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March 5, 2018 | News General News

Google Maps Snapper Catches Phantom In Bar
Google Maps Snapper Catches Phantom In Bar

A spooked Google Maps photographer has captured what he believes could be an evil spirit lurking in a restaurant.

The strange apparent dark apparition was caught on camera in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the US.

In the image, the dark figure, which also resembles a hooded Star Wars Jawa, appears to be lurking by the bar.

The snapper uploaded the image to Twitter and expressed his horror.

“I do believe I captured a ghost in the Old spaghetti factory in Salt Lake City.

“I could not recreate this and took several shots back to back.

“I am a Google local guide and was taking this for Google maps," the snapper wrote.

Google Maps and Streetview have become a hotbed of activity for apparent ghost sightings, reports.

This week we reported on a 'ghost of a young girl" being snapped outside a home in the city of Lawrence in Indiana.

There was also a creepy little ghost girl's face seemingly snapped behind a car in a garage in Mexico.

Since Google began mapping our world with photographic virtual maps, an array of strange things have been caught on camera, including suspected UFOs and mythical creatures.

There is no scientific proof for ghosts but their existence is one of the most widely held paranormal beliefs.

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