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30.10.2018 Feature Article

What a Reader in Ghana Wrote to Yours Truly: The Baptism of Adam Revealed!!

What a Reader in Ghana Wrote to Yours Truly: The Baptism of Adam Revealed!!
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A few days ago, I published in this same column of mine on Modern Ghana an article to which a certain truth-seeking kindhearted Ghanaian male reader posted me some lovely comments through my private email address; and to which I’d like to respond, publicly, in the form of an open letter to him. This reader is simply called BAF (the initials of his name) and the following is my letter to him.

Dear BAF: Thank you for the letter you sent me after reading my article titled The Baptism of Adam Revealed which was published recently on the Modern Ghana internet site.

I am happy to know you have also read a number of my articles on my column and that they, as you say, make sense to you. I pray my future articles will all carry the same holy and meaningful substance in them as to continue to benefit you spiritually.

Since you asked me only one question in your letter, I will not say much about all the good things you said about my articles, and about me too, but I will just try to answer this one question of yours which, incidentally, was also the last sentence of your letter to me; and this I will do in a spiritual freestyle!

But since I am making this letter to you also open to all readers of my column, I hope you don’t mind if I bring to the open the content of your letter, by quoting it here; just for the benefit of my readers! The following is what words you wrote me, verbatim, except for rearranging them into paragraphs, thus:

Article—The Baptism of Adam Revealed!!

Greetings to you Teacher. Something somehow, I do not really know makes me understand clearly all the articles you have authored. I seriously try to grasp why they make sense to me but the more I do the more the revelations become clearer to me.

Truly every word you join to create an article has a purity of the highest form and when I read them, I become totally humbled, fear at first and an inner joy that someone is leading me on the right path to reclaim my lost inheritance from the Most High.

I am lost for words to explain what I feel. What can I do to help myself and mankind???-----------

My dear BAF: Since you indicate in your letter that you have the good of mankind at heart and desire to render service to him, and not just that you seek your own good, I can see the Most High One is in control of your life and may even want to have you in His service!

As you must know, you can only help someone with what you have! So then, you must aim to pour out your very life to mankind if you really love him and your Maker too! By this I mean you have to teach what you live yourself and not just what you learn by reading from others! And in this, you will have a lot of work to do by spending time to discipline yourself, spiritually, in order to be able to get to your goals.

I suppose you are Negro of dark skin complexion with woolly textured hair, judging by your full name and address location! If so, then your best asset will be your knowledge of the lifestyle that the Thorah teaches and commands—for, the Thorah is all about how YA’OH would like His children, who are all Negro anyway, to live in order to really be or look like Him.

The Thorah is the way of life YA’OH Himself would live on our Earth if He were seen to be mortal, and so He commands all mortal sons of His to live the Thorah lifestyle so as to get to look like Him and lend meaning to the saying, “like father like son”! For, in this is YA’OH delighted and also happy; and by also using ONLY woolly haired Negro men as His servants in teaching how His will may be known on Earth!!

In this, you can say YA’OH teaches by example in living what He commands His children to also live by; and so, if you too want to be a blessing to mankind then the only way is for you to help mankind to live like Him by teaching mankind, with your life as an example, how you yourself are doing so (living by His commandments)!

The benefits of living the Thorah lifestyle for any man are tremendous and incalculable; for, the one then lives in the realm of the supernatural! Anyone who lives strictly by the Thorah reaps the fruits of righteousness and holiness, which translate into abundant or eternal life manifesting in a perfect health for the one while he lives on Earth; and at the same time the one also gains access to the wisdom of YA’OH to be applied in his life and in order for him to understand the ways of YA’OH!

You see, a never-changing purest quality of life and an incalculable amount of wisdom are the two principal attributes of YA’OH—they are in fact His very being—and these He makes available as gifts to all His sons and servants as a matter of cause.

For, the very type of life in and of YA’OH which never changes nor reduces in value and content, but remains the same in and emanates from Him all the time to continually sustain His creation, is the same as He gives out to abide in His sons who truly love and serve Him!

Otherwise, how may anyone truly exhibit any qualities of being the son of YA’OH so as to show evidence or proof that YA’OH is indeed his Ab (Father)!

Surely, the Thorah is the very life of YA’OH which YA’OH deposits in mortal man; this, I can testify to! When, therefore, anyone comes to realize this and thus blessed, then the one will become completely fired up to live a great life; devoid of materialism!

And talking about wisdom, YA’OH is the only source of wisdom—displayed in His art of creation and how He sustains it as taught in my article on Adam and hisbaptism” which you read and necessitated your writing to me—by which all things were made by Him to exist and remain so, forever; all of which manifest so much of His wisdom as to never change!

All who live by the Thorah and grow to become mature in its values are thus also freely endowed with some amount of this wisdom of YA’OH so as to at least understand His manner of doing things, even though they can never be exactly like Him as to be able to make any of the things He does!

