21.12.2017 Regional News

Mysterious Christ Cross Stone Found In Ghana

By Isaac Okyere
Mysterious Christ Cross Stone Found In Ghana
21.12.2017 LISTEN

A mystrious granite stone with a design of a cross and three lines of ropes has been discovered at Gomoa-Ojobi in the Central Region in Ghana.

The miracle granite stone, bearing engraved designed picture of the cross of Jesus Christ, was discovered by Sarcon Quarry Ltd, working in the community.

The black and white granite stone, with the brown and red cross colour, releases fragrance when water is poured on the cross.

The huge rock also bear the marks of long robes, which seems to have been used to erected Christ crucifixion cross.

The mysterious rock in no doubt portraits exact representation picture of Christ crucifixion which occurred over two thousand years ago.

Mr El Aridi Choaki Youssef, the Quarry Operations Manager of the company speaking in an interview with Modern Ghana said, "I discovered the stone in November during a process of breaking the rock with machines".

" A greater force", he said, "pushed me when I was processing the chippings to where the granite stone was".

He hinted, the machine was used for the cutting of the rock, but that could stone would not break and, therefore, he had to use his manpower to remove the stones from the area.

“I do not have much knowledge about the Christian religion, but what I can say to Ghana and the world at large is that we need to wake up again to know exactly where we are going and this is a good sign for Ghana.

“What we found in November was a big miracle. God has really blessed Ghana,”

The site, Choaki believed will served as a christian tourist site to replace Jerusalem and Israel in the country, where believers could offer religious prayers to God.

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