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17.09.2018 Feature Article

S.H.S Admissions ‘Headache’: The Need To Digitalise Our Educational System

S.H.S Admissions ‘Headache’: The Need To Digitalise Our Educational System
LISTEN SEP 17, 2018

WAEC has release B.E.C.E results, school placements are out, admissions into S.H.S has also began, and parents and guardians stranded and frustrated- because they have to go through a long process and finally carry their wards to their prospective schools for an admission.

This year’s (2018) admissions have encountered double challenges due to the fact that government has introduced a new system known as DOUBLE TRACK SYSTEM. A system many parents, students, teachers, school heads and even government officials are still bemused about it. And the fact is that, proper public education and sensitization was not done. But you know, call it double track, trouble track, shift system or being in the state of bamboozle, the system is here to stay!

As a citizen and not a spectator, my concern is not about the track but the mode of issuing admissions in our S.H.S. in this 21st century where technology and for that matter the internet, is now offloading the burden of man, one would have wished that, the ancient way of giving admissions could have been replaced with a more innovative and convenient process.

I wish to suggest that, all S.H.S heads and ICT teachers in collaboration with the ministry of education and for that matter government, should as a matter of urgency, digitalize our education system. Thus develop websites for all public S.H.S in the country. When websites are developed for these schools, all admission letters, prospectus and other relevant documents can be made available at the various schools websites. This will make it easy for parents to access their wards admission letters, items that their wards need to buy, save them from double traveling cost, reduce overcrowding and frustrations during admissions period, and finally promote early reporting of first year students. Since there would not be “come take admission and prospectus, go home prepare and report”.

It may simply be that a week before school reopens, students should get their admission letters and prospectus from school of placement website, fill the necessary requirements, buy your items, and report on DAY ONE!

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Hadi Amadu
Hadi Amadu, © 2018

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