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16.12.2018 Feature Article

Revealed: Next President of Ghana to be Heavily Bearded and . . . !!

Revealed: Next President of Ghana to be Heavily Bearded and . . . !!
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My dear reader, and all you lovers of the holy truths I lay out in this column of mine on Modern Ghana, I got news for you! Something unprecedented is going to happen to the presidency of Ghana come January 7, 2021, after the end of a peaceful electioneering process toward electing a President and Members of Parliament for the country on December 7, 2020 and declaration of the final verdicts afterwards.

Ghana, upon the declaration of these results, will have its first [heavily] bearded president-elect who would also be sporting a thick full moustache, sideburns, and a visible thick mat of hair for a crown on the head, all of which would be maintained within the perfect borders determined and delivered by the Creator to this special fellow, in readiness for him to be sworn into office as President by the Chief Justice of the nation!

All these facial hairs would be seen to have been kept in their natural state for not less than 3 months before the presidential inauguration date of January 7, 2021! And this means that all the many men whose work-place cultures are anti-beard, such as Christian clergymen, medical doctors, bankers, soldiers, police officers and so forth, should not be standing for election to the high office of Ghana unless they resign from their posts a year earlier!!

Assuredly, the payment of as much as GHS500, 000.00, or more, in filing fees by presidential hopefuls, who would simply be contesting in primaries for election as flag-bearers of their political parties participating in this national election, is not going to be the real issue of importance this time round; instead, the real issue will be about the age and condition of beards and other facial hairs the contestants would be displaying in situ!

I therefore hereby give free and open counsel now, in order to be fair to all presidential hopefuls or wan-a-bees in the 2020 Presidential Elections in Ghana, so they may start right away to grow their beards instead of busying themselves looking for colossal sums of money with which and by which to think to secure election victory!! For, when your “battle is the Lord’s” indeed, He wins it for you without a budget!!

No doubt, you must have heard the old adage, “wonders never end”; and so you may want to take my revelation and free counsel seriously if you are a probable presidential candidate in this coming election or if you have one to support, to let him into my free counsel!

Did you know that the 16th POTUS, Abraham Lincoln, won the race to the White House in 1860 because he took advice from an eleven year old girl [Caucasian virgin?] by name Grace Bedell who asked him to start to wear a beard just about the time to the end of running his campaign for election?? That advice, to me, was Abe Lincoln’s propelling power to victory in Trump-style; unexpected, to many, at the time.

The accounts about this historic victory are that Miss Bedell, even at her tender age, knew [intuitively] that Lincoln would win the presidency over his three other opponents—John C. Breckinridge (Southern Democrat), Stephen A. Douglas (Democrat), and John Bell (Constitutional Union)—who ran against him.

She seemed confident of the boney-cheeked politician winning the ballot even though she herself was not eligible or qualified to be part of an electoral college at her age to back him with a vote at the ballot. Well, she had some other way of offering support to ensure a Lincoln win!

She wrote Lincoln a letter on October 15, 1860, suggesting rather bluntly he gave a face-lift to his boney-cheeks by growing a beard to make up for the flesh they lacked!

On October 19, 1860, Lincoln replied the young lady; and in a period of less than three weeks afterwards was seen sporting a full beard with moustache and all side burns, in battle-readiness for an election scheduled to take place on November 6 of that year!

As Fate would have it, the young girl’s advice made him the winner of the race to the White House.

Wow!! And, if politicians mean what they say, that a single day can make a huge difference to their fortunes in an election, then those in Ghana running for office in 2020 must be taking my advice very seriously, whether they be boney- or fleshy-cheeked, since beards are never known to hurt but rather make one look good!!

Abraham Lincoln became the #16 POTUS, but was sadly assassinated on April 15, 1865; and, of all the many people who were grief-stricken by his assassination, it obviously must have been little Miss Grace Bedell who suffered most!

But then, I am sure Miss Bedell was consoled by the fact that it was an assassin’s bullet that actually killed the President and brought sadness to America, and not her advice and his subsequent rare pyric victory which did any harm.

I am no fan of American presidential elections and politics, simply because my mind cannot grasp the complexities of the human activities involved in them; and therefore I can never love or admire what I cannot comprehend.

And so, I only brought up Miss Bedell’s advice to Abraham Lincoln in my article simply because at the time it was given, it related to an election in similitude to what Ghana will be having on December 7, 2020—maybe, in real American style; and also because of the fact that I love all men who, like me, always keep a full beard with the understanding that beards are lovely gifts of the Creator to every holy man He ever chooses to be in His service and to be in fellowship with!!

I am also no fan of American politics because I deem it discriminatory against Blacks as is evidenced in it producing only one Black president out of the 45 to have been elected to date in the over 228 year history of its Presidential Dispensation. And so, I can’t possibly comprehend the slogan of the American people: We are one people under “GOD”, in the light of this obvious discrimination!

