Ghana's Most Deadly Criminal

robbing the people through pen and politics
Feature Article Ghana's Most Deadly Criminal
APR 15, 2019 LISTEN

There are two kinds of criminals. Infact, both are armed, one is armed with a gun, whiles the other is armed with a pen.

1. The former operates preferably on the streets whiles the latter operates in the office via politics.

2. Whereas the former afflicts pain on few individuals by robbing on gunpoint, The latter is more deadly because they rob at pen-point in a well furnished air-conditioned office, plunging the masses into pain, misery and deaths.

3. The former is the creation of the latter.
4. Whereas the former is hated to the core, the latter is hailed and goaded by Pastors/Imams, Chiefs, Doctors, Engineers, farmers, Traders, et al. even though they inflict the most pain.

5. The former use brute force whiles the latter sweet-talk and manipulates the law to fool all the above mentioned categories of people who are supposed to be smarter.

6. The justice system deals swiftly and comprehensively to the former whose operation is comparatively small, whiles the same justice system handles the former (most deadly criminal) with leniency and often quash his case in the end.

7. The former has wasted the lives of some thousands but the latter has snuffed the lives of millions of Ghanaians.

8. The former is not much educated so in their quest to survive they take up weapon to steal. But the latter is well educated and have the privilege to amass all the degrees in this world yet instead of using their privileged knowledge to better the lives of the people, they have rather become most deadly criminals.

9. The former is called "armed robber" most often neglected by society whiles the latter is called "Politician" who is employed by the same society who are robbed and destroyed on pen-point.

10. In conclusion, many of the actors in the former category have switched to the latter because its safe to operate there since the 'law' seems to "protects" those in the latter category.

Beloved i see the ferocious anger of heaven ready to be unleashed on the wicked soon. Tell that brother/sister/father/aunt/uncle or friend of yours to stop stealing and reimburse, the wealth of the people because his/her end will be catastrophic.

Leviticus 26:31.
Matthew 3:2
Psalm 7:9
Psalm 37:20

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