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Around the world there are dozens of very important elections coming up between now and 2020.

Western political leaderships are desperately seeking a miracle to wash off the decade’s long downward spirals; the increased erosion of the Middle Classes, the droughts of prosperity and the harvesting of fruitless fields. The global rise of entrepreneurialism is an unstoppable phenomenon.

Expothon Strategy have been challenging the handling of small medium business economies around the world and now tables powerful blue prints as turnkey deployment solutions and possible election themes…available on Google, study the logical deployment of grass roots prosperity are the facts

Speaking innovatively, innovation in isolation is suffocation; speaking universally, university degrees no longer guarantee great jobs; speaking economically, start-up businesses and incubators are exhausted like real-estate projects. Speaking politically, silence on hard debates and elimination of bonfires of creative intellectualism on grassroots prosperity proves incompetencies. However, the miracle is still hidden right in their backyards, in bold ignitions of national mobilization of entrepreneurial talent as a discovery of largest buried national resource. The key to transformation is bold dialogues and not single-day lip-service or teleprompters’ knowledge-based events. Time has come for leadership to prove entrepreneurial leadership and yearlong mobilization of hidden national talents.

Globally speaking, “entrepreneurialism” is always diverse and tolerant; it’s the often the varying political types of leadership that’s not. Making national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as a major open national mandate, a better world would emerge as nations would be more occupied with expanding fair trading and grassroots prosperity.

This is how diversity problems are solved; this is how tolerance is created; this is how entrepreneurial collaborations bring grassroots prosperity; this how we move forward; this is how fake news and economies are being overtaken; this how innovative election platforms lead and win.

If deployed properly with the image supremacy of innovative excellence and blended with nouveau entrepreneurialism creating collaborative synthesizim with 100-plus micro-power nations it becomes a natural, brand-new blueprint for political leadership and a solid platform next election.

But what’s stopping this common sense approach and who is blocking mobilization of national entrepreneurial talents?

The leaderships seeking victory on economical fronts must prove command and control by pushing national transformational deployment buttons, engaging with bold and vibrant debates across the nation, and deploying national mobilization of entrepreneurialism to awaken the sleeping giant. The leadership must demonstrate strong courage to isolate blockades and fierce forces against such thinking.

Entrepreneurial Competency Quotient:
Today’s hyper-accelerated new global age is not the “highest intelligent quotient” driven; but rather “entrepreneurial competency quotient”-centric. This is where innovative thinking and global age execution styles engage in collaborative synthesizim for superior quality trading. This erases the old classroom knowledge models of sluggish bureaucracies based on fears, insecurities, and shared dogmatic confusions. A brand-new world is wide open to smart nations. New global age thinking on the mobilization of entrepreneurialism is going to hit the wall of old paper policies and economical development models demand real actions…over incumbent economies.

All over the world, to begin with, we are all born as entrepreneurs. Hunter Gatherers were entrepreneurs; ask any academia now holding a pre-historic skull. Every mother is a natural born entrepreneur; someone so naturally hardwired to stretch minimal resources to build the maximum impact to make a family grow. As a grave leadership mistake, the worlds of women alone are the most neglected groups with restricted access to entrepreneurialism. Society tries very hard often very deliberately to molds us very differently. They fear the out of the box adventurous living always considered of lesser value over long-term but safe sentences in dull office buildings.

The biggest national hidden treasure of country is its hidden entrepreneurial talent; massively un-tapped, un-discovered, and un-commercialized, but ready for mobilization. What’s stopping it? Who is blocking it? The nation’s SMEs – small medium enterprises – are the driving engines of the economy and yet most neglected by global leadership.

The time to change has already passed; the time to mobilize and revolutionize has started.

Cold Facts and Warm Realities
The Top Five Most Difficult National Transformational Challenges:

Why is Entrepreneurialism taught in classrooms like drawing pictures of battlefields? Armies are not taught this way; they are in tactical combats and meeting the challenges of victory.

Why are new markets of global-age-connected societies of Alpha-dreamers ignored? They are three billion e-commerce smart, and they are increasing their global reach daily.

Why is Technocalamity, the free overflow of technology so feared? It is altering landscape and yet organizations all over the world are oblivious to its powers?

Why is ‘soft-power-asset-management’ so foreign to ‘hard-asset-centricity’ thinking? Why is there still a lack of knowledge about the hidden powers of soft power assets?

Why will population rich nations take over knowledge rich nations? Nations are confused and must concentrate on brand new avenues for balanced success.

The Top Five Most Critical National Performance Challenges:

Why can’t Trade Associations become 24x7x365, alive with high performance global marketing machines? What is stopping deployments of national and global customer profiles in real time?

Why can’t Awards and Annual events become 24x7x365, with high quality deliverers of 365 days of programs? What’s stopping the steady continuous flow of pragmatic contents and workable ideas?

Why can’t houses of trade and chambers prove 24x7x365 value with 365 days of global programming? What is stopping the massive creation of global bounce of leads and opportunities in real time?

Why can’t export development hunting groups operate on a 24x7x365 basis with high value global performance levels? What is stopping sophisticated large, live databases bounce in real time?

Why can’t Government economical programs lead 24x7x365 with superior messages, full control and command? Why are leaders not leading by example by creating image supremacy protocols of innovative excellence?

Starting Point:
In order to win pending elections, today’s leadership must be able to articulate the true mobilization of entrepreneurial forces of national talents, diversity, tolerance and deliver all with the right language and message.

Very special high power workshop are required, delivered as a cabinet-level advisory on deployment strategy, on how to transform massive numbers of new and old entrepreneurs re-entering into global age spotlights and layout options and a blueprint. Study Expothon Strategy and deployment models.

It’s time to mesmerize the nation with innovative excellence thinking, global age speed and unstoppable progressive models. It’s time to monetize the sleeping giant and awaken entrepreneurialism lost under the weight of academia. It’s time to commercialize lingering innovation which is presently collecting dust. To win pending elections, it’s time for dramatic action.

It’s time to demonstrate the entrepreneurial leadership and deployment ready mobilization.

It’s time to win.
Advanced studies: via Google
‘National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism’

‘Collaborative Synthesizim and Micro-Power Nations’

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