In both ways, wisdom is key and this emanates from and is of YA’OH alone; and for any of His sons to have a feel of or access to this wisdom must be pure joy to the one!! In all of this, any truly wise son of YA’OH can say “It is the glory of YA’OH to conceal a thing and for the honor of kings to search out a matter”.

Yes, human minds may be able to produce things on Earth; but that is obviously not the same as creating whatever YA’OH did since the “raw material” for creation is available to Him ALONE. Man can only produce things on Earth by using the elements of creation to fabricate or manufacture those things which can change with time or perish altogether or be gone without a trace to never even be remembered at all!

Thus, human minds only tamper or tinker with the elements of creation; and this does not even please the Creator in any way!

You see, all things manufactured by man for whatever use he puts them to on Earth come from some man’s own “wisdom” (or folly), often cultivated and displayed in and by a certain kind of perseverance in the methods of trial and error in order to produce a product which he never really feels fulfilled about after producing it, anyway, and which he thus keeps remodeling or seeking to perfect continually over many years!

My dear BAF: May you never be deceived by the apparent wizardry displayed by mankind in and by his mental abilities—which may have been acquired through learning in the so-called sciences taught by same mankind, by which he manufactures his earthly goods of vanity—to suppose that such mental abilities equate to wisdom from and of the Most High One and that it is even the same as YA’OH displayed in His creation of all things; or that this ability to manufacture an earthly product is a gift of talent from YA’OH!

This is far from reality and truth since talent is human development that can be manifested by all manner of people, inclusive of even atheists, whereas a gift (or blessing) from YA’OH can never be improved upon or be made to become better in value by mankind and is made available to only someone of the household of YA’OH, i.e. YA’OH-Sharal!

For, some of the things which humans have produced are just too damned stupid to even use, to associate even the idea to manufacture them as coming from the holy and perfect wisdom of YA’OH, which is manifested in His creation of a perfect and never changing universe!

Furthermore, whereas the wisdom of YA’OH creates only living things which are so made as to also re-create themselves by acting of themselves as seed in and to their original being or nature, and as YA’OH also creates things by which these created living things are sustained, nothing made by man has life in it, neither can it sustain or reproduce itself.

When last I heard of some Chinese fish farmers on the Volta Lake of Ghana also trying to produce for human consumption their own kind of tilapia fish which they are said to have “created” as a MODIFIED product through GMO technique, of the natural one created by YA’OH, they suffered a severe loss in having to destroy all 84 tons of fish they were rearing in cages in water because they were incompatible with what the Creator has made natural tilapia fish to be and had thus become sickly.

These Chinese had managed to import genetically modified tilapia fingerlings from their home China to breed for consumption by Ghanaians. However, state officials were later to supervise the destruction of all 84 tons of mature but unwholesome fish and then tried to allay the fears of tilapia eaters that what happened was only specific to one farm and that a virus that had brought about the unwholesome fish had been contained!

Well, those of us who have stayed away from cage-grown tilapia because we knew that feeds for their breeding contained chemicals—deliberately introduced to destroy their sex hormones and thus make both male and female tilapia sexless, just to quicken their growth and fattening for harvesting and simply to enrich unscrupulous profiteers—have led personal campaigns against tilapia consumption in the homes of our relations and friends; and were thus in no harm’s way by the Chinese tilapia disaster.

The biological and ecological disaster at the Chinese fish farm at Asutuare in Ghana was the result of a foolish idea that was hailed as an innovation in wisdom and allowed to go on in a quest toward fast-tracking the growth of cage-grown tilapia.

Because the feeding of a holy creation of YA’OH such as tilapia with chemical toxins and poisons, which could and did affect humans who consumed them but did not show visible evil effects after a few years of farming and consumption, was why these unscrupulous profit-motivated tilapia farmers decided to go further to genetically modify what YA’OH had created; and hence the Chinese fish farm disaster at Asutuare in Ghana!!

So then, was it folly or wisdom that was displayed by mankind in such an enterprise? And all because people live their lives without faith in the Thorah of YA’OH! I pray our government takes measures against ever introducing GM Foods to Ghana in the light of this Chinese tilapia farm disaster.

In fact, to say wisdom was employed by man in manufacturing any of his earthly wares, just as YA’OH too used wisdom in creating a living Earth, would be tantamount to insulting the Creator of the universe!

Because the things produced by man are not made with wisdom from YA’OH is why they are all scheduled to be destroyed someday in order to clean up the earth of the filth that they are!! Why would YA’OH one day even destroy all man-made things if His wisdom were employed in their manufacture and thus could be deemed to have had His hand or approval in their production??

And so, my dear BAF, your knowledge of the Thorah and your adoption of it as the only guide to holy living will keep you from such folly and confusion of mankind who thinks that he (mankind) uses or has access to the same wisdom as of YA’OH in manufacturing his earthly wares of vanity; which YA’OH has never had need or use of in order to solve any problems that His creation, particularly mankind, may ever face!

In this, let me state that all the chemical medicines of the art of pharmakia (the Greek word which means sorcery and from which the English words pharmacist and pharmacy are derived) which mankind uses or applies towards “solutions” to the health problems of ordinary mankind, today, are evil to YA’OH and therefore He has no hand in their use by people in their so-called healthcare programs!

