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12.09.2018 Feature Article

An Open Letter To NDC Communications Team (The Hard Truth)

An Open Letter To NDC Communications Team (The Hard Truth)
LISTEN SEP 12, 2018

For every political party to succeed, whether in opposition or on power, its communication mechanism plays a vital role. Political communication team ability to disseminate information effectively, efficiently and timely to electorates is one of the major influential factors that every political party must not underrate.

National democratic congress (ndc) communication strategies have being ineffective since 2012 till date. NDC communications team has failed over the years to constructively defend the party, educate electorates, popularize their policies and programs, and tell exactly what their party has done and will be doing in the near future.

NDC, haven been in power for 8 years, with all the selfless, servant leaders, hardworking presidents (PROF. EVANS ATTA MILLS of blessed memory & JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA) and their visionary leadership skills that saw Ghana developing exponentially in all sectors of the economy, one would have to ask why the historic defeat in 2016 elections?

Prior to 2016 elections, NPP unlike NDC had a very “smart” communication team with ‘wicked’ workable strategies. Thus to brand president Mahama as corrupt, his appointees as corrupt, undermine all policies under taken by ndc, blackmail all projects under the ndc, and give sugary promises to electorates, and influence Ghanaian media to preach non substantiated corruption allegations. NPP having been desperate to win power at all cost in 2016, succeeded in using their commutation team, the media and other youth groups whose duty was to jump onto the streets and demonstrate against any decision by NDC government without considering its long term benefits to Ghanaians. Npp communicators including their leadership made CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENT the most popular words in our political discourse during JM regime, not because that was the reality, but an agenda and strategy to take power at all cost.

Do you still remember SUBA, GEEDA, WAYOME, SADA, ASOFOTON, FORD GIFT, BUS BRANDING, VICKY LEAKS, IMF conditionality among other names?

As I am not disputing the fact that there was some level of corruption in JMs administration, 99% of what the then opposition npp claimed was lies, baseless, deceit and propaganda.

The media and other npp youth wings were ‘vibrating’ everyday on the “manufactured” corruption claims by the npp of which ndc communicators could not defend.

I always ask myself these questions;

  1. How many corrupt claims have been investigated by NPP government?
  2. How many formal appointees have been prosecuted so far?
  3. If indeed JDM was corrupt, why is NPP not investigating and possibly prosecuting him?
  4. What has happened to the evidential corrupt acts in npp administration?
  5. Why is the media on “low battery” in attacking npp for the massive and red-handed corrupt acts?
  6. Where are the ‘wise’ and loud-mouth clergy men who did not preached with evidence but rather joined “corruption is a perception” groups?

As an ‘underground politician’, I am disappointed in the style of NDC communication team during and after the 2016 elections. After failing to propagate our campaign message and the fabulous developmental work undertaken by ndc government to Ghanaians that formed part of our defeat, ndc in opposition cannot ‘fire’ npp and its clearing agent (nana addo) for failing to deliver exactly what they claimed they had the men to do. Why are we so voiceless on npp failing campaign promises, exponential increase in corruption, the president who has become a clearing agent for his appointees, the heavy down poor of economic hardship on Ghanaians, the weak fundamentals Dr. Bawumia who is being exposed by the exchange rate (cedi), the borrowing that has become the breakfast of NPP government amongst other?

I wish all the elected communicators of ndc and the minority in parliament will emulate vibrant and smart people such as Sammy Gyamfi, Broghy Gyamfi, Sam Gorge, Akamba, Felix kwakye fosu, fireman, among other few vocal communicators who can look in the eye of Nana Addo, Dr Bawumia and their appointees, and tell them they are corrupt and supper incompetent.

Why should we be quiet when Nana Addo and his family, Bawumia and his family, almost all appointees are swimming in corrupt pools?

After 19 months in office, the following corruption allegations have seen no action;

Premix fuel saga, Bost saga, New Ameri deal, $7.5m GNPC saga, Anas #12, Collapse of banks, Fuel contamination, Cash for seat saga, Ghc50 from the presidency to support annual delegate congress which led to the suspension of their Obiri Boahen, and all other corrupt sagas that one can think of.

I still wonder if Ghanaian media today was the same media before 2016 elections, are the chiefs the same chiefs during JDN regime? Are the clergy the same clergy? The civil society groups the same prior to 2016 elections?

NDC must learn to know that, they have no backing from the above stated entities, and so the need to reposition themselves well. The battle from now till 7th December, 2020 is a huge task that needs a very formidable and vibrant communication front and crass root mobilization in order to win power. Ghanaians CANNOT continue to be ruled by voodoo economist.

#ariseforchange ©2018 By: geography lawyer Abdul hadi Email:[email protected]

Hadi Amadu
Hadi Amadu, © 2018

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