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14.04.2019 Feature Article

Bono Kids Are Showing The Way

Bono Kids Are Showing The Way
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Since coming back to the Goka Kingdom to serve as a Courtier in Vasco's Court, I've all the time had my portable radio sett tuned to Radio B A R 93.5 MGHZ.

In fact, I seldom listen to the local radio stations in Ghana, not even during my long stay in Accra. I would only listen to Radio Ghana's Prime News in the morning and in the evening. And at times the 13:00 hours news bulletins and Behind the News in the night, 20:00 hours GMT.

Instead, I either buy newspapers or read from online portals for news and happenings in Ghana. Almost always, I listen to BBC News from morning to evening according to my workload, safe when it's time for Radio Ghana News.

Coming home, without access to the BBC News on Frequency Moderation, I bought this highly priced radio sett that catches BBC News, VOA, RFI, CRI and DW Radio on Short Wave (SW). This I must not miss their scheduled times, since they only come on air at a fixed time, and I can only listen to them again via online or on Television, which my work schedules stand in between as a distraction.

I now only listen to my local news on Radio B A R which is a local or regional station for Radio Ghana in the then Brong Ahafo Region, and now Bono Region, after the partitioning or demarcation of the administrative regions in Ghana to sixteen, and splitting the Brong Ahafo into three regions.

Some scoffer Courtiers at times makes jests of me for playing the 'Old Man' and 'Colo' for listening to Radio B A R which is noted for to be patronised by the aged, not a young lord like myself. They add: "you should join the current generation, listen to the 'youthful' stations." This I counter by saying: "my news should be authentic, not sensationalism and hearsay".

Their ridiculing encouraged me more to allot more time to listening to the 'rejected station'. It was at this time that I followed all their programmes and came to love Tony Good, Aberewa Nana, Ekow Amoako and John Sam Arthur.

I listened to their sports programme steered by Thousand Belle and Memuna. I listened to healthcare educator, Dr. JB Fordjour, and what has called for this writeup: Children's Corner.

It's hosted by Agnes Boakyewaa Minta. At times Tony Good takes over from Agnes, and the wits of the kids on the show is legendary. They read news, tell tales, solve puzzles and give health tidbits.

But on the morning of 13th April, 2019, I doffed my hat for these kids. Agnes was discussing with them a news item that read: "a woman has drowned and killed her 5 years old son for the boy's father's neglect of duty and care" (sic). To this, the kids whose ages I believe would be between five and seventeen took turns to tell the woman (the murderer) duties and responsibilities of a woman. They told the woman the existence of Social welfare policy in Ghana. They told her how she could have gone to nongovernmental organizations for assistance. One of them went the patriotic way with passion, by calling the baby killer "a monster, barbaric, and one without head, who remembers not the pains mothers go through before delivery."

These submissions of the kids I listened to with tears welled up in my eyes. I instantly remarked that: "these are the kids on whose shoulders we're going to rebuild the fallen walls of Ghana from the debris. They are the ones who are learning the ancient path and value human life. They will be the bulwark to vigilantism in Ghana's political landscape, and promoters of peace in the new Ghana."

Nothing I can do but praise Tony Good and the promoters and sponsors of the Children's Corner programme. I by this call on philanthropists and business owners to support this programme and their likes in Ghana. They are the future of Ghana.

Before it was published, after Vasco the Wise, the Reagent Duke of Goka Kingdom read-proof this article, he's summoning all the Counts, Pages and the lords in his palace to garner larger listenership for Radio BAR. And as his right-hand man, I've been hinted of Vasco preparing grounds for Radio BAR's substation in the Goka Kingdom. This I believe Tony Good will facilitate its implementation.

Written by: Charles Yeboah

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