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26.03.2019 Feature Article

Politicians, The Threat To National Security

Politicians, The Threat To National Security

Security of a nation is such critical that its budget in many nations supersedes the budget of other sectors of the economy. Moreover, the security architecture is handled by astute security professionals who ensure that citizens go about their lawful activities without fear. Indeed, in more developed societies, the security forces undertake their duty without let or hindrance from any quarter. In those countries the law is held supreme and is applied irrespective of the person involved.

However, in Africa and especially in Ghana, the Politician have become tin-gods, bastardizing due process and interfere in any matter they deem disadvantageous to their corrupt, wicked and parochial course. This abnormally, have festered and has reached dangerous levels because the police service is victimized if they don’t pander to the whims and caprices of the politician. Because of “nokofioo” the police service has been emasculated even to the extent that they couldn’t act when one of their own was brutalized by a hoodlum at the seat of government.

Numerous assaults on the Officers have been recorded in recent past which gives a cause for concern. With despicable bravado we witnessed how police officers were gunned down by armed robbers in broad day light. Recently, one Odikro of Wassa Abreshia in Wassa Akropong Nana Amoah Bediako II was alleged to have slapped one Inspector Tetteh Agbanyo and left him with a bloodied nose and thorn uniform whose crime was to ask the Chief (Odikro) to park well at a station. We also witnessed a Parliamentarian, Kennedy Agyapong publicly abusing one of the officers in Winneba not forgetting how a bus driver and his ‘mate’ pummeled another officer just to mention a few.

All these unfortunate incidences have happened and may continue because the police service is now seen as a weakling that pander to the empty threats of politicians. Indeed, in some occasions there have been instances where political party serial callers and foot soldiers go about ordering the police to take nocuous action against their perceive opponents.

I therefore call on the Police hierarchy to be bold and stamp their authority on the despicable happenings within the service and the security of the land. Mr. IGP, Asante Apeatu, good name according to the Bible is better than riches. Before you became the IGP we heard of you as a fine policeman but if you do not exercise authority, you will leave this honourable office (which was ones occupied by stalwarts and braves like Hon. Peter Nanfuri) as the most uninspiring and worst IGP in Ghana’s history.

I heard of an incident where the then IGP Hon. Peter Nanfuri, asked the former President his boss, Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings to give him a note and signed as the person responsible for asking him (Nanfuri) to unlawfully effect an arrest. According to the story, the former president pulled back on that action and the law took its natural cause.

No wonder Hon. Peter Nanfuri remain the most outstanding IGP Ghana has ever had. These are the kind of public servants we want to serve us. My position is that, the fact that somebody appointed you into office does not mean you should allow yourself to be ‘used’. As a public officer, you serve the law and not man, therefore I encourage the police hierarchy and all public servants to be bold and courageous in the discharge your constitutional duty without fear nor favour. As a public servant, do the right thing to protect your name and God will not allow you to go hungry.

I further opine that it’s about time the police service IGP is given a security of tenure just as the Electoral Commissioner and Chief Justice, etc. Moreover, other officers like the CID boss et al, should be internally appointed by the police hierarchy itself and not the President. This move will give the police the impetus to discharge their duties fairly and keep the security of Ghana intact because the Politician is indeed the biggest national security threat to the ordinary Ghanaian.

Bishop Nathaniel N. O. Rudolph
Bishop Nathaniel N. O. Rudolph, © 2019

Bishop Nat is the Director & Dean for Public Sector Engagements at College of Bishops & Deans as well as the Director of Administration at Ghana United Nations Association Author column: NathanielN.O.Rudolph

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