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About The Name YA’OH and Title ALA’AYM of the Creator—Letter to Paa Kow in Germany.

About The Name YA’OH and Title ALA’AYM of the Creator—Letter to Paa Kow in Germany.
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Dear Paa Kow:
Thank you for your letter you emailed to me recently. I appreciate you for all your well-wishes to me and my family and with regards to my writings too.

Thank you also for your inquiry regarding the name YA’OH and of the title ALA’AYM which I now use in my writings in reference to the Most High One. I am happy to be able to respond to your concerns by this open letter to you.

I must say that I am doing this response to your inquiry regarding the name YA’OH because I see you are desirous of supporting the work I do; to the extent of even, once in a while, sending me materials you deem could be useful to me in my task of teaching the truths of our Maker to this generation and by the encouraging and supportive comments you often post to my articles whenever I publish them on the internet.

Furthermore, you made me know some time ago that you wanted to be a student of the scriptures with me, and so, I cannot keep truth from you whenever I get to find it.

So, then, here is my answer to your inquiry which I give publicly because I suppose many people, who are like you in many ways but who may not be as open as you are in the expression of your support of my writings, may also get to be blessed by my response.

A few years ago, I had a dream during my sleep in the night which I never understood fully until quite recently. In my dream, I heard a song in a single word of “Hebrew” that was sung to a danceable beat and to which I saw myself dancing joyfully with vigor all over the place for as long as about the 15 minutes the dream lasted, according to the reckoning of time on Earth.

Now, because this song was in a language I did not understand, and since my Maker, who I believed was the one singing the song to me, would never speak to anyone in any language but “Hebrew”, this single word of “Hebrew” was always uttered 3X and again repeated 3X and then again 3X and again 3x in succession, intending for me to hear it rightly and clearly; and yet, I still had difficulty in hearing the word distinctly!

The fourth 3X repetition of the word was always followed by a pause for a few seconds and then the singing started all over again.

All this happened repeatedly over and over during the entire 15-minute period that I danced with joy in the dream!

Whenever the pause of a few seconds was made, my mind and thoughts were taken on a trip and I was made to understand this single “Hebrew” word to mean “Yahu Is Father” or that “Yahu Is My Father”.

Long before the dream, and even until recently, I had believed, wrongly though, that Yahu is an acceptable shortened name of the Creator and that His full name must be Yahuwah; however, I was recently made to know that no one should ever shorten the name of the Creator whenever it must be uttered in speech!

I had for a long time believed that YaHuWaH is the full name of the Creator derived from the capitalized English alphabets, YHWH, popularly known by theologians as the “Tetragrammaton”!

Now, the word “tetragrammaton” is of Greek origin and thought! Also, YHWH is a capitalization of consonant-only alphabets of the English language and thus cannot stand as a pronounceable word since it has no vowel letters in it and therefore represents a thought that is unrelated to Hebrew!

And yet, Modern Hebrew speakers deem Yahuwah, which is derived from an amalgamation of Greek and English thought, as being the only and true name of the Creator which mankind must accept as Hebrew in thought and essence, even though Yahuwah has obviously and strangely been derived WHOLY from Greek [and Latin?] and English without a stint of Ghabaray (Hebrew) in it!!

As was said earlier, I learned only recently that any true name of the Creator MUST never be shortened in speech or ever be made to be as a nick-name version such as Sam in Samuel, Ben in Benjamin or Sly in Sylvester, since that would simply be disrespectful to Him!!

So then, I had thought at the time that the name of the Creator could thus either be Yahu or Yahuwah, but not both!! But alas, I was later on to know that neither Yahu nor Yahuwah is the correct name of the Most High One; the reason why I write you this letter in explanation!

With my very poor and limited knowledge of “Hebrew”, I thought I heard in my dream the word AbYahu or AbiYahu which was always first repeated 3X, then 3X again and then again for 3X and again 3X; and then, this was followed by a pause of a few seconds in which period my mind was always taken on a trip in silence and made to understand that AbYahu or AbiYahu meant “Yahu Is Father” or “Yahu Is My Father” respectively.

Later on, I understood that this trip of the mind had to happen as it did or had to be so for me to understand the meaning of this word, simply because neither the Creator nor any of His holy messengers would ever speak to anyone in any language other than “Hebrew” which I did not understand!!

The words AbYahu and AbiYahu are of the so-called Modern Hebrew that is taught by Ashkenazi and Sephardim Jews, whose language is a blend of Yiddish, Polish, Aramaic and Assyrian Hebrew, and are said to mean just as I have already said they mean to me in English i.e. Yahu is Father or Yahu is My Father.

However, because in Modern Hebrew “b” and “v” sounds are interchangeable, these words are also written as AvYahu and AviYahu and you may have even seen me use these “v” versions in some of my previous articles in my column on Modern Ghana in my days of ignorance in that regard.

Despite my challenge with the Hebrew language to fully understand the dream I dreamt, one thing was clear to me immediately I woke up from my sleep after my experience of it. This dream was yet one more confirmation of my relation to my Maker as He being My Father!! Thankfully, a much fuller understanding of this dream was to come to me in later years.

Recently, I started to study Paleo/Ancient (Biblical?) Hebrew only to discover to my amazement that Paleo Hebrew is a completely different language from Modern Hebrew; particularly, with regards to the characters of their alphabets and the strange niqqud vowel sound system of dots and dashes peculiar to only Modern Hebrew which were invented by Masoretes to be placed on top, below or inside Hebrew alphabets so as to serve as vowels in order to make the consonant-only script (words) of Hebrew pronounceable!

