Tue, 25 Apr 2017 Diaspora (Italy)

First African Got Talent Show In Toronto

By Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada

Immigrant children and youth from Africa and Central America have been found to be three times likely to be shot than Canadian residents of the same age.

It has also been found that immigrants from Africa and Central America accounted for almost 70 percent of assault-related gun injuries in Canada.

These findings were contained a special document by researchers who analyzed hospital records to determine which groups of people are most at risk for gun related accidents or violence assault in Ontario province.

According to the report which was first published by Toronto-Sun newspaper, fire arms injure a child or youth almost every day in Ontario Province.

The research finding was that there were 355 fire arms injuries an average each year among children and youth about 70 percent which resulted in death.

Shocked by the news, a prominent Ghanaian resident in Toronto Mr. Emanuel Quaye, is planning offer the African youth the opportunity to unearth their talents through music and dance competition.

He disclose to this reporter when reacting to the news as well as commenting on what to do to keep the children away from assaults and gun fire injuries.

Mr. Emanuel Quaye, observed that, Black Africans in foreign destinations have rough diamonds of which lacking any knowledge of how to polish them to precious minerals have fallen victim to fire arms injuries and assault related issues.

He explained that African children in North America precisely Canada and United States of America[U.S.A.] the reason they are falling into this whole gangster image is because they do not recognize who they are and where they came from.

“They bought a lie, of where they came from and somewhere along the line we have to address the lie, remove the deception and live a different vision, a different portrait of what a young black man or black woman can actually achieve” he challenged.

Mr. Emanuel Quaye noted that, African Canadians and African Americans are trying to find his true identity. But many of them are still confuse as to who they are and where they came from.

He further noted “as a result of that some of that some of our younger children are now finding themselves in hip-hop generation which is easy to find and it is being thugs and as a result of that they are searching for themselves through expression of music, dance and arts.

For this reason Mr. Emmanuel Quaye with Gold Dust Productions are presenting the first ever African Got Talent Show to be held in Toronto to help these talented youth who otherwise falls victim to gun injuries become stars.

Fliers already in circulation in Toronto and cited by this reporter has great prizes to be won by contestants as the first ten finalists will sign a recording contract with big music production companies to come out with their albums.

Aside that the third prize has 1,000 dollars in addition to 20 hours free studio time, the second prize 2,000 dollars in addition to 40 hours free studio hours and the first prize 3,000 dollars, a free trip to Africa and another recording contract with a major recording company in North America.

So please call 647-657-1112, 647-569-8618, 647-388-5751 or email: [email protected] for free audition and registration registration.