If Democracy is so good a governance system in America as to have to be planted in Afrika at all costs for its people too to supposedly have a taste of its so-called goodness, why are the few Blacks in the USA not enjoying it equally as the Whites there are enjoying it??

Hypocrisy?? No. I hate to think so! But never mind; let’s get on to dealing with the real issues of this article.

The issue is that the Creator made beards to be living parts of the body of mature man, which, like all other parts of his body, must always be carried about and displayed openly where necessary!! This was the case with Adam, the progenitor of mankind—the only human being who was never born a baby but a complete image of his Maker on his first day on Earth!

In the same breadth, the Creator has forever denied all women of all ages from ever sporting beards; unless it is by accident arising from some hormonal disorders or imbalances in her body!!

And so, beards must be considered a value addition to men for the hard tasks such as president they are deemed to perform for the Creator’s people; for, obviously, the Creator never makes anything that is of no value or is useless for His purposes and or without benefit to man [male], who is His crown to creation and His representative on Earth!!

I suppose you know that woman is made in the image of [the] man who the Creator made to be in His own image [that is, male-male], and not that woman is made in the image of the Creator in the same manner as man was made!!

Now, obviously, the Creator has a reason for keeping beards away from male babes and boys till they grow to be men.

You see, the coming of a man’s beard is an announcement to him and all others too, especially females around him, that the Creator now deems him ripe to be a leader over his kind and thus also suitable to be married to young women in order for them to raise a family; for, raising a family is the only purpose of marriage!

My dear female reader of my article, please don’t tag me as a male chauvinist because I teach that women were never to be leaders in the plan of the Creator, for this is the truth of the way of life of the children of YA’OH-Sharal.

Ours is purely a man’s world, and this is the reason why women never get to have beards! So then, a man whose beard is taken away hardly looks like a complete man, nor is he even one!

Typically, the beards and other facial hairs of mature Negro men normally change in color from black to grey and to white as they progress in age; with their eyebrows becoming the last of their facial hairs to turn white and thus announcing the one’s soon-coming trip into his grave to be with his ancestors, who all came from the Earth and returned there ahead of him to prepare to receive him in his due time!

With progress in age and color of a man’s beard, the one also develops or grows in his learning experiences in life which ought to manifest wisdom and understanding about life on Earth concerning the affairs of mankind so as to aid him live a holy and good life and lead others to do same.

So then, men who sport white facial hairs are generally deemed wiser than they were in their earlier years when they bore black colored facial hairs or in comparison to those men who are yet to have their facial hairs turn white!! Men who diligently scrape off and thus are without any facial hairs at all are not even comparable here!

Since YA’OH is the Creator and the only true wise Being, the oldest and Head of all flesh, He always displays His wisdom by sporting snow-white facial hairs such as no man can ever have; and this fact, by the way, is according to the testimony of those who have been blessed to ever behold Him as the Atakh Yamayn (Ancient of Days??)—cf. Dany-Al (Daniel??) 7:9.

Now, all who have ever seen Him must have been in His image, just as He made them to be, in order to qualify to have fellowship with Him, and must thus also sport some white, woolly hairs similar to the snow-white ones He does all the time!! Only such people qualify to have close fellowship with Him in order to be led by Him for them too to lead others who are younger and less experienced in life!!

Interestingly, I see the justices of the Supreme Court of Ghana (SCOG) take very much to the way of YA’OH by their imitation of Him, in trying to adopt the color of His facial hairs by the grey-colored wigs and whelps they don to serious official functions! And what could be a more serious appointment than having to appear before YA’OH to have fellowship with Him??

The Justices of the SCOG could never have seemed to me to inspire more reverence, awesomeness, dignity, charm, demand submission and command obedience to themselves by their orders, etc., than they draw from people when adorned in their grey-colored wigs and whelps!!

And, particularly, the Ladyship justices—who, by reason that they will never be seen in natural beards, moustaches, and sideburns, simply because they never get to have them—seem more reverential and awesome in their grey-colored wigs and whelps than their male counterparts, who instead conceal or shave off whatever facial hairs they are naturally endowed with by YA’OH, to don artificial wigs and whelps, as if the artificial has a higher value and better effect on them than the natural ones delivered and groomed daily for them free of charge from Heaven!!

In the court and service of Malak Doayd (aka King David), never was there a beardless official or servant!! All men sported full beards and had all facial hairs in place according to the dictates of the Thorah of YA’OH; and in this, Doayd led by example since it was all about living the Thorah-lifestyle as commanded by YA’OH.

When, by a certain mishap, some officials in the service of Doayd were barred from appearing before him owing to the fact that their beards were disfigured by some heathens as not to be Thorah-compliant, though in ways that would have been deemed fashionable today, these officials were commanded to stay temporally away from his presence until their beards grew back—cf. Second Samuel 10:1-5!!

