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How to Activate your Creative Thinking

How to Activate your Creative Thinking
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Critical thinking is about questioning everything 360 degrees. You performance depends on the answers you receive in life. They say you must learn to ask better question so that you get better answers. When you have better answers, you can do better things. So learn to question things. Learn to ask better questions.

If you want better answers, ask better questions.

Creativity is something all of us are naturally born with. The average person has 70,000 thoughts per day. WOW, that’s you!

Generating new ideas depends on what you already know and your imagination. This is the ability to dream. When young we were told not to day dream. That was wrong!

We know things by taking in information through our five senses. We do this through reading, discussions in forums and practising.

So, be a reader. I read on average one book per week. And be a writer. Write down your thoughts and ideas. Post them to the world via social media, blogs or forums.

Be a reader. Be a writer.
Try to discuss with other likeminded people. I am not talking about stuff discussed in pubs just for entertainment or in order to get someone buy you beer. I am talking about smart discussions. Join online forums and contribute.

Don’t just talk, do it. Try it. Play with the ideas and evaluate the results. Discuss and improve the ideas.

Five habits that sharpens your creative thinking process;

1) Play along your strengths, talents, passions and skills. It is easier that way.

2) Ask questions in areas that you are passionate about, more curious and interested in.

3) Dream and brainstorm your ideas. Write down stuff, otherwise you forget. Perhaps carry a journal around with you.

4) Clone or copy others and improve on what they do. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Build from what has been done. Start from where they have left.

5) Find problems to solve. This mean you have to observe the world you live in and test your ideas in a real world.

After education the next best way people learn is by travelling. If you cannot travel far then meet and interact with new people in your area. Broaden your network circle by adding smarter people.

Travel and meet new people.
When you have ideas take them down from a pipe dream to a vision and finally action plan. Put dates to your goals. Break down your goals to daily task. That’s were most people lose it. They say ‘my goal is to write a book in 2016.’ And if you ask them what they will do in May 2016. They have no idea. Never mind asking them what they will do on 23 May 2016.

Have a daily ‘to do list’ that talks to your goals, plans and vision.

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