Closure Of The Malam Road Without Attached Reasons

Feature Article Closure Of The Malam Road Without Attached Reasons
MAR 2, 2018 LISTEN

The mallam junction/road is the major road that links people coming from kasoa to Accra and the other way round. Even from Takoradi and Cape coast to Accra, one must use that route to be able to reach his or her destination. This indicates vehemently that, the Mallam road is undoubtedly a busy road as workers and businessmen uses it to facilitate movement of raw materials coming from the Western and Central part of the country.

It has however being reported that, the Mallam Junction will be closed effective 5th March to 25th May this year. The junction which happens to be the point where individuals/travelers from Kasoa who would want to divert to Lapaz, Dansoman, Kaneshie etc will create huge inconveniences from such closure to passengers and businessmen. On a normal day, the traffic situation that is usually witnessed at the junction can’t be comprehended. The major issue here is, authorities have not sited reasons for such closure yet and where the road will be diverted to, to still ensure convenience in using the road linking travelers to and from Kasoa. Personally I think this action will instigate more traffic problems within the three months period of the closure.

Secondly, I think we should be proactive the way things are managed in the country and the need for information to clear our doubts and questions we keep asking which yields no answer. Looking at the busy nature of the main road, what do we think will be the effect of diverting the road to which ever route authorities have in mind? Have we factored the type of vehicles including trucks which will use the road? Has traffic situations been factored in this current decision? What is warranting the diversion in the first place? Are authorities suggesting that, residents of Kasoa relocate for the sake of their own convenience in order to avoid traffic to reach work on time and get home on time?

it’s a major road that links workers who live at Kasoa but work in Accra, the road which transports raw materials from Western, Central, through Kasoa and Mallam to reach manufacturers, it’s my prayer and hope that, authorities make Ghanaians aware of this closure in the media by stating categorically where the roads will be diverted to and reasons for this unexpected diversion.

Writer: Emmanuel De-Graft Quarshie
[email protected]