Ghana’s President in 2021 would be the first to teach his appointees to take to the beard-wearing culture mandated by the Thorah as he leads all by example according to Bayakra (Leviticus??) 19:27, 32 and 21:5.

For, all people who descend from Ab-Ram (the biblical Abraham) and of whom Ghana is known to be a part must now return to the lifestyle of the Thorah in preparation for the return of the Mashakh-YA’OH (Masaya, Messiah?) and their reoccupation of their inheritance!!

And so, the President of Ghana in 2021 is a chosen instrument to bring awareness to and begin the preparations towards these coming events.

I must also reveal that the choice of such an instrument of YA’OH for this special work, who is to also play the role as President of Ghana, will be made from a very slim group of eligible people who are alive today as an endangered species of humanity!

Such a person must have been begotten of a holy mother who first married as a virgin at a time she was yet to know a man in any sexual intercourse and thus deemed to NEVER have violated the Thorah of YA’OH stated in Bayakra (Leviticus??) 18:6-30, Dabaraym (Deuteronomy??) 22:13-29!

Two of my previous articles titled Why Christian Clergymen Sin in Officiating Marriages for Non-Virgins, and Homosexuality: A Product of Marriage to a Non-Virgin Spouse published in this same column here on the Modern Ghana site throw light on this issue and a critical study of them by all presidential hopefuls will do them a lot of good and save them from later on regretting in wasting their money in a venture they were not qualified to undertake in the first place!

And since a Negro virgin can never be same or at par with a virgin of another race, because of obvious blood-line difference and effect, such a choice candidate of YA’OH must have not a single drop of non-Negro blood in his veins since YA’OH hates any mingling of blood in any form.

In this too, my article in this column titled A Holy Bloodline or Ancestry: The Number One Prerequisite to Fellowshipping with the Creator and its follow-up Open Letter to a Dude (Anthony) in the USA—Concerning Bloodlines and Ancestry could be real eye-openers in this regard!

And now, finally, to the curtain-raising eligibility criterion for a win in the 2020 Presidential Election in Ghana! You see, YA’OH is seeking to anoint any man as the President of Ghana in 2021 who will champion His cause by advertising Him in all ways so that all mankind, over the whole world, would see and know Him; by His works and deeds which are only known and revered in the context of the Tanakh (Old Testament??), particularly by understanding and living the Thorah lifestyle.

A commitment to Thorah-life would first be made at the inauguration of the President on January 7, 2021 when he does so in the name of YA’OH and never in the name GOD!! This name would be uttered for the very first time by a leader of a nation to echo all over the Earth; sending out a clear message to the governments and people of the Earth that business is no more going to be as usual, that the Negro is awakened from sleep to lead the world and that a Ghanaian descendant of Ab-Ram is in the saddle to do this.

Once the Oath of Office as President is sworn on January 7, 2021 in the name of YA’OH, Ghanaians who are known descendants of Ab-Ram are again thrust into the hands of their Maker and Ab (Father) and will begin to enjoy the blessing in this name and in their submission to His Thorah.

And then, the whole universe will watch these descendants of Ab-Ram in Ghana lead all Negros of Black complexion and who sport natural woolly textured hair as crowns in the march to take back our possession won for us through the blood and toil of our ancestors now taken by the descendants of Canaan.

Then, will the words of the Ghanaian Pledge be meaningful! And all this will start with the name YA’OH being used to swear in the President of Ghana into office.

In the book of Tsapan-YA’OH (aka Zephaniah) 3:9, the name of the Most High One is foretold to be revealed to the inhabitants of Earth in a new tongue, Lashawan Kadash (Holy Tongue), which is known as Ghabaray (aka Paleo/Ancient Hebrew), before the last days and the return of the house of Ab-Ram to reoccupy his inheritance!

Obviously, this new tongue Lashawan Kadash is NOT old time English, nor its version of “GOD” said to be the name of the Creator, which has been used to deceive the inhabitants of the Earth for millennia! For, then, they would have no need for replacement!

I act not as prophet of Christianity since they are all evil anyway, but as one seasoned with the word of YA’OH as to become salt, and thus imbued with His wisdom to be able to discern the times and seasons as did the children of Yash-Shachar (according to First Chronicles 12:32) for the benefit of the whole house of YA’OH-Sharal, in the days when our ancestors dwelt in our inheritance.

So then, I write this article to the estranged house of YA’OH-Sharal now living in exile in a strange land in the same spirit of YA’OH He laid upon the sons of Yash-Shachar for the good of all Ghana (and all Negroes) in the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

May all who have ears to hear, hear well! And for the presidential wan-a-bees, may they really hear very well!! For, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Shalawam.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Tabal-YA'OH Ban Ab-YA'OH, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBaYTh YA'OH-SharaL (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is: [email protected].

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