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Cultivating The Billionaire Mind Set

Cultivating The Billionaire Mind Set
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As you get more and more successful, you will find more people resenting you because you have what they are looking for. Some will blame you for their mishaps and are convinced that you somehow ‘used them’ to get to the top. Some will simply have the viewpoint that you must share what you have worked hard for because ‘God gave you.’ It is a gift you received, so you must give it out for free.

A common poverty mentality
You ‘friends’ or relatives will definitely believe that they are stakeholders in you success, and that they have certain rights to your achievements. This is very common in third world cultures. If you do not succumb to their demands they will threaten you by wishing bad things to happen to you.

So you see being super successful comes with its own problems that you must quickly learn to manage in your relationships so that you can enjoy your peace.

The reason behind this conflict is the mind-set. Yes, to be super successful you have to break out of the herd and pursue a course that requires a different mind-set.

Characteristics of The Billionaire Mind That You Can Emulate

Here are some characteristics of the billionaire mind that you can emulate. They will help you fast-track to the top and make it easier to relate with the super successful:

1. An ordinary person focuses on protecting his ego. He pretends to know what he does not know because he does not want to be embarrassed. At the end he learns nothing. A person with a billionaire mind-set asks questions. He asks more and more questions. He wants to learn. He wants to get sustainable results.

2. An ordinary person has a consumer mentality. He wants to enjoy life and to be seen by friends. He does not aim to add value. He looks for the latest stuff. He think it’s a sign that he is well off, but it a trap that will keep him down. A person with a billionaire mind has an entrepreneurial mentality. He is a producer and not a consumer. He thinks of adding value, not exhausting it.

3. An ordinary person is wishful. He daydreams about making gobs of money quickly. He is constantly trapped by get rich quick scheme, hoping to find the way to the top. A person with a billionaire mind is real. He takes one sustainable step at a time towards the bigger goal. He understands the importance of a solid foundation. He spends most of his time sharpening his tools as he wait for the next opportunity.

4. An ordinary person resists change. He wants to succeed but he does not want to change anything. He does not understand that the mentality that took him into poverty will never take him out of it! A person with a billionaire mind-set embraces change, changing for better. He knows that the only thing that is constant is change, hence he leverages the constant flow of change for his benefit.

5. An ordinary person accepts the status quo. He thinks that things have been like this for a long time and they remain the same. That’s why he is constantly being surprised when his peers move to the next level. A person with a billionaire mind-set is always looking to make things better, starting with himself

6. An ordinary person reacts. He waits for problem to come before he responds. He waits for the opportunity to knock at his door before he opens. Now a person with a billionaire mind-set is proactive. He analyse possible risk and put in place mitigation measures. He goes out and turns situations into opportunities. He knows that by the time the opportunity knocks on your door it will probably too late.

7. An ordinary person believes in luck. He looks at a successful person and thinks, ‘That guy's lucky.’ What he does not know is luck is manmade and that luck is created. A person with a billionaire mind thinks, ‘What's his secret?’ or ‘How can I do that?’ or ‘How can I improve on that?’

The list is endless but start where you are. Be humble and start asking questions to find out how things were done. After a month go to the next habit and develop it. Soon you will find your lifestyle changing and heading in the direction you so wanted to go.

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