A Shameful Move

Feature Article President John Dramani Mahama
DEC 21, 2016 LISTEN
President John Dramani Mahama

Just as Jesus Christ told the women who wept for him as the Roman soldiers dragged him away to be killed on the cross "do not weep for me but for yourselves and family" i un-intentionally decided to violate religious teachings a bit my feeling sorrowful for a man who through the corrupt and incompetent governance he rendered led to a fall of his regime. I had sympathy for the outgoing president, Mahama, for loosing the elections. His appearance looked disappointing when ever he appeared on my TV screen and that is where i felt pity for him but it appears the NDC and the Mahama led administration have no shame and are acting like a snake killed but the head not cut off so probably hopes for resurrection. They are trying all diabolic means to frustrate the incoming Nana Administration with an increase in NSS allowance.

The question is,why such an increase now that you are leaving office? The current graduate requires a permanent job security and not just an increase in allowance that is enjoyable in just 12months and liable to make an incoming president governance have set backs. Is it the NDC's motive to eternize the suffering of Ghanaians? I think the nation is grown beyond cheap diabolics.The current appointment of the new Chraj chairperson is a sign of how corrupt and wicked Mahama and his NDC government were and would always be.

I actually envisaged an NDC which will take a clue from their recent demise and act in a more professional manner that would revamp the party and gear it towards a well structured party that puts the interest of Ghana first.

The points earlier on raised points clearly that, the outgoing administration of the NDC want to ensure they make governance difficult and quite unbearable for the NPP, ensuring they put measures in place to make the NPP worse off and a mistake of a choice Ghanaians made. We can't develop as a nation with such mindset and political attitude, a ploy to denigrate a party even if it takes the entire nation to suffer for its consequence is the most childish and unprofessional tactics politicians shouldn't dare engage in.lf the NDC does not stop being such diabolic and painting itself evil in the eyes of all Ghanaians then it will be an undisputable fact that they would be in opposition for a longer period.

The law allows the president to make appointment and exercise his executive powers even on the midnight of 6th January but certain appointments meant to disadvantage the incoming president and discomfort the entire nation can as well be terminated. I suggest the increment in National Service allowance, the secret recruitment ongoing in the various governmental institutions and the appointment of Joseph Whittal be given a second consideration and terminated if possible.

let's think Ghana first and its development.
Writer: Emmanuel De-Graft Quarshie