And so, we never read throughout the entire Tanakh (Old Testament?) of anyone using what are termed medicines to deal with any health challenges that any of the children of YA’OH-Sharal (Israel??) possibly ever faced in their history! And this lifestyle of freedom from or non-dependence on medicines could be yours for the taking if you are zealous in obeying the word of the Thorah of YA’OH.

It would be wise for those who do not live by the Thorah of YA’OH to seek to understand and to live by what some of us term as YA’OH-Care, instead, which is the only genuine healthcare program made by YA’OH for mankind, and is free of monetary costs, perfect in its application, and with no side effects as in chemical medicines!

Talking about zeal with which one must live the Thorah lifestyle, remember that “sin is a transgression of the Thorah of YA’OH” and that “the wages for sinning is death; and that the first announcer of any coming death is sickness”! So then, if anyone is not living by the Thorah, tell me why that person is not a transgressor of the way of YA’OH and not a true candidate for untimely death??

And that person’s situation is even made worse if he were a Christian who has been taught to believe that someone by the name JESUS CHRIST was once upon a time nailed to a cross of timber together with the entire written Thorah and that he died together with this Thorah, thus making it not only unavailable but also completely irrelevant to anyone’s life!

And such a misguided Christian zealot acting on zeal without knowledge of the truth would therefore eat and drink with insatiable appetite anything and everything; unguided by Thorah wisdom and power!

Such an ignorant zealot then eats pork, geckos, frogs, and drinks milk from cows and goats with an insatiable appetite unaware that this is all sinful; all because he has no Thorah-light that empowers his life!!

A thorough knowledge of the Thorah and a holy zeal to live it to perfection will save you from committing sin daily without knowing, as is the predicament of cow milk consumers who are ignorant that all dairy milk are not for human consumption; but for babies born to animals of a particular species!!

Now, the abstinence of humans from dairy milk has to be for good reasons to be taught by the Thorah! First, by nature, no human baby sucks the breast milk of some other baby’s mother, nor would a lamb suck the breast of a nanny goat since nanny goats never give birth to lambs—in much the same way that cows do not give birth to human babies!!

Furthermore, no weaned lamb continues to suck its mother’s milk, anyway, not to think about some weaned mammal sucking the breast of a different mammal as of a goat sucking the breast of a sheep!

Why then would humans drink cow milk, at all, and in their adult and old ages in particular; and yet have no inhibitions about this or even see no sin in their weird and strange appetites which go against nature and the Thorah of YA’OH?

When YA’OH teaches in His Thorah that all eatable animals must first be slaughtered and then be properly drained of all blood in them before eating the flesh, some of us would want to forever stay away from all dairy milk and their products and of all foods that are made with components of dairy milk in them, since no one can drain out blood, which is an integral part of all dairy milk, from it in order to render it safe for consumption by the Thorah of YA’OH.

And so, one’s hyper sensitivity to the rawakh (spirit) of the Thorah saves the one from committing sin every morning at the breakfast table; unlike many who, being ignorant that dairy milk is not consumable by humans, are judged to sin against YA’OH, daily, without knowing they even commit sin!

My dear BAF: No one ought to be in hurry in life to lead or teach others but should ONLY step out in trying to lead or teach any people when the one is sure of being truly on HaDarakh (The Way) as is defined for all in the Thorah, which is all about how one may keep a holy relationship with YA’OH, how one must live in peace with one’s neighbor while striving to live according to all the laws of YA’OH on personal and environmental hygiene, the maintenance of one’s personality given to the one by YA’OH in respect of one’s facial hairs and skin complexion, what to wear, eat and drink, etc., etc.!!

This, to me, is the good life to live; and when living it, one must endeavor to teach others through exemplary leadership to also do same! And if I understand you from your letter to me about your passion to be of help to all mankind, this is what you should be teaching mankind to do even as you too do the same.

For me, dear BAF, the forgoing are what I strive to live as my daily lifestyle; and thus the only way I can possibly answer your question : What can I do to help myself and mankind?

In all of this, I can say that no one can help himself: for, all help comes from YA’OH and this is in being empowered and led by His Thorah. Only when you have lived your own life according to this Thorah of YA’OH and can happily and convincingly say I’ve tried it and tested and trusted it, and thus can point to this Thorah in your own life, are you then able to lead others to your experience as their help from YA’OH too.

My dear BAF: I must end this letter here with the hope that I have shared something of value to you in your quest to walk close with YA’OH the Creator; and that as you walk hand in hand with Him by the power of His Thorah, you will grow strong spiritually as to be a great blessing to humanity.

And while you are about it, if you ever think I too could be of any aid, please share your thought with me and I will be all too happy to oblige you in conversation.

To you my dear BAF and all readers of this column, Shalawam.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Tabal-YA'OH Ban Ab-YA'OH, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBaYTh YA'OH-SharaL (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is: [email protected].

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