pure justice, let's all hold to my opinion and request.

Even the sick have to bribe before they are attended to in our poor resourced hospitals. Only in Ghana.

Abugri from Bugri salutes you Mr President. Good day sir.

Haruna Sumaila Abugri/

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