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Can You Prosper In A Failing Economy?

Can You Prosper In A Failing Economy?
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“If life has taught me anything it’s that 95% of the people are always wrong.” - Jack Nicholson as Edward Cole in ‘ The Bucket List .’

Most people want the economy to do well or grow fast because they believe that ‘when the economy prospers, they will prosper as well.’ They believe that if the nation gets richer, they will also get richer.

I have persuaded myself to believe that the time for me to prosper is now. I chose not to be a statistic, get depressed in depression and up in good times. I chose to radically pursue and make use of every opportunity whether it comes is recession, disaster, etc. If you want to be extraordinarily successful go against the majority. Sell when everyone is buying (because the prices are higher) and buy when the majority is selling (because the prices are lower). This is the secret to getting a bargain without effort. Make a profit in two ways; when buying and again when selling. This is the secret of empire builders. This is how they profit in all seasons. This is how the top 3% of economically successful people operate and in doing this have owned 50 % of the world’s wealth.

So, do not plan to be ordinary.
Many people also get poorer even in prosperous times and some businesses close down or retrench. Do not nationalise your personal economy. Leaving politicians and so called economist to determine your future is one of the dumbest thing one can do. Those people do not know what is going to happen neither are they in charge, otherwise we would not be in the mess we are in.

Remember, when the country, or even the world is in recession there are countries that will be booming. Re-align yourself to be one of them. Position yourself to boom when there is an overall recession. Position yourself not to be a statistic. Aim for the top 3%.

Make wise decisions today in order to secure your future tomorrow!

Here are some interesting statistics from 2015:

  • The richest 3% owns 50% of the world’s wealth,
  • The richest 20% owns 80% of the world’s wealth, and
  • The poorest 20% owns only 1.5% of the world’s wealth.

Which group do you want to be? Are you taking the right step to move into that class?

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