Are You Not Ashamed Deceitful NDC?

Feature Article Are You Not Ashamed Deceitful NDC?
AUG 10, 2016 LISTEN

I listened to the Director of Communication of the Electoral Commission during TV3 news at 10:30pm on August 9, 2016.

It was in respect with an alleged investigations the EC said it had conducted into an alleged verification of Alhaji Dr. Bawumia outside of the verification center at Kperiga in Walewale. The EC made some facts clear. For instance the EC stated that its investigation did not uncover Dr Bawumia giving 10,000Ghc to temporary officers to get verified. The investigations by the EC also made it clear that Dr Mahamudu Bawumia was not verified in his house as alleged by intoxicated Communicators of the NDC. The NDC should be ashamed by now.

I sincerely, however, do believe that the EC in releasing their investigative findings could have made some things clearer to Ghanaians. The following questions will need more answers: 1. When was the said committee set up? 2. Who were members of the Committee? 3. Did the said Committee invite Dr Bawumia to hear his version? 4. If Dr Bawumia was allegedly verified outside the polling station what is the name of the specific place he was verified? 5. Did the said committee listen to other witnesses in this matter?

My opinion is that this is a rat race. Dr Bawumia is a genuine, honest and law abiding citizen who will always operate according to the law any day. This is yet another new strategy to dent the image of Dr Bawumia. It is dead on arrival though.

Nothing reasonable would come out of this. The NDC which has been the loudest on this matter must rather get busy with how to stabilize the economy and create employment for the teaming unemployed Ghanaians. We are solidly behind Dr Bawumia and believe that this too will fade into oblivion.

Nice day to all.
Akilu Sayibu
Tamale North