Thu, 25 May 2017 Diaspora (Italy)

Ghanaian Women’s Fasting And Prayer Conference Celebrates 15th Anniversary

By Alex Barning

The Ghanaian Women’s Fasting and Prayer Conference, Toronto, today celebrated its 15th anniversary at the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, also in Toronto, Canada, with pomp and pageantry.

The women, who came from all Ghanaian Churches in Toronto, filled the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church sanctuary to capacity and graced by about 20 reverend ministers and Ghana Consul General in Toronto, John D. Bosco. The women, backed by devout Christian men, dressed in a special cloth, designed for the occasion.

Everybody in the sanctuary danced and waved white handkerchiefs to the glory of God

Welcoming the group, the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church Resident Minister Rev. Raymond Baah Abekah said “I know you all Ministers of God were originally Presbyterians but run away from the Presbyterian Church,” amid profound laughter.

Rev. Baah Abekah, however, told the people including the Ministers, who still don’t have a place to worship, should come back to the Presbyterian Church which doors are wide open to receive them.

Delivering the sermon, Evangelist Boniface Keelson of Light House Assemblies of God in Toronto, said today has been set aside for a serious prayer and everybody must actively pray for the salvation of mankind.

Quoting from the Book of 1st Timothy 2 vr 4, Evangelist Keelson said God’s ultimate desire for families and mankind in general is to be saved and come to the full knowledge of the truth, adding that “any Pastor or a Church member who does not know God’s ultimate desire is either on a wrong bus or miss the path.”

Evangelist Keelson told the people that in 1993 when he gained admission to the University of Ghana, Legon, he met a good woman who later became his wife. He said “my parents did not send me to the University to get wife.

“If it had been for a good wife and good friends, my parents would not have sponsored me at the university. They sent me to the University to be somebody in life,” he stressed, adding that one day one of the good friends he made at the university, now a medical Doctor, who owns a clinic, requested him (Evangelist) to wait after preaching at a church in Accra, Ghana. The Doctor friend returned with an envelope containing 7,500 dollars as a gift to him.

According to Evangelist Keelson, my Doctor friend remarked that some of you made us what we are today and can use the content of the envelope anyhow I want it.

Evangelist Keelson emphasised that it is good to have money and own properties but the most important of all is to make God’s ultimate desire (salvation) a priority.

The Church is not there for only funeral announcements, outdooring of babies and weddings but the main aim of coming to church is to draw closer to God and help execute His ultimate desire.

He observed two reasons for some church members to resign from churches is that “I fell sick and I was not visited.”

Evangelist Keelson questioned: when you reported same to your employer, were you visited and did you resign from your employment?

“My funeral announcement was made only twice while the other person’s announcement was made about four times.” These should not be justifiable reasons to resign from a church.

These are flimsy excuses, according to the Evangelist, and urged the people to desist from them. All the people around you, including your parents, children and families must be saved, encouraging the women to pray all the time for them to be saved.

In conclusion, Evangelist Keelson challenged the women to support God’s work such as evangelism and fasting and prayer meetings in all churches, urging mothers to pray and pray for the souls of leaders so that there will be peace on earth.

Call God anytime and He will answer, the Evangelist added.

Speaking at the conference, the Consul General of Ghana in Toronto, Mr. John D. Bosco, observed that all things are possible only with one accord. He invoked God’s blessings on the women and urged them to be role models for their children.

Mr. Emmanuel Duodu, President of Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO), urged the women to have close ties with the GCAO for the harmony in the Ghanaian community in Ontario.

Highlight of the celebration was Mrs. Comfort Ayiku, Leader of the Conference, assisted by Mrs. Susana Barning, distributed plaques and gifts to Pastors and non-Pastors for the good job done for the Conference since its inception.