This Paleo Hebrew is called Ghabaray (or should it not rather be Ghabara or even Gabara in closeness to my own native Dagara tongue?) and is deemed the only language that was spoken by ALL on Earth before the Flood of Nakh (Noah). After the Flood, this language survived the confusion of tongues at the tower of Babel and continued to be spoken by only one man named Ghabar (aka Eber of Genesis 11:13-17 of the English Bible) and his offspring, who served as the holy remnant of the Creator from which Father Ab-ram (Abraham??) descended, and thus also spoke, until it got extinct as part of the punishment that the house of YA’OH-Sharal had to suffer from the Most High One as they were spat out the land of their inheritance into foreign lands following their abrogation of the covenant which the Most High One entered into with their ancestors.

It is however very exciting to observe that this language of Ghabaray is today being exhumed out of the huge piles of debris of antiquity over it and is being taught solely by a people of the Black race of the lineage of Ab-ram, all aimed towards its resurrection from extinction and return to mankind for use according to the word of the Most High One that was foretold by Tsafan-YA’OH (Zephaniah??) as is captured in a book in the Tanakh (Old Testament??) that bears his name.

The Black race of the house of YA’OH-Sharal, as is commonly known today across all continents, are the only people whose holy men in times past were always or could always be entrusted with truth from the Creator, to hold it in trust and for propagation to mankind, ever since Ab-ram was called out of the land of Ur, and can thus be entrusted again today with the keeping of truth of the Most High One!!

This truth is in order that we Blacks of the house of YA’OH-Sharal (aka Hebrew Israelites) will lead all other mankind to speak resurrected Ghabaray in the soon-coming last days towards ushering Mashakh-YA’OH (the Anointed of YA’OH or Masaya? or Messiah??) back into the Earth!!

Let me state that Ghabaray is a much simpler and easier language to learn than the Modern Hebrew that is taught by people of predominantly Caucasian or European stock who call themselves “Jews” and who are now known not to have ever been a part of the lineage of Ab-ram, the house of YA’OH-Sharal (Israelites??), but who are rather crude imitators of the faith of the house of YA’OH-Sharal!!

From my studies of Ghabaray in recent times, my mind was drawn to my dream of a few years ago which I mentioned earlier in this letter. From my recollection of what word of “Hebrew” I heard repeatedly in the dream, I am now convinced I heard Ab-YA’OH distinctly and not AbYahu, AbiYahu, AvYahu or AviYahu!

Now, you can see that Ab-YA’OH, AvYahu AbYahu, AviYahu or AbiYahu will sound almost the same when you try to utter them to yourself and, so, they ought not to pose any problem of faith! However, even from my elementary lessons in word formation in Ghabaray by using its unique alphabet, I see YA’OH and not Yahu as the name of the Creator.

Dear Paa Kow: I will teach whatever I believe to be correct at any time but will never feel shy to correct myself for the sake of my readers and my own good, even as I progress in my teachings and learning concerning the things of my Maker. This explains why I now refer to the Most High One as YA’OH and no more as YAHU or YAHUWAH.

And now, concerning the word ALA’AYM which I now use in my articles as a title of the Most High One in place of Elohiym or Elohim. This is a word begotten of Ghabaray alphabets but transliterated into English alphabets in order to capture a sound in Ghabaray, so as to become pronounceable by non-Ghabaray speakers of English.

Now, even though both ALA’AYM and Elohiym may sound the same, when pronounced, their origins are different.

You see, there is no “e” vowel sound in Ghabaray and so any “E” determinant in Elohiym must, thus, be wrong if Elohiym were indeed Ghabaray!! The “e” vowel is deemed to have come into the word Elohiym through Canaanite phonetics and influence drawn into Modern Hebrew, and is thus an error that must be corrected with an “a” vowel sound as demanded by Ghabaray; and thus the coming of ALA’AYM of pure Ghabaray to replace Elohim and or Elohiym.

Note that, the “a” vowel sound represents over 85% of all vowel sounds in Gabaray with “o” and “i” vowel sounds making up the remaining 15% or so!! Now, even where an "o" or "i" vowel sound in any word becomes debateable, it is often an "a" vowel that comes to the rescue. And so, it is obviously proper to have ALA’AYM in Ghabaray to replace the Elohiym we read in so-called Modern Hebrew!

So then, I now know the word ALA’AYM to be the pure title of the Most High One and not the Elohiym of Modern Hebrew which I had in time past thought and even taught that it should be used to replace the word “God” in the English Bible.

In all of this, I think we are back into the era of holy revelations; in confirmation of what has been foretold by a holy man of old by name Tsafan-YA’OH (Zephaniah??) that in the last days, the Most High One shall again make His name (YA’OH) known to all inhabitants of the Earth to include even the Goyim (Gentiles) too!! This revelation we read about in Tsafan-YA’OH 3:9 of the Tanakh; just read it and be inspired!!

Furthermore, please read all of the following scriptures to have a joyful hope of soon-coming happenings of our times of the restored name of our Father the Most High One and of His restored pure language for the Earth, to be known in Ghabaray as Lashawan Qadash (Holy Tongue): Yashai-YA’OH (Isaiah??) 52:6, 62:2, Zachar-YA’OH (Zechariah??) 14:9 and Malakhya (Malachi??) 1:11.

My dear Paa Kow, I have to end it here for now as I pray that YA’OH not only blesses you with a deep understanding of this revelation about His soon-coming name, great title due His being and holy tongue by which He will speak to His creation, but that He also keeps you safe and at peace with Him.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Tabal-YA'OH Ban Ab-YA'OH, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBaYTh YA'OH-SharaL (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is: [email protected]

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