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Asantes, Akyems Will Continue To Live In Peace – Otumfuo, Okyenhene Declare

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Asantes, Akyems Will Continue To Live In Peace – Otumfuo, Okyenhene Declare
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Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, and his counterpart, Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin, have cleared the air with regards to the seeming tension believed to have existed between the two powerful and influential traditional areas in the country.

At a colourful ceremony of the 75th anniversary celebration of the first Okyenhene, Nana Sir Ofori Atta I, held at Oforipanyin Fie in Kyebi, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the overlord of the Ashanti Kingdom for the first time in history visited the Abuakwa Traditional Area in a grand style with over 500 people including his sub-chiefs, other traditional leaders, and staff at the Manhyia Palace making up his entourage.


Addressing the gathering with immense pleasure and joy, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin poured his heart out to show appreciation to Asantehene and his entourage for gracing the occasion.

“I must say with respect and joy to the hearing of all that I have been Chief for a very long time and have witnessed many passing days, but none of the days will remain in our hearts and stand out than today. Today my brother is here with us in Kyebi. I do not remember ever sighting any information at the archives indicating a state visit of an Asantehene like you have triumphantly done here today bringing the whole Ashanti state to Kyebi to celebrate with us.”


“We are grateful and Okyeman is most grateful for the love and respect you have shown us, we welcome you and your chiefs. We are also happy that you accepted to be the guest of honour for this memorable occasion. The last time in Kumasi you gave us a befitting welcome and I want to say it here again that we thank you for the warm reception.”


“A lot has been said about the late Nana Ofori Atta who was Okyehene and had the well-being of the country close to his heart, he united the traditional authority in Kyebi and the country Ghana. He respected rule of law, customs and traditions and also believed in our traditional values. He ruled for a long time during the legislative council during the Gold Coast era and from what he did and the manner he spoke to people you can infer he was a visionary leader.”

“Today, we are talking about education and Nana Ofori Atta had interest in education. Aside him my own brother Nana Osei Tutu, when he took the resigns as the overlord established an educational fund to cater for the brilliant but needy students. Similarly Nana Addo also becoming the president has introduced free senior high school not to let poverty prevent the education of any child in the country and with this good initiative so critics who do not understand are still walloping, but he remains firm to see his vision to fruition so we will congratulate President Nana Addo and Otumfuo Osei Tutu for their good initiatives.”


Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin added that, “The love existing between us is very important. I remember in a conversation with my brother Otumfuo telling him how expectant Okyeman is awaiting his historic visit to let all Ghanaians know we are one people.

He said to me the visit was an (enkabom visit) which literally means unity, stating that “we are coming to send a signal to all Ghanaians to know that we are even strengthening and deepening the unity that exists between Ashantis and Akyems.”

On his part, the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, said Ashantis and Akyems have always lived in peace and will continue to do so.


“I sometimes get surprised when I hear people say Ashantis and Akyems are not at peace, our forefathers have lived and worked hand in hand in peace for a very long time and we will also do same. My brother Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin himself came to extend the invitation to me and I assured him I will come with my chiefs and elders to also show our respect and love for our father Nana Sir Ofori Atta who deserves to be celebrated for his immense contribution to the nation.”


“Nana Ofori Atta usually came to Manhyia palace on a regular basis to interact with my uncle who was the Asantehene to share ideas on how to develop the country and move it forward. I want to emphasize that Ashantis and Akyems have always lived in peace and harmony and we will continue to do same”.

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