20.03.2018 Feature Article

Let Us Honour Apostle Kojo Sarfo Kantanka Whiles Alive Today - By Getting The State To Enter Into PPPs With Him

Apostle Kojo Sarfo KantankaApostle Kojo Sarfo Kantanka
20.03.2018 LISTEN

Over the years, our nation's leaders have regularly trooped to Gomoa Mpata, to attend the annual technology exhibitions organised by the Kristo Asafo Church, to show the innovative work being done by its founder and leader, Apostle Kojo Safo Kantanka.

Perhaps if he had been lucky enough to be born in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - a nation blessed with some of the world's most visionary leaders - with the same gifts, by now, with government backing, Kojo Safo Kantanka would be the world's biggest producer of natural pesticides, weedicides and growth enhancers. Ditto the biggest electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer of self-charging EVs globally. Hmm, Oman Ghana - eyeasem o.

Is it not scandalous that we are importing billions of dollars worth of synthetic agricultural inputs annually into Ghana, most of which leave chemical residue on harvested agricultural produce, which are carcinogenic: and thus ruinous to the health of our people? Incredible.

Yet, banning the importation of all such synthetic agricultural inputs, and setting up factories locally to produce Apostle Kojo Safo Kantanka's natural agricultural imputs, so that farmers will use only natural agricultural inputs to grow crops nationwide, could turn Ghana into the world's biggest producer of synthetic-chemical-free agricultural produce, including cocoa beans. Would such a development not immediately improve the health of our people and that of our national economy, I ask? Ebeeii.

And why do the geniuses who make up our nation's political class - across the spectrum - not understand that by getting Kantanka Automobile Limited to be the sole supplier of public-sector vehicles, sundry public-sector entities would not have to buy fuel: currently an item of expenditure that is a major drain on the public purse? Haaba.

We must not wait for the brilliant and inventive Apostle Kojo Safo Kantanka to pass away before heaping hypocritical praises on him and proudly tell the world what an extraordinary man he was whiles alive. No.No. No. Period.

Let us honour Apostle Kojo Safo Kantanka whiles he is alive today - by getting the state to enter into win-win public private partnerships (PPP) with him: to build self-charging EVs for both domestic and export markets, and produce natural agricultural inputs. Will that not enable smallholder farmers nationwide to boost Ghana's agricultural sector's production figures dramatically - as well as improve the health of our people by making it possible for them to have access to chemical-free foodstuffs, all year round, on top of that? Haaba.