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04.12.2018 Feature Article

The Right Person Syndrome

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Often do we hear our many young men and women say that they want to be with the right person or they need a right person when going into a relationship.

But the question one must ask is that; do we have a wrong person? What makes someone a right person? Where can you find one if there is any? And is there anything like ‘right person’?

This issue of ‘I have not found the right person’ is hunting many young men and women, leading to multiple dating or ‘jump over dating’.

Once upon a time, I had a very heated debate with a lady friend on this same topic, and she had this argument to make.” My brother I am 28 years old, and have dated countless guys but I have not met my right guy. The behavior and actions of my previous guys does not properly fit into my dream guy” she argued.

I asked her if she could share with me what she thinks, makes someone a right person.

“if I say a right guy, what I mean is that, a person who really loves me unconditionally that, with the look of his face, I can see a true love. A person who cares so much about me, who is always there for me whenever I need him, who never hides any secret from me, and more importantly a person who is always or ready to satisfy my demands; thus buying me anything that I ask for.” She explained.

That is very interesting! I further asked her if there are guys with all the above stated features, and how she could possibly get one.

“I think the problem is how to find such guys because human character is unpredictable” she lamented.

Brothers and sisters in today’s relationship sector, I wish to make this clear to you that, there is NOBODY on this earth called ‘mr. right or mr. wrong’. Anyone can be your right person if you really want him or her to be. Being in a peaceful or successful relationship does not mean that you are with the right person, but rather both of you have decided to make your own right persons.

For a relationship to be successful, it must not be a one sided effort; thus there must a collective effort, commitment, and sacrifices by both parties. I belief in principle that, for one to get the supposed right person, he or she must demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that, he or she is a right person too. The so called ‘right persons’ are not created, they are made by oneself.

You can make your own right person by being good to the person, model, advise, correct, showing love, commitment, sacrifices etc at the right moment, time and place to suit your own personal heart desire.

Do what you want the ‘right person’ to do for you and the ‘right person’ will surely reciprocate it to you.

CAN YOU MAKE SOMEONE YOUR RIGHT PERSON? To be continue======================== thanks for reading and sharing

By Mr. Hadi Amadu (first aid counselor) Contact: 0200773188 © 2018

Hadi Amadu
Hadi Amadu, © 2018

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