Tightening The Nation’s Security Systems To Boost Investor Confidence

Feature Article Tightening The Nations Security Systems To Boost Investor Confidence
MAR 1, 2018 LISTEN

Ghana in the span of few months has witnessed unprecedented robbery and crime cases in the history of the country. Fresh on our minds is the recent daylight robbery activities that is gradually creeping its way into the Ghanaian society and gaining roots.

In January this year, six armed men with lots of nerves stormed the Kwabenya district police headquarters, killed a policeman on duty on that unfortunate day and freed a total of seven inmates. Also, on the 27th of February this year, a gang master planned and raided the yard of Royal motors at gun point and made away with GHC8,000.00. It is believed that, the policeman at post at Royal motors supposed to protect the bullion van which carried the cash ran away upon seeing the brutalities that the robbers meted out on the security man in his cubicle. Additionally, on the 28th of February at about 11:30 am, a Lebanese popularly known as Alhaji was robbed of an amount of GHC200,00.00 and killed afterwards through a series of gunshots. There have been records of other robbery attacks on mobile money vendors/operators in the country and robbers raiding homes etc.

Hearing these gory and horrifying stories only leaves us with one question. How effective and tight is the nation’s security towards protecting the lives of individuals, foreign investors and businesses? Can the nation rely on the police in providing a swift response when called to intervene when crime is ongoing?

On countless occasions, most the culprits in these robbery cases are Nigerians who come into the nation to do business but later inculcate such practices. It is undisputable that, Robbery and cases of murder is on the rise in Nigeria, the need for the country to take stringent measures to curb the influx of Nigerians into the country I suggest. The major problem here is the kind of messages these activities send to the rest of the world about the state of our nation. As part of this year’s budget to make Ghana the center and hub for doing business, doing whatever it takes to attract investors all over the world has being the Government’s priority. As part of this agenda, the minister of finance is on a roadshow in Asia to attract investors from Singapore, Japan and China. With series of arm robbery cases and murder, I personally think it would have an effect on the economy negatively as it is capable of deterring investors from investing their money in an economy with weak security structure or worse of all cause existing investors to withdraw their investments to elsewhere.

Each individual possessing a gun as a way of self-protection from robbers and killers isn’t the right way. It is the responsibility of the government to maintain law and order and effect proactiveness in our security department to help eradicate these unfortunate incidences from further occurring. Just as we have traffic cameras at vantage points in the country, there is the need to also have tight security systems including cameras at major shops, streets, a quick response swat team, helicopter for the police service to ensure they beat traffic in attending to emergencies etc. Investors are enticed by a peaceful economic environment and thus the earlier we do something about the nation’s security, the better for the country in achieving its economic agenda as stipulated in the 2018 budget to make the nation very solvent compared to other African countries.

Writer: Emmanuel De-Graft Quarshie
[email protected]